magic Monday free printable digital download template worksheet modern calligraphy guide

Magic Monday – Hello August!

ZOOM!!! There goes July! This week’s free printable worksheet will help you practice the word ‘August’ in a bouncy modern calligraphy style. (Download at end of this post) I used the beautiful blue ‘Ocean’ Dream pen and matching Kelly Creates small brush pen on this worksheet.   If you’re new here, then welcome and thanks […] Read more…

diy handmade birthday card tutorial

DIY Birthday Card

We all need birthday card ideas, don’t we? Chasity has a fantastic tutorial for you today on how to design your own birthday banner for a card! Kelly Creates Supplies: Watercolor Palette, Watercolor Paper pad, Lettering brushes, Deluxe Lettering Kit, Watercolor Inks Set 1 and Set 2, Watercolor grid practice paper  Other Supplies: Paper Trimmer,  Foam […] Read more…

free lettering brush pen calligraphy printable template guide worksheet

Magic Monday! Printable ‘live in the moment’ Template

Lately, I’ve been working on staying present, grounded and focused. Today’s phrase ‘live in the moment’ helps me keep this in mind. (Free worksheet at the end of this post). I used 2 sets of Dream pens to letter this piece. I started with Petal from the “Meadow Set” and then added darker pink shadows […] Read more…

free printable worksheet modern calligraphy hand lettering template freebie

Magic Monday – ‘It’s a New Day’ Lettering Freebie

It’s Magic Monday! I think every day we have to remind ourselves that ‘it’s a new day‘ and anything is possible. Put the past behind us and move forward with a positive mindset. (Free worksheet at the end of this post) I lettered this with my Kelly Creates “Stream” Dream pen, which is a beautiful […] Read more…

free summer lettering printable beat the heat download digital worksheet learn modern calligraphy

Magic Monday! ‘Beat the Heat’ Free Lettering Worksheet

The weather is finally heating up where I live. We have had a really strange wet and rainy June. Today let’s practice lettering “beat the heat” in a bouncy calligraphy style. (Find the worksheet download at end of this post) I used the large brush tip of the Kelly Creates Midnight Dream pen to trace. This […] Read more…

free printable download template hand lettering, brush pen calligraphy worksheet

Magic Monday! Here Comes The Sun

AHHHHHH! Summer! Let’s letter the phrase “Here Comes the Sun” with orange and blue! I used the Sunset and Turquoise Kelly Creates Dream pens from the original ‘Rainbow’ Set. This worksheet is designed by me, and I write the words with actual brush pens. I don’t use a digital method like an iPad or procreate, […] Read more…

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