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magic Monday free printable digital download template worksheet modern calligraphy guide

Magic Monday – Hello August!

ZOOM!!! There goes July! This week’s free printable worksheet will help you practice the word ‘August’ in a bouncy modern calligraphy style. (Download at end of this post) I used the beautiful blue ‘Ocean’ Dream pen and matching Kelly Creates small brush pen on this worksheet.   If you’re new here, then welcome and thanks […] Read more…

free printable download template hand lettering, brush pen calligraphy worksheet

Magic Monday! Here Comes The Sun

AHHHHHH! Summer! Let’s letter the phrase “Here Comes the Sun” with orange and blue! I used the Sunset and Turquoise Kelly Creates Dream pens from the original ‘Rainbow’ Set. This worksheet is designed by me, and I write the words with actual brush pens. I don’t use a digital method like an iPad or procreate, […] Read more…

free printable digital calligraphy download worksheet template guide learn brush lettering

Magic Monday – Best of Luck

Since it’s a season of celebration, with graduations, weddings, etc., I decided to create a “best of luck” free printable worksheet. This phrase is also useful to congratulate someone on their next career move or journey in life If you’re new here, then welcome and thanks for dropping by! You can find out more about […] Read more…