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free lettering template stay wild watercolor paint worksheet printable download

Watercolour Wednesday – “Stay Wild” Printable Worksheet

Lately, I’ve been contemplating what 2022 will bring (aside from more Covid variants), and I feel like I’ve been living with lots of fear during the pandemic. This week’s lettering is “Stay Wild” – a reminder to myself to be courageous in the face of the unknown. I painted with Teal & Violet – 2 […] Read more…

Free printable worksheet January lettering template to download and practice

Watercolor Wednesday- Free January Lettering Template

January 2022 is here! Let’s practice painting this month in 2 different block lettering styles using a ‘cool’ wintry watercolour palette. I painted with Teal and Blue Kelly Creates Watercolor Inks. I love the look of these two inks combined. They blend beautifully!     I used the usual size 2 Kelly Creates lettering brush with the […] Read more…

free printable lettering template winter christmas holiday worksheet

Watercolour Wednesday – Let it Snow! Free Lettering Template

It’s appropriate that I am sharing this free printable lettering worksheet with you today because we are in the middle of a big snowfall where I live in Canada. Let the shovelling begin! One of my favourite colour combinations for winter lettering is purple and blue, so I used the Kelly Creates Watercolour Inks – […] Read more…

Christmas holiday lettering tutorial holly and greenery diy cards and tags

Holly-day Hand Lettering for Cards & Tags

We can always count on Chasity for a festive holiday lettering tutorial! Today she is sharing a wonderful technique on how to add greenery to your hand lettered envelopes and tags. Kelly Creates Supplies: Grid paper pad, Deluxe Lettering Kit, Dream Pens, Multicolor Bullet Tip pens, Multicolor Fineliner pens, Moonlight Marker, Multicolor Small Brush pens  […] Read more…

free printable template for lettering

Watercolour Wednesday – Let’s paint ‘December’

This week’s watercolour free printable worksheet is perfect timing! December 1 has fallen on a Wednesday, and I decided to paint 3 variations of this word in block lettering styles. I painted with ‘cool’ Kelly Creates Watercolour Inks – Teal and Blue, using my Kelly Creates Size 2 lettering brush and daisy palette.   You […] Read more…

free printable thanksgiving be thankful lettering worksheet to download from

Watercolour Wednesday – Thanksgiving Printable

It’s Thanksgiving next week in the USA, so I decided to paint the phrase ‘be thankful’ in script with my Kelly Creates Watercolour Inks. The Kelly Creates Orange and Poppy watercolour inks look so pretty when blended. I painted with the Kelly Creates Lettering brush size 2 and my palette. I find that Autumn is […] Read more…

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