beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card making

Beautiful Stamped & Colored Envelope Art

Everyone loves to receive mail, and Bonnie (@diamondandwillow) has a tutorial for you to create beautiful envelope art with Kelly Creates Stamps and pens.

beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card making

Kelly Creates Supplies: Ink Pad and Stamp Block Set, Floral Stamp set, Fine Black Brush tip Pen, Dream Pens set 1, Dream pens set 2, Black Fineliners, Multicolor Bullet Tip Pens

Here is a simple but pretty way to create envelope art with stamps and colouring. The key to this piece is to not colour in the whole area solid as you would in a colouring book, but to leave some white space and blend the pen colours using single strokes.

Using a variety of stamps from the Kelly Creates Floral stamp set and Kelly Creates Black Ink Pad and Block, I designed lovely envelope art in a short amount of time. The stamps are wonderful for those of you who don’t want to or don’t have time to illustrate your envelopes. The Kelly Creates Black Ink pad is permanent and quick drying so I didn’t have to wait before adding colour. The clear stamp blocks have grid lines to help you line up your stamps and the 2 sizes of blocks fit all the different sizes of stamps in the collection.

beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card making

First, I stamped along the right edge of the envelope with the Floral border stamp. Second, I figured out where my address would be situated and stamped the banner above that area. You could pencil in your address first, or sort out the spacing on a piece of grid practice paper beforehand. 

After stamping the banner, I printed “Please Deliver to:” inside it using the Kelly Creates 08 Fineliner.

beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card makingThe colouring doesn’t take much time at all because you are leaving white areas and drawing quick stroke lines instead of filling in with a solid colour. Using a variety of Kelly Creates brush pens and bullet tip pens, I applied single brush strokes where shadows may appear naturally. Start at the centres of the petals and pull the pen strokes up and out. Combine at least two colours for variation.

beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card making

You can also draw some coloured lines from the petal edges moving towards the centre of the bloom in some areas. As I mentioned before, leave some white areas that will appear to be sun spots/ highlights.

For the bloom centres I used a variety of dots to resemble pollen, in two colour shades, with darker dots towards one side to appear as a shadow.Use a couple of colours for the leaves as this will give them dimension. Take notice of the Turquoise colour I added in only a few areas of the blooms. Again, this helps create interest and contrast.

If you look closely, you will see light grey shadows around the florals and banner. With the Stone  Dream pen from Set 2, I added shadows throughout the whole piece. I love how that little extra makes it all ‘pop.’

Lastly, for the address, I used two different pens to write two styles of lettering to change it up. I recommend keeping to two styles for ease of reading. I decided to use both the Kelly Creates Fine Black Brush tip pen and the Fineliner, alternating them for each line.

beautiful colouring and stamping on envelope art for card making

Now you have a fun way to add design and colour to your outgoing mail, or perhaps that  hand delivered card.

Wow Bonnie! I have avoided envelope art because it’s too time consuming but the stamping and colouring are stunning….and fast! We spend so much time making cards so why not design an envelope that is just as pretty?

For more inspirational art and lettering, follow Bonnie Peters on Instagram @diamondandwillow as well as Facebook Diamond and Willow Artworks.

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Love this tutorial for envelope art! So easy with stamping and colouring



4 responses to “Beautiful Stamped & Colored Envelope Art”

  1. Phyllis McKenna Avatar
    Phyllis McKenna

    Now thats Happy Mail! Before you even open it you’re happy seeing that envelope. Very pretty, Bonnie!

  2. Linda Epstein Avatar
    Linda Epstein

    I love making mail art. This is beautiful!

  3. Susan Carlson Avatar
    Susan Carlson

    Just beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! I think I’ll move the border to the left side. That way the stamps won’t cover it up & I can put the return address (& another stamp!) on the back. Thanks again! Great ideas!

  4. Chasity Avatar

    I would keep this envelope for ever and ever! Just STUNNING!

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