There are a number of words that are really fun to letter, and “celebrate” is one of them. With the New Year approaching, I thought this word would be appropriate for this week.

free printable lettering template new year worksheet celebrate

I wanted to paint with an uplifting, celebratory colour palette so I did my own version of ‘rainbow’ colours, adding in a few custom shades using my Kelly Creates Watercolor Inks. The lighter green is a combination of Deep Yellow and Emerald watercolor inks, and the purply pink at the end of the words is a combination of Rose and Blue inks.

watercolor ink Kelly Creates warm set   

I used the usual size 2 Kelly Creates lettering brush with the palette to hold the inks and painted on Canson 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper.

I highly recommend my workbooks and watercolor lettering supplies to help you learn, and my book The Art of Watercolor Lettering will make a BIG difference in improving your skills. To find Kelly Creates products in stores where you live, click HERE to check out my ‘Store Locator’ or shop at on my online store

learn watercolor lettering workbook and art supplies  The Art of Watercolor Lettering

Click HERE to download your free printable worksheet or click the image below. You can paint directly onto copy paper, and then practice with watercolour paper too. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

free printable lettering template new year worksheet celebrate

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