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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 9

Welcome to my first ever 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, sponsored by American Crafts! From December 11 until December 22, each day I will feature one of the products from my new calligraphy collection. 12 Winners will be announced on December 23, 2017. You could win Brush pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more! To be entered to win, leave a comment answering the question of the day.

12 days xmas kelly creates day 3

On the Ninth Day of Christmas….American Crafts gave to me… Kelly Creates Peace Journal. Here is the perfect space to hold all your creative ideas…combining the best of both planner and bullet journal worlds! This A5 hard cover binder comes with 12 months worth of dot grid paper PLUS the bonus Journal Divider inserts pack AND the Journal Accessory kit that contains stickers, tabs, washi tape and small brush pen!

To enter to win this Peace Journal and 2 Journal Accessory kits, leave a comment telling me one of your big goals for 2018.  


292 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 9”

  1. Eileen Myers Avatar
    Eileen Myers

    “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

    1. Lysa McCall Avatar

      I will work to live in peace and joy this year in my life.

  2. Ingrid van Nispen-Lim Avatar
    Ingrid van Nispen-Lim

    Losing weight, learning and enjoying more about brushlettering and drawing.
    Managing stress with me time!

  3. Shelley Malone Avatar
    Shelley Malone

    To complete our home renovations in time for a new grand daughter.

  4. Carol A Godfrey Avatar

    To start filming my work and try to get followers work on maybe doing stampin up not sure which angle to push for any suggestions would be great

  5. Patty Avatar

    To be more compassionate, show more empathy, love unconditionally.

  6. Sandy Wootten Avatar
    Sandy Wootten

    Get out and do more for others

  7. Lisa Saman Avatar
    Lisa Saman

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to set up my own Etsy shop and become more familiar with different writing tools such as chalk and digital calligraphy! Let’s go 2018!

  8. Chelsea Avatar

    We have 2 goals as a family for 2018. One is to ‘Collect moments, not things’ and The second one is to ‘Simplify’. The kids are really excited about it.

  9. Glenda Fernando Avatar
    Glenda Fernando

    To finish my MEd. ? while keeping my sanity.

  10. Judith MATHIS Avatar
    Judith MATHIS

    Learn a new craft or technique

  11. Brenda West Avatar
    Brenda West

    My goal is to do more woodworking and craft more. Have so much I want to use up in supplies. Love my woodworking – just haven’t had time – have to make time. Thanks

  12. Jodi Avatar

    Biggest 2018 goals is to slow down, taken time to grow and learn, be more thoughtful in actions and words

  13. Kelly Avatar

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to become more creative with my BuJo. I’d like to decorate more of the pages with doodles and flourishing which I didn’t do with my last BuJo. This will be a big challenge as I’m not naturally artistically inclined. I intend to get some inspiration from social media and books.

  14. Kimberley Machamer Avatar
    Kimberley Machamer

    I think one of my biggest goals will be to really take the time and appreciate the people in my life, making sure every moment with them counts

  15. Ali Moody Avatar
    Ali Moody

    I did sports my whole life, and I miss feeling strong. 2018 is a great time to start for that 🙂

  16. ginny sharma Avatar
    ginny sharma

    My goal for 2018 is to really practice my lettering and start to make my gifts for Christmas next year

    1. Leanne Avatar

      My goal for 2018 is to live in the moment as much as possible. Wishing things are different, wishing you can change the past, wishing tomorrow will look like “x”, just stops you from enjoying today

  17. Wendy Mendoza Avatar
    Wendy Mendoza

    I have three beautiful girls that take up all my time. I make the goal to make more time for myself because I love letters too!

  18. maddie Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to continue to eat right.

  19. L Zabierowsky Avatar
    L Zabierowsky

    Working on in 2018 less chaos and more quiet peaceful life happiness!

  20. April Toko Avatar
    April Toko

    One of my biggest goals fot 2018 is to build my accounting firm that my husband and I launched this year. We are excited to retire my husband from his corporate accounting job!

  21. Jen Steed Avatar
    Jen Steed

    One of my big goals is to cultivate my relationships. All of them.

  22. Trina Avatar

    One of my goals is to practice my calligraphy consistently. At least 5-10 minutes every day.

  23. Sandra D Avatar
    Sandra D

    Thanks for the chance to win none of my 2018 goals is to make time to learn lettering!

    1. Sandra D Avatar
      Sandra D

      it should say One of my goals is to make time for lettering.

  24. Amanda McCarthy Avatar
    Amanda McCarthy

    Biggest goal for 2018 would be to get into the Master’s program at my school!

  25. Michele K. Henderson Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to move to a new state, and find jobs for my hubbie and myself, and a new place to live. Hubbie got downsized a few months ago and it has been an absolutely stressful, frustrating time. We are hoping and praying that the doors open for us in early 2018!

  26. Sara S Avatar
    Sara S

    My goal for 2018 is to cook one new international meal a week! Gotta get some variety this year!

  27. Nikki Nash Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to create my own Etsy shop and start selling some items that I have been working on. Calligraphy has become a recent passion of mine – I originally learned so I could write my own signs for my wedding – but it has turned into so much more! I feel like this journal would be the perfect thing to keep me on track with my goals for 2018. I want to be able to help other Brides with their vision for a perfect wedding.

  28. Marlene Ariss Avatar
    Marlene Ariss

    My goal for 2018 is to get my pictures organized and genealogy organized. (Found a book sounds like its meant for me)

  29. Colleen Rahill-Beuler Avatar
    Colleen Rahill-Beuler

    My daughter is getting married in Oct 2018 and I would love for my hand lettering skills to be “good enough” that I can address the invitations, do signs for church and reception and simply help individualize this important day for her and her fiancée. So – my goal is to find the right tools that with practice will help me improve.

  30. Maggie Orr Avatar
    Maggie Orr

    More creative time!

  31. Chalanda Samec Avatar
    Chalanda Samec

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to practice my hand lettering more often. I’m a beginner with brush pens, and I’ve heard practice really does make a difference.

  32. Ingrid B Avatar
    Ingrid B

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to set aside more ‘me time’ to spend Crafting.

  33. Joanne Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to finish my Education Assistant course and get a job with exceptional students.

  34. Chrissy Archer Avatar
    Chrissy Archer

    One of my big goals is to spend more time outdoors camping and hiking!

  35. rebecca fitzgerald Avatar
    rebecca fitzgerald

    One of my goals for 2018 is to get a lot better at lettering and maybe even start a business!

  36. Kathy Jo Wood Avatar

    Amazing giveaway package! Too funny- one of my goals for 2018 is to successfully use Bullet Journaling at work. I just ordered stencils, a pack of colored pens and was looking for the perfect bullet journal. 🙂

    Thank you for hosting the eve, Kelly, and thank you, American Crafts, for the kind gifts!

  37. Lenny Tucker Avatar
    Lenny Tucker

    I hope to buy a house and have my craftroom!!!

  38. Sherri Avatar

    One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to create more to start using up my craft stash. One way I hope to achieve this is by creating cards for an organization that accepts & distributes cards to children’s hospitals. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  39. Nikki Peters Avatar
    Nikki Peters

    My biggest goal is to do the half marathon on June 2nd. I hope to finish between 2:00-2:30hrs with no injuries.

  40. Kerry A Barrasso Avatar
    Kerry A Barrasso

    To get my life back on track. 2017 was the worst year of my life !!

  41. Nora Avatar

    Try and connect and be present with family & friends. And most importantly, be kind. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

  42. Isabella Avatar

    Exercise and lose weight; Declutter my house ? and live a more minimal lifestyle. Also, would love to make new friends (the type of friendship that feels like family)!!!

  43. Melissa Avatar

    Starting back on an exercise program and eating less junk.

  44. Priscila Avatar

    One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to get fully healthy again – fit, active, balanced. It’s a tall order, but it’s necessary!

    1. Maureen Kelly Magee Avatar
      Maureen Kelly Magee

      To do something creative every day

  45. Amy Avatar

    I am reading “A Simplified Life” and so that’s my new year’s goal!

  46. Katie Davis Avatar
    Katie Davis

    To be more active with my kids. Like more park hikes, bike rides, games of tag, or even just swinging at the park.

  47. Jan Monforton Avatar
    Jan Monforton

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to get healthy and lose weight. I recently retired due to health issues. I want to enjok my retirement and my grandchildren.

  48. Teresa Cherka Avatar
    Teresa Cherka

    To get organized.

  49. Elli Avatar

    Finally learn calligraphy 😉 for real!!

  50. beverly hodges Avatar
    beverly hodges

    get my craft supplies organized and PURGE!

    1. Riki Avatar

      If you’re looking for a place for things to go, myself and other disabled crafters are always looking for items.

      My 2018 goal is to start leading workshops in the community for people with disabilities, mental health issues, etc. And to be able to teach people how to do things cheaply.

  51. Lisa Lancaster Avatar
    Lisa Lancaster

    To get healthy! Not to lose weight, but to get healthy!!

  52. Susie Burgin Avatar
    Susie Burgin

    Selling my house and moving closer to my grandkids!!

  53. Shanna Avatar

    My biggest goal of 2018 will be to pay my house off!!! The finish line is sooo close and I think we’ll be able to do it this year. Never thought owning a house was in the cards for me, life can throw you curve balls sometimes and sometimes the pitch is perfect and you knock the ball outta the park. So glad I took the swing. Merry Christmas everyone!

  54. Mary Jeane Davis Avatar
    Mary Jeane Davis

    I want to write my personal history

  55. Zuhre Avatar

    To make my school done and good and play with my newborn nephew and niece?

  56. Denise Bryant Avatar
    Denise Bryant

    Biggest goal… clean up my craft area! I am so in need of organizing things so I can find what i need when I want it!

  57. Tiffany Armstrong Avatar
    Tiffany Armstrong

    Make my kids a chore list and actually get them to do the chores!

  58. Debbie Shuping Avatar
    Debbie Shuping

    To spend more time with my family.

  59. Linda Avatar

    For 2018, one of my big goals is to cook more at home to eat healthier.

  60. Lindsay Pollard Avatar
    Lindsay Pollard

    Genuine Happiness

  61. Volta Avatar

    My big goal for 2018 is to grow my art biz and produce additional classes on skillshare!

  62. Kristina Ledesma Avatar
    Kristina Ledesma

    Biggest goal for 2018….raise my newborn right. To have patience, strength and wisdom from dear God above ??

  63. Trina Yeo Avatar
    Trina Yeo

    Every year I tell myself that I’ll be more organized and productive, but it’s never happened. Now that I’m facing the consequences of my lack of choices, I really want to be efficient in 2018, that way I can find time for my hobbies.

  64. jeannine.hurlic Avatar

    I have many big goals for 2018… My three top ones:
    1. Get back to the weight I was before my 2.5-year-old was born (I’ve already started on that one!) and keep a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.
    2. Be more positive in my thinking (I suffer from anxiety).
    3. Be more focused and productive at work. 🙂

  65. Cathy Fahie Avatar
    Cathy Fahie

    My biggest 2018 goal is to make my office/craft room my creative haven by being organized and set up to work any time.

  66. Sharon Brand Avatar
    Sharon Brand

    Declutter and re-organize my craft room, and spend some time EVERY day practicing my writing!

  67. Cheryl Schuessler Avatar
    Cheryl Schuessler

    To lose some weight. I really want to get it done in 2018.

  68. Lisa S Mills Avatar
    Lisa S Mills

    My goal for 2018 is to try to be more forgiving

  69. Phyllis Martin Avatar
    Phyllis Martin

    To get my last child through High School, off to college annnnnnd to practice my brush lettering!!

  70. Nermeen Marzouk Avatar
    Nermeen Marzouk

    Travel more and learn more about different cultures!

  71. Karla Ramos Avatar
    Karla Ramos

    My biggest goal is to get my “little shop” as ready as possible for Christmas 2018. Also, loose weight for a wedding in August. Lol

  72. Donna Carter Avatar
    Donna Carter

    Take better care of my health and try to get some more of my scrapbooks finished!!

  73. Anoushka Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to be healthier and to get fit. I’m planning to be vegan for January and do some more running.

  74. Anso Avatar

    My goal is to stress less and learn to relax…

  75. Bev Burns Avatar
    Bev Burns

    For 2018, I think reading my Bible more and making the most of the time I have with my family.

  76. Kim Avatar

    organize my house!

  77. Wendy Avatar

    My goal is to find a mother-of-the-groom dress for my son’s July wedding, and get moving so that I feel good wearing it!

  78. Sue LD Avatar
    Sue LD

    Big Goal is to finish projects I have already started.

  79. Kylie Moura Avatar
    Kylie Moura

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to make all A’s next year and to go on more vacations

  80. Rennie Dotson Avatar
    Rennie Dotson

    My main goal for 2018 is to use a planner. I try to so several Bible studies through the year and I get behind because I forget what I am doing. I’m going to use the planner for keeping me organized with them.

  81. Kim Avatar

    Organize and simplify.

  82. Cary Lombardo Avatar
    Cary Lombardo

    Get my scrapbook albums caught up to my kids current ages.

  83. Julie Avatar

    One of my biggest goals in 2018 is to simplify and prioritize!

  84. Eva Avatar


  85. Ester Farré Avatar
    Ester Farré

    My big big goal for 2018 is learning sign painting! I’m so excited!!
    So beautiful the peace journal!

  86. Vicky C Avatar
    Vicky C

    To try to allocate me time, and to spend time crafting.

  87. TANISHA Avatar

    To save money for a trip to Florida to see my family!!!

  88. Raye Avatar

    Two important goals for 2018: Write a book and learn brush lettering/calligraphy.

  89. Stacey Avatar

    Leading a Bible study in an assisted living home. I want to give back to my local community and show them love…and take my kids in to show them how to love on others and what a gift our elders can be to us!

  90. Debbie Sparks Avatar
    Debbie Sparks

    To lose weight. And to become more organized & self-disciplined.

  91. Yana Avatar

    Spend more time with the family & finish our house remodeling

  92. Connie Smith Avatar
    Connie Smith

    I’m having to downsize and need to organize so I can create. I don’t do well in chaos

  93. Winnie Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is a joint goal with hubs: to pay off his truck (18 wheeler) and trailer. It’s a stretch goal for his first year as an owner-operator, but I know we can make it happen! Also, my biggest individual goal is to build my calligraphy business so I can retire from my corporate job before age 30 (early 2019)!

  94. Shelly Avatar

    To embrace ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by M Kondo. And thanks so much for the chance to win these lovely items!

  95. Wendy Avatar

    For 2018 one of my big goals is hopefully find a place to be able to work and sell my floristic creations.

  96. Nives Avatar

    My goal for 2018 is more drawing and painting, learn hand lettering, make wall murals, start the photography course and design a calendar for my parents with family photos.

  97. Tessa Avatar

    I just heard about your great website, checked it out and thank you for inspiring me!! I finally finished my last Fine Art class will ‘graduate’ in June and my goal is to make this Art thing into a fabulous career like you have done. Must get practising!

  98. Wendy Lambert Avatar
    Wendy Lambert

    I have a few. See my family more often as they live far away. Focus on my overall health and start focusing on what I have instead of what I don’t have.

  99. Kathy Avatar

    I want to become a real crafter!

  100. Brenda Cyre Avatar
    Brenda Cyre

    To allow my inspirations and dreams to become more than just a thought.

  101. Jennifer Martinez Avatar
    Jennifer Martinez

    Finding the time and energy for all the crafts I love to do!

  102. Mitty Avatar

    One of my big goals of 2018 is to finish projects I start! I am notorious for buying supplies for all these great ideas I have, then I never do anything with them again. This is the year I want to change that!

  103. Julie Avatar

    In 2018 I will clean and organize my craft room/studio so I can FIND things when I want to create and keep it that way.

  104. Rachael Avatar

    For 2018, I want to slow down and appreciate the little things more 🙂

  105. Michele Gauthier Avatar
    Michele Gauthier

    My goal is hike Mt Washington. I hiked it before but only to the top and took the cog down. Then try hike the mountains over 4000 feet in New England. Thank you for a chance it was fun.?

  106. Sue Avatar

    The same as every year, health and getting organized. I want my house back.

  107. Katy F Avatar
    Katy F

    Spend more time for myself and more time in thought and prayer.

  108. Brittany Avatar

    To not make any resolutions I won’t follow!

  109. Cing Kiim Avatar
    Cing Kiim

    To do well in college!

  110. Melissa Mullins Avatar
    Melissa Mullins

    For 2018 I want to be able to relax and enjoy my family more. Getting better at brush lettering wouldn’t hurt either. ?

  111. Riley Avatar

    One of our big goals is to sell our house and get moved on the shore and decluttering anything we don’t use or haven’t used in the last 6 months. Trying to simplify our life some.

  112. Camila Otalora Avatar
    Camila Otalora

    my biggest goal for the coming year is to cherish the people around me: my family and friends

  113. Therese Arsenault Avatar
    Therese Arsenault

    I must be one of the few who just does not have any resolutions or goals for 2018. I’m retired, and I am just going with the flow. I could lose a few pounds, but hey…I’m otherwise healthy. So praying for my family to be happy and healthy.

  114. Marjorie DUMONTIER Avatar
    Marjorie DUMONTIER

    My biggest goal is to finish setting up my craft room. (margessw@icloud.com)

  115. Christine Avatar

    Finish the “tidying” purge. And more importantly art daily, a creative pursuit even for just five minutes is my goa for 2018.

  116. Janis sensabaugh Avatar
    Janis sensabaugh

    To loose weight and improve on lettering.

  117. Cheryl Avatar

    Conitnue to recover from auto accident and get back to work, but not to work as hard as I had before. Leave more time for my fun pursuits! 🙂

  118. Rozy Avatar

    Learn Brush lettering, get security plus cert, healing & unconditional self love 🙂

  119. Nadja Avatar

    I want to find what I am passionate about and hopefully take a new career path!

  120. Dhanashree Pereira Avatar
    Dhanashree Pereira

    My biggest goal for the year 2018 is to learn “The art of brush lettering”.

  121. Tammy F Avatar
    Tammy F

    Ooooh.. ooooh, I love this question.. I am so excited!! I’m getting married!! Can’t wait. Just have to figure out how, when and where (second for me, third for him so he was gun shy ?). Don’t know if it’ll be a holiday and come back to have a small party or go to the justice of the peace with a few people and have a nice meal. As long as I am Mrs. Baker I will be happy ❤️❤️

  122. Ava Gavloski Avatar
    Ava Gavloski

    to eat less junk food

  123. Melitta Ball Avatar
    Melitta Ball

    Kelly first I want to congratulate you on reaching one of your goals, to have your very own line of products with American Crafts! Simply amazing!! Funny you should ask…I have a combo goal….to read my entire bible chronologically in one years time (I have already started and my completion date should be December 17th 2018 and the second part of that goal is to journal about it daily!!! What a great tool to help me complete my goal! A Peace Journal is now on my Wishlist!
    Many Blessings,

  124. Brenda Hawker Avatar
    Brenda Hawker

    One of my goals for 2018 is to go camping more with my family.
    Thank you for setting up these giveaways.

  125. Amanda C Avatar
    Amanda C

    My goals for 2018: be a better wife, move up in my career, learn a new hobby, be more positive.

  126. Peg Avatar

    My husband and I just started our 18 for 2018 list and one big thing is getting a bedroom ready for a guest room, which means getting rid of many things in the process.

  127. Emily Oquist Avatar
    Emily Oquist

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to be a stronger leader.

  128. Kelsey Dorn Avatar
    Kelsey Dorn

    Take more pictures with family and friends.

  129. D. Lusk Avatar
    D. Lusk

    My biggest goal in 2018 is to grow stronger in my faith and closer to the Lord!

  130. Tiffany Steward Avatar
    Tiffany Steward

    To banish my negative thoughts!

  131. Roni Johnston Avatar
    Roni Johnston

    To appreciate all of the little things that we take for granted. ?

  132. diana Avatar

    I think my main goal is to find more time for me. There is so much lettering and crafting that I want to do and try. I need to relinquish some control and make myself happy more often.

  133. Noureen Avatar

    Want to practice more and more calligraphy,start my own calligraphy work.i really pray my kids to do good and be successful in their life.be a better person.and to do good for others ???

  134. Brenda Estes Avatar
    Brenda Estes

    To lose weight.

  135. Faith Washegesic Avatar
    Faith Washegesic

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to get organized and buckle down to start really making and selling my items. I craft a lot, but can’t make myself stay focused on it. I always have people interested in buying things but procrastinate. I want to get better at not doing that!

  136. Evelyn Avatar

    To be healthier.

  137. Luna Avatar

    Goal: Survive school, sleep more than 8 hours per day, and pass my violin exam. 🙂

  138. Katherine Avatar

    I am just learning brush lettering and I love it. I am practicing a lot so I hope for the New Years to do my on signs and art.

  139. Roz Avatar

    One of my goals in 2018 is to do more crafts. It lowers my stress!

  140. Danica Jimenez Avatar
    Danica Jimenez

    Travel with my family

  141. LindaCockle Avatar

    I plan on continuing my memoir writing and hope to write a novel.

  142. JewelzB Avatar

    My goal is to become more confident in myself. I.e., Body image, a good wife, my handlettering, staying on a budget, etc.. (I could write a list a mile long!Lol)

  143. Genevieve Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018 is to maintain my class rank and graduate valedictorian, and hopefully get accepted into Notre Dame!

  144. Debbie Avatar

    Goals for 2018 include learning and practicing brush lettering, organizing my house and cleaning out the garage.

  145. Kelly Kennedy Avatar
    Kelly Kennedy

    My health is my first priority. After that, it’s spoiling my grandson!

  146. Jamie Avatar

    I really want to work on being more present with my kids. ❤️

  147. Debbie Avatar

    Goals for 2018: learn brush lettering and making time to practice, organizing my house and cleaning out the garage

  148. Barbara Bishop Avatar
    Barbara Bishop

    Practice my lettering and use my gifts and talents for God.

  149. Brenda Walker Avatar
    Brenda Walker

    My goal for 2018 is to retire!

  150. Kate Jacobs Avatar
    Kate Jacobs

    My biggest goal is to make a huge lifestyle change regarding diet and actually stick with it!

  151. Carrie Emes Avatar
    Carrie Emes

    Happiness and capturing more moments with my family.

  152. Evi Kontaxis Avatar
    Evi Kontaxis

    My goal for 2018 is to have more free time!

  153. Teresa Avatar

    Get better at my calligraphy and become active.

  154. Cara Avatar

    Definite goal is decluttering out household, it is causing constant stress. On the calmer side…learning to do brush lettering from Kelly is my personal improvement goal!

  155. Karen Kaminski Avatar
    Karen Kaminski

    To succeed in my new job!

  156. Pauline Ong Avatar
    Pauline Ong

    I hope to be able to hv a baby this year. I lost one recently and it’s been a hard 2017.

  157. Michelle Rios Avatar
    Michelle Rios

    My biggest goal is to succeed in school, lose weight,and become more outgoing!plus I would love to win because I like being creative and am inspired to do what you do!

  158. Rebekah H Avatar
    Rebekah H

    To get a job 🙂

  159. Jan Reynolds Avatar
    Jan Reynolds

    To truly LIVE every minute of every day and to trust God with all of those minutes!

  160. Jean marmo Avatar
    Jean marmo

    To grow and have more confidence as an artist. To stop putting myself down and learning to accept compliments.

  161. Corina Thorne Avatar
    Corina Thorne

    My foremost goal for 2018 is taking care of me! Getting control of my health and making myself a priority. I’m worth it ?

  162. Natasha Avatar

    Kick my sugar habit.

  163. Jay Avatar

    To get well…or better.

  164. Ruth Avatar

    Remodeling our daughters bedroom and our hallway with bigger main entry door. We are going to start this by the end of spring. Fingers crossed lol

  165. Deidre Avatar

    Lose weight and have better sleeping habits.

  166. Trinity Tran Avatar
    Trinity Tran

    To eat healthy and get fit

  167. Riza Del Rosario Avatar
    Riza Del Rosario

    One of my big goals, is to learn the art of calligraphy! Because I like old school. I enjoy writing letters and cards to my family back home and to my future mother-in-law. I am really looking forward learning the skill amd love the art.

  168. Sol Avatar

    Moving closer to my job in downtown LA and taking
    My mom
    On vacation ?

  169. Heidi Wagner Avatar
    Heidi Wagner

    One of my goals is to enjoy my new hip! For the first time in years I can move without agony and I plan to celebrate a whole new life. Welcome 2018!

  170. Anne Avatar

    Manage my time better so I can get more things done.

  171. Elizabeth Norris Avatar
    Elizabeth Norris

    Have a baby ??
    I’m due January 19! ??

  172. Phyllis Martin Avatar
    Phyllis Martin

    Hmmmmm . . . . . practice brush lettering annnnd get my son graduated from High School.

  173. Zinia Avatar

    I always wanted to learn calligraphy but didn’t have enough time for it, now I’m learning brush lettering and I can apply the same principles to calligraphy and I’m excited.

  174. Lisa Ashburn Avatar
    Lisa Ashburn

    Purge junk and become more proficient in calligraphy.

  175. Johni komisak Avatar
    Johni komisak

    My goal for 2018 is to simplify my life. Hard purge of excess stuff that I don’t need. Spend more time to meditate, letter, help others.

  176. Mallorie Jewkes Avatar
    Mallorie Jewkes

    I’ve already started my goal on my Birthday back in September. I do plan to continue to change my living and eating habits. Making a better example for my son in the foods I eat and how I treat my body

  177. Margery C Avatar
    Margery C

    My goal is to take a watercolor class.

  178. Denise Avatar

    I would like to move or change jobs!

  179. Stephanie Kirby Avatar
    Stephanie Kirby

    Biggest goal for 2018 is to become debt free and get my credit in better shape!!

  180. Luciana Montenegro Avatar
    Luciana Montenegro

    Practice and improve my lettering. 🙂

  181. Jessica Avatar

    To continue my weight loss journey and feel more comfortable with myself day by day

  182. Dena Brumbaugh Avatar
    Dena Brumbaugh

    Weight loss and physical fitness

  183. Gale Avatar

    To start the next chapter of my life back in the states with finding a job I enjoy and can work from anywhere. And to get back into swimming which I stopped doing during this six months of decisions and transitions

  184. Krista G Avatar
    Krista G

    My goal is to make my first large album ! So excited since I have heaps of photos to use up.

  185. Francesca Spada Avatar
    Francesca Spada

    Wow! 2018 will be the year of big changes:work,home,town. Will be enough 365 days?

  186. Oanh Ball Avatar
    Oanh Ball

    It’s a tie…exercise more and declutter.

  187. Vanessa Kleemann Avatar
    Vanessa Kleemann

    For 2018 I wish that I finish my master‘s degree in social sciences. Then I continue work as a Social padagogue what I‘ve started at the beginning of Dezember. And a dream is to travel more. There are a lot things to explore. AND improve my calligraphy skills ?

  188. Daphne Avatar

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to bring back the creative side of me. She’s been put on the back burner for quite some time now due to family issues and responsibilities. I’ve missed her so much!

  189. Coleen Harman Avatar
    Coleen Harman

    Reorganize my home office so I can get my online business restarted

  190. Christine Avatar

    One of my biggest goals is to take better care of myself. Start walking every day and watching what I eat!

  191. Tabea Avatar

    Get better at lettering and sew more! ☺️

  192. Jennifer C. Avatar
    Jennifer C.

    Purge the clutter and live more simply. Make some new friends. Enjoy life more.

  193. Alice Tran Avatar
    Alice Tran

    Clear out the clutter, pay off some debts, so I can make time and space to be more creative.

  194. Sandy Ross Avatar

    I have a job interview tomorrow, so my big goal to start a new job.

  195. Cathy Dunn Avatar
    Cathy Dunn

    The bigest goal for 2018 is to continue my education!

  196. Carla Avatar

    To live simply! Use what I have, be organized be mindful and enjoy!

  197. SueSueper Avatar

    My big goal for 2018 is to continue a daily walking routine but add stretches.

  198. Renee Glendenning Avatar
    Renee Glendenning

    My biggest goal is to slow down….stop taking on more and to spend more time with my family enjoying the little things in life.

  199. dorie manuel Avatar
    dorie manuel

    2018 Goals – start doing art projects – so many to do so little time that is why this planner will keep me on track 🙂

  200. Jackie S Avatar
    Jackie S

    After a few years of letting myself go, it’s time I get back on track and get healthy again. Here’s to a great 2018

  201. Elena Avatar

    I would like to start a no waste path. I’m motivated, I hope to do it!

  202. Jasmine Kasper Avatar
    Jasmine Kasper

    Strengthening my relationship with God and finding peace with my newly diagnosed medical condition

  203. Elizabeth Prinzen Avatar
    Elizabeth Prinzen

    One of my goals in 2018 is to become better organized so I can fit in all the things I love tod do, like visiting people and crafting.

  204. Ashley Wells Avatar

    2017 was a big year full of change and a lot of “firsts” in our new home/city. It left me putting a lot of personal goals on the backburner because I was dealing with the changes. So in 2018 my overarching goal is to finally do some of those goals I was scared to do so I can feel like I’m actually moving forward 🙂

  205. Sharon Mills Avatar
    Sharon Mills

    To get my computer/hobby room clean!

  206. Nicole Buchan Avatar
    Nicole Buchan

    Become a better mom and wife and finally graduate college!!

  207. Jacqueline Avatar

    I need to eat healthier in 2018.

  208. Kristin M Avatar
    Kristin M

    Honor my body through becoming fit, acknowledging when I’m tired, eating healthy.

  209. Jesy Avatar

    To get healthier for my little boy. I want to teach him to be healthy!!

  210. Rachel Yeager Avatar
    Rachel Yeager

    Lose another 40lbs before my May wedding!!

  211. Megan Avatar

    To be less busy.

  212. Sofía Ramírez Avatar
    Sofía Ramírez

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to be a good mom! <3 I will have my first child <3

  213. Kayla Berleth Avatar
    Kayla Berleth

    My biggest goal is to complete The Whole 30 diet plan to cleanse and get rid of bad cravings.

  214. Russell Peterson Avatar
    Russell Peterson

    To take life one day at a time, make things as best as they can be.

  215. Wanda Rogers Avatar
    Wanda Rogers

    My goal in 2018 is to reunite my family.

  216. Jennifer Wright Avatar

    In 2018 I hope to start an Etsy shop for my wood burning products, and take a weekly Skillshare class to up my watercolour and blackline drawing skills. Sooo excited to now be getting paid to be creative.

  217. Beth Avatar

    My husband and I are retiring from craft fairs this year! I have purchased all the items I need to learn handlettering. I will start mid-January on the basics and practice, practice, practice!

  218. Brittney Zacher Avatar
    Brittney Zacher

    Be a better me! And move back to Vancouver British Columbia and start my own business !!!

  219. Marilyn Avatar

    Stay healthy and ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.

  220. Ginger Wagstaff Avatar
    Ginger Wagstaff

    To get healthier and to set aside time every day to practice lettering.

  221. Roni Anderson Avatar
    Roni Anderson

    To learn more lettering and practice practice practice!!!

  222. Harsha Avatar

    My biggest goal is to master the art of brush lettering?❤️
    Everytime I do Kelly’s homework her advise flashes in my mind. “No comparison.
    Keep practicing”
    Also I love doing origami. And that’s on the list too.

  223. Karen Avatar

    My big goal is to actually use my craft supplies!

  224. Carolyn Avatar

    One of my goals is to make some serious headway with scrapbooking. Back to 2008 I have pictures just sitting on the computer. I’m going to forget the reason for why I took some if I don’t get the memories down.

  225. Lindsay Pollard Avatar
    Lindsay Pollard


  226. Lucy Avatar

    Try new food recipes, practice brush lettering so I can write the next Christmas cards and have por patience.

  227. Renee DeGroat Avatar
    Renee DeGroat

    This may sound trite, but I definitely want to get healthier in 2018 to take care of myself and also to teach my children healthy habits.

  228. Cheryl Avatar

    My goals usually involve organization at home and work! I’d like to sneak out more time to practice lettering and work on my art. Always want to study my Bible more and share the good news.

  229. Jennifer Harrell Avatar
    Jennifer Harrell

    My husband and I are starting a business where he makes pallet wood home decor and I sand, stain, and write on it. Our goal is to make enough pieces to sell at a craft fair this spring.

  230. Sheri Edwards Avatar

    A big goal for me is to be more deliberate in my daily art work and practice.

  231. Kristen Norris Avatar
    Kristen Norris

    My two biggest goals are to get certified as a Medical Laboratory Technician and also start a really good foundation in training my youngest horse.

  232. Twila Young Avatar
    Twila Young

    My biggest goal is to get more organized. I recently went down to part time work which I’m loving, but I haven’t gotten into a groove yet so I feel I’m accomplishing all I want to.

  233. Kelly V. Avatar
    Kelly V.

    Eat healthier/lose weight.

  234. Rene Avatar

    To work on my creative processes!

  235. Mojca Petric Avatar
    Mojca Petric

    Learn calihrafy and lose weight.

  236. Nicole Chetana Avatar
    Nicole Chetana

    my goal on 2018 is to be healthier… and to study harder

  237. Cindy N Avatar
    Cindy N

    A huge goal for 2018 is to continue my journey towards living a minimalistic life (Brush lettering supplies not included in the minimalism – LOL).

  238. Chloe Avatar

    I hope by the end of 2018, I’ll finally be fluent in Spanish! I’ve been studying it for about 2 1/2 years now.

  239. Lisa Avatar

    Read more books and watch less TV.

  240. Michelle Lumpe Avatar
    Michelle Lumpe

    Recently picked up a bullet journal – I really want to figure out if this is a good method for me and see how my creativity/brush lettering can be improved in conjunction with my planning 🙂

  241. Lissette Landauro Avatar
    Lissette Landauro

    Start a business of my own and moving to a better apartment.

  242. Carmen Baird Avatar
    Carmen Baird

    My biggest goal for 2018 is selling my house and downsizing. The challenge in this goal is moving to a smaller living space while expanding my craft space!

  243. Lee Anne Brassell Avatar
    Lee Anne Brassell

    One goal I have for 2018 is to establish a regular Miracle Morning habit.

  244. Kim Teets Avatar
    Kim Teets

    I’m going to learn sign language! 🙂

  245. Carla Stiksma Avatar
    Carla Stiksma

    My goal is to pursue a more minimalistic lifestyle. I’ve been following others who have done it and it seems very appealing.

  246. MargieH Avatar

    The biggest goal is to do videos – I purchased most of what I need but not liking my stand so I’ll have to get that piece and then it’s practice x 3!

    Had to go back to your reveal video to find out what these products entailed. I love having both the planner and bullet together in a pretty binder. BONUS: all the accessories…so generous 🙂

  247. Ashton Cousins Avatar
    Ashton Cousins

    I just graduated with a BS in psychology and a BA in sociology…next year I plan to tackle my MA counciling degree ❤️

  248. Linda Avatar

    To drink more water

  249. Tammy Nikolas Avatar
    Tammy Nikolas

    My big goal for 2018 is to call more people versus text and email. I think we have lost the art of talking and I’d like to bring it back.

  250. Lynda Avatar

    I need to find a job fast in 2018. The local fires here caused a lot of work stress and more hours than I could give…so I lost my job. Fingers crossed for good things in the new year…

  251. Joni Avatar

    To take better care of myself

  252. shreyabag22 Avatar

    In 2018 i am going to so many places for vaccay with my mom dad?.

  253. Misty Buchanan Avatar
    Misty Buchanan

    To be calm and happy.

  254. Karin Avatar

    Main goal is to get fit and healthy and secondly continue on with calligraphy – learning Copperplate and Spencerian.

  255. Haleigh Hypes Avatar
    Haleigh Hypes

    Get healthy physically and financially!

  256. Francescia Avatar

    I have a few goals for 2018; 1. Starting a new job 2. learn more brush lettering techniques and 3. Find love 4. Never take what I have for granted

  257. Heather Avatar

    pay off my student loans!

  258. Melissa Avatar

    I have traumatic brain injury for the past 2 years, so I had to put my career on hold. My goal for 2018 is to be able to work again!

  259. Glenda Dopking Avatar
    Glenda Dopking

    I never tell my goals out loud but this year I have a big one! I have been very sick for several years but before I got sick I started to clean my craft storage room. Almost everything is spread through the basement, some packed in marked boxes. For 2018 my goal is to get my room organized so I can once again go down to stamp and scrap to my heart’s content in the back half of the basement which is my designated craft room. A monumental task since I have been collecting for over 25 years but I am determined and that is half the battle!

  260. Michelle Avatar

    My biggest goal for 2018! To get healthy and continue my journey of being my best me!

  261. Camerin Avatar

    To find myself again!

  262. Joyce Avatar

    Create – a life, a home, and all aspects that bring a sense of well being

  263. Robin Avatar

    In 2018, my goals are to continue eating healthy and work on doing yoga more. Plus work diligently on my hand lettering practice sheets. I want to see improvement.

  264. Amanda Avatar

    One of my big goals for 2018 is to finally plan my wedding/elopement. We have been engaged for a few years – it’s finally time to get the “job” done. 😉

  265. delaney Avatar

    My biggest goal this year is to declutter! New year and simpler lifestyle

  266. Imaan Avatar

    My goal is to thrive for a better me. Think positive and in general, love me for who I am.

  267. Annie Avatar

    My biggest goal is to be more intentional with those in my life. I want to make sure that those in my life know that I care for them.

  268. Cindy Avatar

    My main goal is to resume a regular walking habit.

  269. Sarah Snow Avatar
    Sarah Snow

    My big goal for 2018 is to pick a wedding date and plan my wedding to my Fiance :).

  270. Mida Avatar

    My biggest goal is to get into Medical School. Becoming a doctor has always been my dream. I would also like to spread more positivity.

  271. Jackie Smith Avatar
    Jackie Smith

    My goal is to work on my online workshops which I have quite a lot of them!

  272. Tere Avatar

    Sketching every single day, don’t give up.

  273. Melissa Ericksen Avatar
    Melissa Ericksen

    One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to get my real estate license and grow in a new career

  274. Patty Figarola Avatar
    Patty Figarola

    My goal for 2018 is to stop thinking and start doing (I’m awesome at the planning stage, but I get hung up in the details and don’t really ever start). I guess you could say I need to be more productive when it comes to personal projects (crafting, fitness, decluttering). That’s a lot – I’ll have to narrow it down. Hmmm…. finish a craft class!

  275. Jennah C Avatar
    Jennah C

    Draw more, write more, read more, and help more!

  276. Sabrina J-R Avatar
    Sabrina J-R

    One of my big goals is to get back to blogging on my own site. (I’m currently running a blog & social media for my church…but my personal stuff is gathering dust).

  277. Dans Bennett Avatar
    Dans Bennett

    Since I’ve been sick most of
    2017, my goal is to stay
    healthy and be able to work
    more on my crafts! My
    daughter is into it too now
    so that would be fantastic!
    Dans from Quebec

  278. Greta Avatar

    Fix my finances

  279. Danelle Lux Avatar
    Danelle Lux

    I want to spend more time scrapbooking especially my nieces wedding album!

  280. Julia L Avatar
    Julia L

    One of my goals is to learn to play my ukulele that I recently got!

  281. Lisa Jahncke Avatar
    Lisa Jahncke

    One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to run a half marathon. It was on my goal list for 2017 but was unable to do it due to injury so I’m going to try and do it this year.

  282. Laura Papercuts Avatar
    Laura Papercuts

    To become more spiritual. Focused on serenity within, and the health of family.

  283. Kay Fuad Avatar
    Kay Fuad

    Too late to enter I know but I thought I would like to share my 2018 aim:

    1. To better care for my health by paying attention to what I eat and also work out more.
    2. To lose the post twin pregnancy jiggles as much as I possibly could.

    Cheers to the new coming 2018! ?

  284. Anne Short Avatar
    Anne Short

    To promote our furniture business of giving old furniture new life as well as making some original hand crafted pieces.

  285. Jennifer Martinez Avatar
    Jennifer Martinez

    My main goal for this next year is to focus on the things that make me happy.

  286. Sarah Avatar

    My goal for 2018 is to move! And to brush letter better.

  287. Kathy Avatar

    I want to lose weight in 2018 and also develop better crafting skills, including lettering!

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