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3 Top Tips for Learning Brush Lettering

While I am developing a series of instructional brush lettering videos, I thought I would make a quick ‘how to’ demo for using my practice worksheets. In this video, I explain how to position the paper, adjust the pen angle, and change pressure for thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes.   Watching this video will answer those […] Read more…

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Having Fun with Sakura Gelly Rolls

I do love my brush pens, but I always love to pick up my Gelly Rolls and play. If you’re not familiar with them, they are gel pens made by Sakura that come in ALL kinds of flavours.  Seriously, they are called “ice cream smooth”  because their colours are so yummy! There are 5 different […] Read more…

A Sharpie Brush Lettering Alphabet

I use many different brush pens, and on Instagram I make quite a few different videos with them, demonstrating my brush lettering style. With all the positive feedback I’ve had about people finding my short Instagram videos calming and ‘satisfying’ I decided to make a longer video for YouTube. Here is the lowercase alphabet using […] Read more…

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