free printable lettering guide template to download and practice brush calligraphy beach vibes

Watercolour Wednesday – Beach Vibes Freebie

Watercolour often seems like a ‘summertime’ medium to me. Somehow I feel more like painting when I see beautiful blue skies, green grass and flowers in bloom (instead of white snow and brown trees haha!) I only wish I lived close to a beach! I decided to paint “beach vibes” this week as your free […] Read more…

free printable hello summer modern calligraphy template worksheet to download and learn brush lettering

Magic Monday – Hello Summer!

Happy Monday! I’ve decided to offer a free printable worksheet to you every week! Today you can download and print this “hello Summer” template to practice your calligraphy. I wrote this phrase in a modern calligraphy ‘bouncy’ style that is really fun to learn. If you’re new here, then welcome and thanks for dropping by! You can […] Read more…

watercolor hand lettering free printable template for practice and relaxation

Watercolour Wednesday – Free Printable Lettering Template

You know what will put you into a good mood instantly? Painting letters with yellow! Usually I use more than one watercolor Ink and blend them together to paint quotes, but this time, I thought I would just use a happy, bright hue – Yellow! The “Deep Yellow” Kelly Creates Watercolor Ink is so incredibly […] Read more…

happy Mother's Day free printable lettering template practice worksheet download

Watercolour Wednesday! Mother’s Day Printable Lettering Freebie

A big shout out to all mothers out there! It’s our day! haha! Let’s practice lettering “Happy Mother’s Day” with this week’s free printable worksheet. I painted with the Rose Watercolor Ink, using the size 2 lettering brush and daisy palette. This pink hue is so pretty, similar to Opera Pink. I painted on Canson […] Read more…

easter lettering free printable template download watercolor

Watercolour Wednesday – Happy Easter Lettering Template

Let’s celebrate my favourite time of year by painting “Happy Easter!” To paint this phrase, I pulled out both Sets 1 and 2 Kelly Creates Watercolor Inks. The Violet Watercolor Ink is a perfect colour for Easter so I used it to paint the word “happy.” For the word “Easter,” I chose a variety of […] Read more…

free printable lettering template spring worksheet download

Watercolour Wednesday – Hello Spring Lettering Template

Is anyone else breathing a sigh of relief that winter is over? Let’s celebrate by lettering ‘Hello Spring” with watercolour in 2 different styles! I painted the word ‘hello’ using my Kelly Creates Rose watercolour ink. I didn’t dilute it much, so it is very vibrant. It might look a little red in the photo, […] Read more…

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