So many amazing calligraphy tips and techniques are in Kelly Creates monthly newsletter "KellyLetters". You can sign up on her website. She really knows how to explain the details of brush lettering. Use these tracing guide worksheets to build muscle memory and take your lettering to the next level. The whole alphabet, words, drills and more at

Calligraphy Tips: How to Connect Strokes and Letters

Let’s say you have already started to learn brush lettering or calligraphy of any kind. As a beginner, you start by focusing on drills and basic strokes, then graduate to letters from simplest to most challenging. (To read my blog post about how to study the alphabet, click HERE).   Using my practice guide worksheets and […] Read more…

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August “Kelly Letters” & Freebie

The August newsletter has been released, and it has a Free brush lettering worksheet that I think you will LOVE!  Click HERE for the August “Kelly Letters” This is a SNEAK PEEK of the upcoming NEW set of worksheets for large brush pens called “Connections.” These sheets will help you learn how to join all […] Read more…

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NEW in the Shop! Uppercase Alphabets for Small Brush Pens

After releasing the lowercase alphabet and drills for the small brush pens, I received an overwhelming number of requests for Capital Letters. Sometimes calligraphers who do brush lettering avoid uppercase letters because they are challenging. I say “Rise to the challenge” and start enjoying those caps! Are the capital letters hard to draw? Well, the […] Read more…

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