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free printable Christmas holiday worksheet lettering modern calligraphy

Magic Monday! Download a Free Lettering Worksheet!

It’s beginning to look a lot like …. Christmas worksheets! Today we will practice tracing ‘Naughty or Nice.” I used the Kelly Creates Cardinal Dream pen to write ‘Naughty’ and the Emerald Dream pen to write “Nice.” I added some white stripes for a candy cane effect on top of the red using a Uniball […] Read more…

inspirational quote modern calligraphy hand lettering practice worksheet free digital download tracing

Magic Monday – Freebie Calligraphy Worksheet

It’s almost turkey time in the USA! Let’s practice some phrases this month to prepare for their Thanksgiving celebrations. Today’s worksheet is ‘Always Blessed,’ written in a bouncy modern calligraphy style. To download and print your free worksheet, click HERE or click the image below If you’re new here, then welcome and thanks for dropping by! […] Read more…

free printable halloween modern calligraphy template worksheet download practice lettering

Magic Monday – Happy Haunting Free Printable Template

Happy Halloween! or should I say “Happy Haunting!” I wrote this phrase with my Kelly Creates Amethyst Jewel Metallic Brush pen. Usually I only use these metallic pens on black paper, but thought I would try it on white. It doesn’t disappoint! Such a shiny and pretty purple, perfect for Halloween. I added shadows and […] Read more…

halloween free printable tracing calligraphy lettering template worksheet

Magic Monday – Printable Lettering Template

Are you enjoying the spooky words theme this month? Remember that tracing and practicing any words will help you improve your skills, especially with connections. Beginners most often struggle with joining letters and strokes together to write words after they learn the lowercase alphabet. Today’s word is ‘spiders’ and I drew 7 hanging spiders to […] Read more…

free printable digital download worksheet lettering template modern calligraphy brush pen

Magic Monday – Pumpkin Spice Printable Calligraphy Sheet

Are you team pumpkin spice? I love pumpkin pie and the whole pumpkin spice ‘thing’ can be a bit extreme. Overall, I like the flavour and the fragrance. This week, let’s practice lettering ‘pumpkin spice.’ (Download is at the end of this post). I wrote on my Kelly Creates Dotted paper pad with my Kelly Creates […] Read more…

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