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What is Bouncy Brush Lettering? Find out calligraphy, brush calligraphy, brush lettering, learn

New Bouncy Worksheets & Free Drills

So what exactly is “Bouncy” lettering? It is a more relaxed and playful style of brush calligraphy where the letters don’t always sit in a row on a baseline, but rather appear to ‘bounce’ up and down in an appealing way. If you would like to try out a free alphabet sheet, click HERE to […] Read more…

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A New Metallic Brush Pen

While I was ordering sets of watercolor brushes online for workshops, I came across a brush pen that I thought I had to try.  The brand is called STA from Asia. I’ve never heard of it, but of course when it comes to brush pens, I have to try EVERYTHING. There are 10 colours and […] Read more…

A Sharpie Brush Lettering Alphabet

I use many different brush pens, and on Instagram I make quite a few different videos with them, demonstrating my brush lettering style. With all the positive feedback I’ve had about people finding my short Instagram videos calming and ‘satisfying’ I decided to make a longer video for YouTube. Here is the lowercase alphabet using […] Read more…

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