It’s National Scrapbooking Day…. and you might not know that I started out in the creative industry as a scrapbooker!  I still love scrapbooking and am proud to say that I completed a ‘Baby’ scrapbook for my niece Keli before Christmas. It was so wonderful to work with paper and glue again! She just turned 2 and I can’t wait to make her another scrapbook.


I write and design for Creative Scrapbooker magazine, and love being part of their team. I’m really excited to tell you that TODAY they have launched a new Membership Club for VIP’s : Village of Inspired People!

VIP scrapbooking club membership

I am a member and will be offering demos and classes along with the amazing people that bring this magazine to life every issue. This is truly a community where we uplift each other and also provide LOTS of tutorials and inspirational instruction.

There is an EARLY BIRD special to sign up…. Click here for more info and I hope to see you in the Village!


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