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Why Should You “Super-size” Your Drills?

When I teach beginner brush lettering workshops, we always use large brush tip pens, like the Kelly Creates Dream Pens, and only study the lowercase alphabet. However, there is a reason why you should practice ‘bigger’ basic strokes too. Eventually you are going to learn the uppercase alphabet, so it’s a good idea to start […] Read more…

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Watercolour Wednesday – Painting “August”

This week August has arrived so we will practice painting this word, as well as uppercase A. Capital ‘A’ has lots of variations, and this worksheet will help you practice a couple of them: block and script. Lately my favourite colour combo is Kelly Creates Rose and Deep Yellow Watercolor Inks, along with my lettering […] Read more…

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NEW in the Shop! Uppercase Alphabets for Small Brush Pens

After releasing the lowercase alphabet and drills for the small brush pens, I received an overwhelming number of requests for Capital Letters. Sometimes calligraphers who do brush lettering avoid uppercase letters because they are challenging. I say “Rise to the challenge” and start enjoying those caps! Are the capital letters hard to draw? Well, the […] Read more…