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Watercolour Wednesday – Free Printable Lettering Worksheet

Today we had a freak Spring snow storm! I thought our watercolour lettering would reflect something I need right now haha! Let’s paint “warm hugs” using 2 Watercolor Inks from the ‘Warm’ Set 1: Deep Yellow and Rose. I used the Kelly Creates Daisy Palette and size 2 lettering brush. Click HERE to shop all […] Read more…

free merry christmas watercolor lettering worksheet template guide painting

Watercolour Wednesday – Merry Christmas Free Worksheet

Painting the words “Merry Christmas” is so much fun. The playful block watercolour lettering style really suits this phrase. I used a classic palette of Kelly Creates Inks – Poppy and Emerald. As usual, I painted with my size 2 lettering brush and palette. I highly recommend my book The Art of Watercolor Lettering, along […] Read more…

free printable template for lettering

Watercolour Wednesday – Let’s paint ‘December’

This week’s watercolour free printable worksheet is perfect timing! December 1 has fallen on a Wednesday, and I decided to paint 3 variations of this word in block lettering styles. I painted with ‘cool’ Kelly Creates Watercolour Inks – Teal and Blue, using my Kelly Creates Size 2 lettering brush and daisy palette.   You […] Read more…

modern calligraphy tutorial alphabet with a brush pen

How to Write Lowercase ‘r’

Hi everyone! When it comes to writing difficult letters with a brush pen, lots of beginners struggle with lowercase ‘r.’ I remember practicing this letter and not being happy with the results. Today I have a new video tutorial on my YouTube channel that will help you practice a number of different styles of lowercase r. […] Read more…

Back to School pencil design hand lettering tutorial

Back to School Hand Lettering Tutorial

Chasity’s tutorial is perfect for back to school! She has created really cute ‘pencil’ letters that pop off the page! You can use this hand lettering design for a home decor sign, a card, a planner page, or even a scrapbook layout. Kelly Creates Supplies: Deluxe Lettering Kit, White card stock or Kelly Creates Watercolor […] Read more…

watercolour lettering hello block style how to practice free printable worksheet

Watercolour Wednesday – How to Practice Block Lettering

Today’s free printable worksheet will help you practice painting block letters. I think you will really find these exercises useful! The best way to practice block lettering is to paint different widths of vertical lines. The Kelly Creates Block Lettering workbook has tracing exercises at the beginning to help you learn these painting skills. A […] Read more…

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