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Sharing….[and Swearing]

If you’re a new Follower of my blog, then I should let you know that once in awhile, I share amusing stories about my family life.  Okay, who am I kidding…I like to write about the craziness of having teenagers in the house! Remember when your babies became toddlers, and you could not get a […] Read more…

serenas layout

Endings and Beginnings

The beginning of summer and the ending of another school year has put me into a reflective frame of mind.  Both DramaQueen and her sister BabyOfTheFamily are moving on to new schools next Fall, high school and junior high.  BoyGenius will be in his final year of high school, and our nephew has just graduated! […] Read more…


Why I Hate the iPhone

I couldn’t resist posting a title like that.  Did it bring you in?  Do you have an iPhone?  I don’t, but I have a Blackberry and love it.  So why the negative title…with the word “hate”? I suppose I don’t technically HATE the iPhone.  In the hands of a teenage girl, however, the iPhone completely […] Read more…


Good Memories…..Bad Photos

Where are all my layouts of Mexico?  where oh where? It is taking me awhile to sift through my photos to find the right ones to scrap.  There are lots of BabyOfTheFamily….and that’s about it.  The teenagers are in the “take a picture of my hand” phase….aka. MOM! Don’t take my picture!  or….DELETE THAT!  I […] Read more…

August 2011 043

Back-to-School Shopping Mall of Horrors

No, the title isn’t misleading. Yes, I know it’s October already and Back-To-School shopping is long gone….however, it has taken me this long to recover from one particular shopping trip with DramaQueen in early September. Thus, you are reading a belated post 😉 Shopping with a teenage daughter is tricky at best. A lot depends […] Read more…

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