Valentine's Day lettering quote free printable calligraphy worksheet download

January Newsletter & Freebie!

Why does January seem like such a long month? Maybe it’s the weather or the relentless Covid variants and restrictions. I feel like I’m already living in February, thinking about Valentine’s Day and birthdays. To find out what else I’m thinking about, including the new book  I’m reading and a skincare product I love, click HERE to read my January newsletter (don’t forget to subscribe).

Here is this month’s freebie worksheet for you to download and print – with a Valentine’s Day quote ‘You have my heart’ in a bouncy style.

Valentine's Day lettering quote free printable calligraphy worksheet download

You can print on regular copy paper but remember to use tracing paper on top. Or print on any  Kelly Creates Smooth Practice paper pads. These sheets of paper will fit in any standard printer.

Smooth practice paper pads Lettering supplies for brush pen calligraphy How to Learn Brush Lettering
The Dream pens and Multicolor Small Brush pens are suitable for this size of brush lettering. I think it’s important for you to know that ALL of my printable worksheets are written by hand with my brush pens, not a digital device or software.

These dual sided Kelly Creates Dream pens are a DREAM... both tips are great for calligraphy, hand lettering, home decor, cards, and more!  dream pens kelly creates set 2 meadow  Love all the colours of these Kelly Creates Multicolor Small Brush tip pens. for calligraphy, cards, planners, journals, bujo, scrapbooking, card making

To really improve your skills and learn calligraphy step by step, I highly recommend my online course “Beginner Brush Lettering” and my book “The Art of Brush Lettering.” Calligraphy creates calm in my life, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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