My LIttle Shoebox

Sketchy June 2013


June seems to be running away on me, so before it does, here is my take on Sue Sykes‘ June sketch: BabyOfTheFamily is 13 and experiments with her hair.  A LOT.  She found some YouTube tutorials on how to colour hair using chalk.  The best part?  It’s temporary! As she is talking about trying this […] Read more…


January Sketchy Challenge

On January 5, DramaQueen turned 16!  Sorry…I just couldn’t resist posting her “hand” photo! ha ha ha! For those of you who are new to following or reading my blog, I should let you know that I refer to my children here using affectionate nicknames. My husband started calling our daughter Drama Queen quite a […] Read more…


A Merry Christmas to All!

This is my last blog post before Christmas.  I waited until today because I wasn’t sure if the world was ending or not.  Looks like we’re good to go!  I guess the Mayans weren’t great at making calendars after all. I thought I would share some Christmas projects I designed for Canadian Scrapbooker. First up….here […] Read more…