how to letter A with watercolour and free printable worksheet August

Watercolour Wednesday – Painting “August”

This week August has arrived so we will practice painting this word, as well as uppercase A. Capital ‘A’ has lots of variations, and this worksheet will help you practice a couple of them: block and script. Lately my favourite colour combo is Kelly Creates Rose and Deep Yellow Watercolor Inks, along with my lettering […] Read more…

faux calligraphy watercolor lettering free printable template and tutorial

Watercolor Wednesday – Lettering with Watercolor Pencils

Welcome back to Watercolour Wednesday! (I spell watercolour the Canadian way and sometimes the American way haha). Today I thought I would share a tutorial on how to use my Kelly Creates Paradise Watercolor Pencils for lettering. Can I tell you how much I LOVE these Paradise Watercolor Pencils? If you feel like you need […] Read more… watercolor lettering template free printable to download

Watercolour Wednesday – Let’s Paint ‘Explore’

Painting with pretty watercolours is so much fun, but it can also be overwhelming. Thinking about loading the brush with paint, cleaning the brush between colours etc can be a lot to consider while focusing on getting the strokes down on paper. To simplify your learning, I recommend practicing with the Kelly Creates Black Ink […] Read more…

watercolor lettering free printable template

Watercolour Wednesday – Free Printable Template

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make when practicing any kind of lettering is not using guidelines. Writing or painting letters on blank paper is never a good idea. Did you know you can use the Kelly Creates Grid Practice paper to practice your lettering? This specialty paper pad is heavyweight but much less expensive […] Read more…

Free printable template for rainbow lettering

Watercolour Wednesday – Spring is here!

This week let’s practice painting the letter ‘s’. Just like in brush lettering with pens, painting the letter s is tricky because of the continuous curves. Creating thin and thick lines requires good control of your paint brush. This free printable worksheet will help you with your brush skills. In this free printable template, you […] Read more…

Watercolour Wednesday – Free Printable ‘Lucky Me’

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today’s free printable lettering template is “lucky me”! You can download, print and practice your watercolour lettering.   TIP:  Paint each letter while the previous letter is ‘wet’ so that the watercolours blend together. I used Kelly Creates Emerald and Deep Yellow Inks from the ‘Warm Set’. You can paint right on […] Read more…

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