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Watercolour Wednesday – Freebie Lettering Template

I always enjoy painting beautiful quotes with my Kelly Creates watercolour inks – so relaxing. This week I pulled out the Rose and Cobalt’ watercolour inks and painted “Be Still & Know” in a script style. I did dilute both inks with water in my daisy palette but the colours came out a little more […] Read more…

happy Mother's Day free printable lettering template practice worksheet download

Watercolour Wednesday! Mother’s Day Printable Lettering Freebie

A big shout out to all mothers out there! It’s our day! haha! Let’s practice lettering “Happy Mother’s Day” with this week’s free printable worksheet. I painted with the Rose Watercolor Ink, using the size 2 lettering brush and daisy palette. This pink hue is so pretty, similar to Opera Pink. I painted on Canson […] Read more…

free printable lettering download practice worksheet template

Watercolour Wednesday – Free Printable Lettering Worksheet

Today we had a freak Spring snow storm! I thought our watercolour lettering would reflect something I need right now haha! Let’s paint “warm hugs” using 2 Watercolor Inks from the ‘Warm’ Set 1: Deep Yellow and Rose. I used the Kelly Creates Daisy Palette and size 2 lettering brush. Click HERE to shop all […] Read more…

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Watercolour Wednesday – Happy Birthday Printable Lettering

It’s my birthday today, so of course I am going to paint “Happy Birthday” for Watercolour Wednesday! I painted with all the ‘party’ colours in my Warm Set 1 Kelly Creates Watercolor Inks: Rose, Yellow, Orange, and Poppy, with my Kelly Creates palette and lettering brush. These ink colours blend beautifully together. To download this […] Read more…

a new way to write the alphabet in modern calligraphy

A New Way to Practice the Alphabet

One of my oldest pieces of advice about learning modern calligraphy is that brush lettering is not cursive writing. It might look similar but it’s totally different. We really have to focus on drawing separate strokes and stop thinking about whole letters and words. Today, I will show you a ‘new’ way to practice your brush […] Read more…

how to letter A with watercolour and free printable worksheet August

Watercolour Wednesday – Painting “August”

This week August has arrived so we will practice painting this word, as well as uppercase A. Capital ‘A’ has lots of variations, and this worksheet will help you practice a couple of them: block and script. Lately my favourite colour combo is Kelly Creates Rose and Deep Yellow Watercolor Inks, along with my lettering […] Read more…

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