halloween watercolor lettering template practice tracing sheet

Watercolour Wednesday – Haunted House Printable Lettering

Are you a fan of haunted houses? I am definitely not! I get scared easily, and it’s not my idea of a good time. Plus, I tend to have an overactive imagination at night and don’t need any ‘help’ in this department by visiting a haunted house. haha! These little flying bats are really easy […] Read more…

watercolor resist card diy card making technique with stamping and embossing tutorial

Watercolor & Stamped All Occasion Cards

Today Chasity is going to show you how to take one Kelly Creates stamp and make cards for all seasons and occasions! This tutorial is amazing! Kelly Creates Supplies: Watercolor inks set 1, Watercolor Inks Set 2, Palette, lettering brush, Floral Stamp Set, Celebration Stamp Set, Stamp Blocks (from kit), Watercolor Paper Pad, Tracing Paper […] Read more…

diy handmade birthday card tutorial

DIY Birthday Card

We all need birthday card ideas, don’t we? Chasity has a fantastic tutorial for you today on how to design your own birthday banner for a card! Kelly Creates Supplies: Watercolor Palette, Watercolor Paper pad, Lettering brushes, Deluxe Lettering Kit, Watercolor Inks Set 1 and Set 2, Watercolor grid practice paper  Other Supplies: Paper Trimmer,  Foam […] Read more…

free printable lettering guide template to download and practice brush calligraphy beach vibes

Watercolour Wednesday – Beach Vibes Freebie

Watercolour often seems like a ‘summertime’ medium to me. Somehow I feel more like painting when I see beautiful blue skies, green grass and flowers in bloom (instead of white snow and brown trees haha!) I only wish I lived close to a beach! I decided to paint “beach vibes” this week as your free […] Read more…

spring lettering practice worksheet template bloom and grow

Watercolour Wednesday – Bloom & Grow Free Printable

I’m getting an early start on my spring lettering, so today I’m sharing a cute “Bloom & Grow” worksheet in script style for you to download and print. I painted “Bloom” with Kelly Creates Rose Watercolor Ink, and “Grow” with a blend of Emerald and Yellow watercolor inks. I used my size 2 Kelly Creates lettering […] Read more…

free printable lettering worksheet template march

Watercolour Wednesday – March Free Lettering Worksheet

Hello March! Let’s practice painting ‘March’ in 3 different block lettering styles. I painted with all Teal and Emerald Watercolor Inks from the Cool Set 2, using my Kelly Creates palette and lettering brush. I was a little surprised at how pretty these ink colours blended together. I don’t think I have used this colour combination much. […] Read more…

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