Breathe. Write. Relax. Use these Inspirational ‘Bouncy’ Brush Lettering worksheets to bring calm and joy into your life. 50 words plus 3 BONUS quotes for both Large and Small Brush pens!


Download, Print and Practice all the inspirational words with this 55-page MEGA-Set of worksheets! By following the arrows and dotted lines, you will learn how to connect your strokes and write beautiful calligraphy in the bouncy style. Designed for both large & small brush pens, these tracing worksheets will help you understand spacing and connecting strokes when writing words. They will take your Bouncy brush lettering skills to the next level!

What’s included in this 55-page MEGA Set:

  • 50 different inspirational words
  • Tracing templates for both large and small brush pens on EACH worksheet
  • ‘Helpful Hints’ Instruction page
  • Blank Lined Practice Sheet
  • BONUS: 3 quotes


WORDS: adventure, authentic, balance beauty, begin, believe, blessed, brave, breathe, change, clarity, confidence, courage, discover, dream, empower, enough, explore, faith, family, fearless, focus, forgive, give, grow, harmony, heal, honesty, hope, imagine, kindness, laugh, light, listen, love, magic, miracle, original, peace, release, serenity, share, shine, smile, strength, trust, truth, wander, wild, wish

QUOTES: “dreams do come true,” “let your light shine,” “live your best life”

If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend starting with the Alphabet Worksheets first. This set of ‘Connections’ worksheets are for practice AFTER you have learned the technique of basic strokes to write the lowercase and uppercase Bouncy Alphabets. Click HERE to see the Bouncy Alphabet worksheet sets in my Shop or visit my online store to find the “Learn Brush Lettering” workbooks.

NOTE: Brush tip pens need SMOOTH paper. You can print these on regular copy paper and use tracing paper on top OR print on HP Laserjet Premium 32 lbs (or similar). You don’t need a laser jet printer to print on this type of paper

Use with Kelly Creates ‘large’ & ‘small’ brush tip pens, such as Kelly Creates Dream Pens, Deluxe Lettering Kit, 3-pack Brush tip set, and Multicolor Small Brush pens …all available online at http://www.KellyCreatesStore.com. Remember to practice your bouncy lettering on smooth paper, like Kelly Creates Practice Pads, and use Tracing Paper on top of the printed worksheets.

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