Hello February! Even though it’s still winter where I live in Canada, I always feel happier in February. We have 3 family birthdays, and I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. This week we are painting 3 versions of “February.”

free printable lettering template February download www.kellycreates.ca

I decided to use only one Kelly Creates Watercolor Ink that is perfect for this month – “Rose.” This pink is VERY pigmented and dilutes into a lovely soft pastel too. I wanted a more vibrant colour so I added very little water to the Rose ink in my daisy palette.

As usual, I painted with my daisy palette and size 2 lettering brush on Canson watercolour paper.

watercolor ink Kelly Creates warm set  canson  

I mixed script and block lettering styles. To learn watercolour lettering, you can read my book The Art of Watercolor Lettering and use my workbooks, inks, brushes etc from my online store http://www.KellyCreatesStore.com.

learn watercolor lettering workbook and art supplies  The Art of Watercolor Lettering


To download this “February” free printable, click HERE or click the image below.

free printable lettering template February download www.kellycreates.ca

Remember you can actually paint right onto your copy paper. For practice, I recommend the Kelly Creates Grid Watercolor Practice pad which is heavyweight and perfect for practicing letters and words. Enjoy!

watercolor lettering practice paper pad


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