bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

Organize Your Travel Plans in Your Journal

Meagan (@theillustratedplanner) has come up with a brilliant layout for travel plans that I can definitely use in my journal! She’s so creative!

bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

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It’s finally that time of year when I begin to make travel plans! For this month I really needed to create a travel spread in my journal to keep track of all the moving pieces. After last month’s mood tracker butterfly, I wanted to keep this layout fairly simple, but most of all functional. For spring break, I planned a visit to my dear friend in Dallas so I wanted the colors and style to invoke some fun and fresh vibes.  

bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

Step 1. Always start with a fun header! For this layout I went with a faux calligraphy style by using the Kelly Creates Black Fineliner Size 1.0 for the title ‘travel plans’. Then I went back and thickened the “downstrokes” and filled them with the Multicolor 1.0 Bullet Tip Pen in Breeze.  

bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca Step 2.  I created a rectangular box using the same Black 1.0 Fineliner that was approximately 10 by 12 dots (as always, each journal may have different dimensions). In the middle I drew a quick airplane doodle, and on each side wrote the basic details of my flight information (because if I don’t write this info down I will forget!) I finished it off my adding some color with the Multicolor Bullet Tip ‘Breeze’ for highlights. 

 bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

 STEP 3: Below my flight info box, I created a space to track the weather. Depending on how many days you need, you may change the size of the boxes. Since I’m staying about 7 days, each square was 4 by 4 dots in size. Then I used the Multicolor Bullet Tip ‘Breeze’ again for some highlights and filled each box with the predicted weather using the Size 03 Kelly Creates Black Fineliner. If you choose, you may only want to fill in 1-2 days at a time because you know how the weather forecast can change drastically from day to day. 

 bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

Step 4.  With the remaining space below, I drew a large box with the Size 1.0 Fineliner. Then I had the pleasure of flipping through all the beautiful stickers from the new Kelly Creates Sticker Pack to find one that fit just right. I also used some small icon stickers in the same coral shade to signify different categories of things I want to do or experience in Dallas. After I added headings next to each icon with the Size 1.0 Black Fineliner. I finished off this section with the Breeze Multicolor Bullet Tip Pen. 

bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca Step 5. On the next page, with the same dimensions as our Flight Tracker section, I drew a rectangle with the Size 1.0 Fineliner. This section will be dedicated to those important things to pack on a trip, and let’s be honest, I always forget something! I added the “Don’t Forget” sticker from the Sticker Pack and then used the Kelly Creates checkbox washi tape which will help me keep track of things when I add each item to my luggage.  bujo and bullet journal travel plans spread www.kellycreates.ca

Step 6. Next, is my most favorite section…my wardrobe plans! If you’re anything like me, I tend to pack either too much or too little on trips. So this time I had the great idea of actually planning what I want to wear each day. I used the remainder of the page and sectioned it into each day. I used Days of the Week Stickers from the Sticker Book to label each day. After I sketched out each outfit, I added small labels using the Kelly Creates Black Size 01 Fineliner.  

Now that your Travel Plans Layout is done, you can relax and enjoy your trip! 

I think I need an entire journal dedicated to these travel layouts….thank you Meagan for these awesome ideas!

For more planning inspiration and creative ideas, follow Meagan on Instagram @theillustratedplanner 

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  1. Linda Epstein Avatar
    Linda Epstein

    Meagan, these are such cute and helpful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    1. Meagan Avatar

      Thanks Linda! I always enjoy making travel spreads because it helps organize all the information and helps me get excited about the trip!

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