Free printable template for rainbow lettering

Watercolour Wednesday – Spring is here!

This week let’s practice painting the letter ‘s’. Just like in brush lettering with pens, painting the letter s is tricky because of the continuous curves. Creating thin and thick lines requires good control of your paint brush. This free printable worksheet will help you with your brush skills.

Free printable template for rainbow lettering

In this free printable template, you can practice 3 different ‘s’ styles plus 3 different ways to paint the word ‘Spring.‘ For the sample above, I used the Kelly Creates ‘Teal’ Watercolor Ink from the “Cool Set.” 

You can paint right on your printer paper or you can use tracing paper on top to practice painting with the template as your guide. I recommend my Kelly Creates Watercolor Lettering brushes and palette. The brushes are sizes 1-4 Round and are perfect for painting the letters. .

Click HERE to download this week’s free “Spring” printable template or click the image below.

Free printable template for rainbow lettering

I’m so happy Spring is finally here! My online store has a Spring SALE on right now too! Click HERE to visit my online store and click HERE to find a list of stores around the world that carry Kelly Creates products.



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