Breathe.  Write.  Relax. There are many reasons we want to learn Brush Lettering. Sitting quietly and drawing letter forms can bring us a sense of peace. Creating beauty with our hands and hearts is the essence of calligraphy.

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aa learn improve refineMaybe you’re a beginner in the world of hand lettering.  Or you have been wanting to explore the art of writing with brush pens. Perhaps you have experience with brush lettering but would like to define your style. These practice worksheets will be helpful no matter where you are in your creative journey.

aa paper pens newStroke by stroke, you will create beautiful letter forms with the help of these worksheets. The drills will increase your hand’s muscle memory and by tracing the shapes multiple times, you will quickly advance your skills to produce steady, fluid lines, curves and letters.

knowledgeWhenever I begin a new adventure in art and crafting, I immediately think, “How can I teach others to do this? How can I share my love of learning?” These tracing brush lettering worksheets came into being with careful deliberation and countless hours of practice. After a decade of teaching high school English, along with writing and developing curriculum, I now enjoy teaching art and craft classes across the globe. I’m so excited to bring my 20 years of teaching experience into a virtual classroom with these printable worksheets and help people all over the world learn brush lettering online!

clickYou are only 3 simple steps away from exploring the beauty of brush lettering. Click HERE to be redirected to my website shop. Soon you will have the worksheets in hand and begin practicing! There are worksheets designed for both large and small brush pens. I strongly recommend starting with Bundle 1 or 2 of the lowercase alphabet and drills.  Next you can learn the uppercase alphabet, and then last you would study the Connections worksheets (words and joining letters). My recommended supplies are listed below, and there is a demo video below that is perfect for beginners who are just starting out. Enjoy!

aa brush lettering practice worksheetsfinn selling worksheetsPLEASE NOTE: These worksheets are for personal use only and are protected by copyright. Upon purchase, you are agreeing to refrain from duplicating, distributing, selling or using for instruction. Please encourage others to purchase their own copies to help support the commitment and effort dedicated to the creation of this product. Thank you for your kindness and support.

After you purchase the worksheets, feel free to watch this introductory video that demonstrates how to use the worksheets, hold the brush pen, and create thin and thick strokes.

aa suppliesClick on the following product images below to purchase supplies from my Amazon store. These affiliate links are essentials I use the most often for brush lettering. You can also CLICK HERE  to see more products I love to use for hand lettering, art projects and crafts.


 Here is one person’s response to using my practice worksheets…she is my “Betty Tester” (beta tester) who tested my various versions of these worksheets until they were just right. Thank you Betty!

“I am a self-taught artist and I thought these days one can learn everything from reading books, blogs, periscope, instagram and youtube. I bought a Tombow brush pen and a Rhodia Pad and thought I am on my way to be a brush calligrapher. I called Kelly in panic one day as I was totally frustrated. My self-taught brush letters have no consistency, I didn’t even hold my pen right. It all looked so easy when I watched someone else did it online. Kelly kindly let me try out her worksheet and I soon find myself building the necessary muscle memory by tracing the letter on the worksheets. Within days my letters are a lot more consistent and I learned how to control my up and down strokes, when to release pressure and when to start pressing down. The design of the sheets allow me to write on top of Kelly’s until I am confident enough to do my own on the last row. I highly recommend “Brush Lettering with Kelly Creates” worksheets.”