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Watercolour Wednesday – Autumn Blessings Template

Lettering in Fall is so much fun using all the pretty seasonal colours! Today we will practice lettering “Autumn Blessings” with Kelly Creates Watercolour Inks. I decided to use my Kelly Creates Orange, Poppy and Yellow inks, along with a warm caramel brown I created by mixing Orange and Blue inks together.   I used […] Read more…

free summer lettering printable beat the heat download digital worksheet learn modern calligraphy www.kellycreates.ca

Magic Monday! ‘Beat the Heat’ Free Lettering Worksheet

The weather is finally heating up where I live. We have had a really strange wet and rainy June. Today let’s practice lettering “beat the heat” in a bouncy calligraphy style. (Find the worksheet download at end of this post) I used the large brush tip of the Kelly Creates Midnight Dream pen to trace. This […] Read more…

free printable download template hand lettering, brush pen calligraphy worksheet www.kellycreates.ca

Magic Monday! Here Comes The Sun

AHHHHHH! Summer! Let’s letter the phrase “Here Comes the Sun” with orange and blue! I used the Sunset and Turquoise Kelly Creates Dream pens from the original ‘Rainbow’ Set. This worksheet is designed by me, and I write the words with actual brush pens. I don’t use a digital method like an iPad or procreate, […] Read more…

free printable lettering guide template to download and practice brush calligraphy beach vibes www.kellycreates.ca

Watercolour Wednesday – Beach Vibes Freebie

Watercolour often seems like a ‘summertime’ medium to me. Somehow I feel more like painting when I see beautiful blue skies, green grass and flowers in bloom (instead of white snow and brown trees haha!) I only wish I lived close to a beach! I decided to paint “beach vibes” this week as your free […] Read more…

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