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Watercolour Wednesday – Let’s Paint ‘Explore’

Painting with pretty watercolours is so much fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Thinking about loading the brush with paint, cleaning the brush between colours etc can be a lot to consider while focusing on getting the strokes down on paper.

To simplify your learning, I recommend practicing with the Kelly Creates Black Ink water brush. It makes the process so simple. Just take off the cap and you’re ready to go!

This water brush has an extra fine nylon brush tip and is pre-filled with black ink and comes in a set of 2. Click HERE to see this black ink brush set in my online store or click the image below. 

Kelly Creates black pre-filled ink water brushNOTE: You must unscrew the barrel and remove the black plastic ring BEFORE using. Screw back tightly together after removing the black ring.

Kelly Creates black pre-filled ink water brush

You can practice with this black ink brush right on top of the tracing paper in the Kelly Creates Watercolor Workbooks or on the Kelly Creates Grid Practice paper pad or on watercolor paper.

Here is the free printable lettering template for you to download with 2 styles of the word ‘explore.’ Click HERE to download or click the image below.

You can paint right onto your printer paper or you can use tracing paper on top to practice painting with the template as your guide. I recommend my Kelly Creates Watercolor Lettering brushes and palette. The brushes are sizes 1-4 Round and are perfect for painting the letters. .

Kelly Creates tracing paper pad

To really improve your watercolor lettering skills, I highly recommend using my workbooks to practice. There is a script workbook, a block style alphabet workbook and a third workbook for words and phrases in a variety of styles. Click HERE to see the workbooks in my online store or click the image below.

watercolor lettering workbook

Here is my YOuTube video showing how I paint these words with the Kelly Creates Black Ink Water Brush. Remember to subscribe to my YOuTube Channel so you don’t miss future videos.



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