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Sketchy June 2013


June seems to be running away on me, so before it does, here is my take on Sue Sykes‘ June sketch: BabyOfTheFamily is 13 and experiments with her hair.  A LOT.  She found some YouTube tutorials on how to colour hair using chalk.  The best part?  It’s temporary! As she is talking about trying this […] Read more…

kelly young199

Pushing FIFTY…[away]

I had an idea (surprise surprise).  It came to me while I was thinking of writing about my birthday.  I’m going to try something called “Flashback Friday” where I share an old layout or photos with you on Fridays.  We’ll see where that goes…. Me at 6 months Tomorrow I turn 50.  Gulp.  What does that […] Read more…

oma heritage185

Strong and Brave

Sometimes I whine.   The laundry, cooking, cleaning, tidying, laundry….more laundry, more cooking….   I think some of you can relate 🙂   Then I was working on The Urban Scrapbook September staff challenge and decided to use a beautiful heritage photograph of my husband’s German grandmother. Emma Klapstein   This woman lived through the […] Read more…