I’ve been a little bit obsessed with peaches this summer. I want to eat them. Draw them. Paint them. And letter them! lol

I love the colour of peaches, but my Kelly Creates Sunset Dream pen is a little too orange.

So I decided to write this phrase with my Lyra brush pens. These pens are made in Germany and are top quality. They come in sets of 12, 24 and 36.

free printable worksheet tracing template modern calligraphy brush pen lettering www.kellycreates.ca

Lyra brush pens are similar to Tombow but maybe a slightly smaller ‘large’ tip, Their stiffness is wonderful for beginners, and their range of colours is great!

To download and print this week’s freebie worksheet, click HERE or click the image below,

free printable worksheet tracing template modern calligraphy brush pen lettering www.kellycreates.ca

If you’re new to brush lettering, you can find out more about how to start learning calligraphy as a beginner by clicking HERE. It’s a good idea to learn your ABCs before you start writing words. Jumpstart your skills with my Kelly Creates Workbook for Large Brush Pens, Deluxe Lettering Kit and Smooth Practice Paper pad, which is suitable for all ages!

You can use both large and small brush pens to trace the words, such as the Kelly Creates Dream pens and the Multicolor Small Brush pens. Another good choice for pens is the Deluxe Lettering kit and the 3-pack of Black brush pens too. (You can also order most of my lettering supplies from my Amazon Storefront).

These dual sided Kelly Creates Dream pens are a DREAM... both tips are great for calligraphy, hand lettering, home decor, cards, and more!  dream pens kelly creates set 2 meadow    Kelly Creates Multicolor Small Brush Pen Set 2  Kelly Creates Deluxe Lettering kit  Kelly Creates 3 pack brush pens have 3 sizes of tips: small medium and bold. LOVE THEM

All are available in my online store at http://www.KellyCreatesStore.com (only USA shipping) or you can click HERE to see where to purchase my products at retailers around the world.

You also need to print on smooth paper like HP LaserJet Premium 32 lbs. or use tracing paper(Canson Marker paper) on top of regular copy paper, which is too rough for brush tips and will damage them.


After you finish tracing, practice your freehand skills on my super smooth Kelly Creates Paper Pads. I highly recommend using the Dotted or Lined pads (never practice on blank paper).


. Want more free printable worksheets? I offer a new one every month inside my e-newsletter. Just click FREE FOR YOU on my website menu, and you’ll find them. Enjoy!







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