Learn the Bouncy style of Capital Letters with these tracing worksheets for Large brush pens!


If you want to learn a more relaxed and playful style of brush calligraphy, then these worksheets are for you! Download…..print….and pick up a LARGE brush pen  (such as my Kelly Creates Dream pens, a Tombow Dual Tip ABT, Sakura Koi Colouring Brush Pen, Marvy Uchida Le Plume II, Kuretake Brushables or Fudebiyori and more)

Break some rules, change your angles, and draw bigger loops…..you will enjoy writing with this looser style in your notebooks, planners, journals, cards, home decor and more.

This 40-page set of Bouncy uppercase calligraphy tracing guide worksheets includes the following:

  • 2 exemplars: BONUS tracing exemplar (A – Z on a single page)
  • blank practice grid (for limitless printing)
  • 6 Review worksheets
  • 15 Helpful Hints (2 pages of Instructions)
  • 26 Capital Letters worksheets (one letter per tracing page)
  • PLUS….Free set of Bouncy Numbers 0 – 9
  • BONUS: 2 pages of Bouncy Quotes to trace

How do you use these worksheets? Download…..Print…..Practice.

First, download after purchase (from your Account here or in the email you receive). Second, print on very smooth paper (I recommend HP LaserJet 32 lbs or similar….see below). OR print on regular copy paper and use Tracing Paper on top. Why smooth paper? Regular paper will damage and fray your brush tips.

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