Learn watercolor brush lettering with Kelly Creates using Jane Davenport's Mermaid Markers (American Crafts) and these easy to follow tracing guides #calligraphy #watercolor

If you don’t already know this about me, I LOVE WATERCOLOURS! (and yes, that is how we spell it in Canada ha ha)

If for some reason I could not do calligraphy anymore, I would dive right into watercolor art full time. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pisces. I don’t know. But the beauty of watercolor speaks to my soul.

@kellycreates #watercolor #brushlettering #calligraphy @americancrafts @janedavenport #mermaidmarkers #brush Learn brush lettering with watercolors and tracing guide worksheets

For now, I will play with watercolors in my free time and instead I will combine my joy of lettering with watercolors and share that with you more often. Click HERE to find these Watercolor worksheets in my Shop.

@kellycreates #watercolor #brushlettering #calligraphy @americancrafts @janedavenport #mermaidmarkers #brush Learn brush lettering with watercolors and tracing guide worksheetsThere are a number of ways to use watercolors and brushes with my set of Watercolor worksheets, but recently I received a package of Mermaid Markers from Jane Davenport and American Crafts. I was pretty excited and am happy to say that these watercolor markers work perfectly with my watercolor worksheets!

@kellycreates #watercolor #brushlettering #calligraphy @americancrafts @janedavenport #mermaidmarkers #brush Learn brush lettering with watercolors and tracing guide worksheets

If you would like to see a demo of how I use these Mermaid Markers, you can watch this YouTube video. Below the video are also some shopping affiliate links in case you want to purchase the products I use. The Mermaid Markers are also found in Michaels stores in North America. I also found a similar ‘egg cup’ that I used to hold my water too! You can click on these photos to go learn more and shop.


If you like the duck feet egg cup holder I used in the video, here is the link to it in Indigo Chapters (international shipping too). Just click on the photo….it is so cute!

ducky egg cup from indigo chapters

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