Is anyone else breathing a sigh of relief that winter is over? Let’s celebrate by lettering ‘Hello Spring” with watercolour in 2 different styles!

free printable lettering template spring worksheet download

I painted the word ‘hello’ using my Kelly Creates Rose watercolour ink. I didn’t dilute it much, so it is very vibrant. It might look a little red in the photo, but it is actually a hot pink hue. The green is a blend of my Emerald and Yellow Watercolor Inks. As usual, I used the Kelly Creates  daisy palette and size 2 lettering brush.

watercolor ink Kelly Creates warm set

Click HERE to download your free printable worksheet or click the image below. Enjoy!

free printable lettering template spring worksheet download

To learn more about painting beautiful words and quotes, I highly recommend my book The Art of Watercolor Lettering. Also my workbooks and inks are available at and in retailers around the world.

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