March has flown by and my newsletter is finally published, along with a FREE brush lettering worksheet to download and print. I always struggled with lowercase ‘r’ when I was learning lettering, so I decided to design a worksheet to help you practice this tricky letter.

Click HERE or click the image below to download this PDF.

Free printable worksheet template to practice lowercase r calligraphy brush lettering

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For this worksheet, you can use Kelly Creates Dream pens or large and medium black brush pens in the Deluxe Lettering kit or 3-pens set. Remember to use tracing paper on top of the worksheets if you print on regular copy paper.

Click on these shopping links below if you need supplies from

dream pens kelly creates set 2 meadowThese dual sided Kelly Creates Dream pens are a DREAM... both tips are great for calligraphy, hand lettering, home decor, cards, and more!

Kelly Creates Deluxe Lettering kit Kelly Creates 3 pack brush pens have 3 sizes of tips: small medium and bold. LOVE THEMKelly Creates tracing paper pad



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