12 days of xmas giveaway 2017 Kelly creates

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 2

Welcome to my FIRST ever 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, sponsored by American Crafts! From December 11 until December 23, each day I will feature one of the products from my new calligraphy collection. You could win Brush pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more! To be entered to win, leave a comment answering the question of the day.

12 days of xmas giveaway 2017 Kelly creates

On the Second Day of Christmas….American Crafts gave to me…. Kelly Creates Jewel Metallic Brush Pens! These lush metallic brush pens come in 8 juicy colours and look WOW on black or white paper.

To enter to win the Jewel Metallic Brush Pens, leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite Christmas carol.





726 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 2”

  1. Sara S Avatar
    Sara S

    I like the song Sleigh Ride lots 🙂

    1. Maria Avatar

      Your a mea one, Mr. Grinch

    2. Jean Avatar

      Silent Night

    3. Lysa McCall Avatar

      OhCome All Ye Faithful!

  2. Kerry A Barrasso Avatar
    Kerry A Barrasso

    O Holy Night. Just puts me in a peaceful place.

    1. Rachael Avatar

      I like the song All I Want for Christmas is you (Mariah Carey) ? Too me it doesn’t matter what you get for Christmas, just as long as you have your family and friends with you !! ☺️✨ that’s all you should want for Christmas ? .

  3. Christine Carboneau Avatar
    Christine Carboneau

    We three kings. I’m new to hand lettering. I can’t wait to get my hands on all your new things!

  4. Suzy Theophilus Avatar
    Suzy Theophilus

    I pray on Christmas., by Harry Connick jr.
    (Actually, that entire album is great!)

  5. Vanshika Jain Avatar
    Vanshika Jain

    My favourite Christmas carol would be ‘Silent Night’. It’s a little old school, but I find it really charming and soothing.

  6. Maddie Avatar

    I’m no singer, but I LOVE hearing carolers sing Carol of the Bells!

  7. Shelley Malone Avatar
    Shelley Malone

    Love Sparke! That is why I love “Silver Bells”

  8. Kim Avatar

    That is a hard one. I love them all. Maybe….Silent Night. Jingle Bell Rock is also a close runner to first.

    Merry Christmas and thank you for the change to win some fun stuff!! Can’t wait till it is available!

  9. Peggy Avatar

    Carol of the bells

  10. Krissy Deschler Avatar
    Krissy Deschler

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Away in a Manger. Reminds me why we celebrate Christmas ?

  11. Sharon Brand Avatar
    Sharon Brand

    These metallic pens look gorgeous.
    Silent Night is my fave!

  12. Carla Avatar

    Winter Wonderland!

  13. ginny sharma Avatar
    ginny sharma

    O holy night

  14. Maggie Avatar

    O Come All ye Faithful

  15. Amra Avatar

    Jingle Bell Rock

  16. Lenny Tucker Avatar
    Lenny Tucker

    Santa Claus is coming to town is my favorite!

  17. Lulu Bennaton Avatar
    Lulu Bennaton

    O Holy Night!

  18. Emily orr Avatar
    Emily orr

    Christmas can-can by straight no chaser

  19. Kelly Avatar

    My favourite Christmas carol is ‘O Holy Night’. P.S. I can’t wait until the 26th of December when I’ll finally have time to get at your ‘Brush Lettering’ book!

  20. Christy Colflesh Avatar
    Christy Colflesh

    Mary, did you know? (specifically by Pentatonix) or The First Noel!

    1. Letty Avatar

      Noche de Paz Spanish carol

  21. Julie Strickland Avatar
    Julie Strickland

    It’s hard to choose my favorite but I really love White Christmas. Congrats Kelly-your brush pens look fantastic.

  22. Emily Avatar

    My favorite Christmas carol is carol of the bells. Every story is playing the xmas music so when it comes on you’ll just hear my family singing it loudly and poorly ??

  23. Elaine Klann Avatar
    Elaine Klann

    Ohhhh, I want and need these juicy metallic pens. Hope I win. Thanks Kelly. My favorite carol is Silent Night.

  24. Glenda Fernando Avatar
    Glenda Fernando

    Little Drummer Boy

  25. Ally Welsh Avatar
    Ally Welsh

    Deck the halls!

  26. Martinette V Horner Avatar
    Martinette V Horner

    O Holy Night is my absolute favorite. Sometimes I get weepy, especially Celine Dion’s version or Josh Groban but I love it.

  27. Lea Combs Avatar
    Lea Combs

    O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

  28. Abigail Rieber Avatar
    Abigail Rieber

    Away in a manger ?

  29. rebecca fitzgerald Avatar
    rebecca fitzgerald

    O come o come emmanuel

  30. Ashton Radley Avatar
    Ashton Radley

    Carol of the Bells has always been my favorite! Although this year maybe the “Christmas Can Can” might be more appropriate, haha! I am just beginning to work on my lettering and it is crazy how relaxing it can be! Thank you so much for thinking of us and doing this generous giveaway during the holidays! Merry Christmas!

  31. Erika Avatar

    Is “Baby it’s cold outside”a carol? ? if not Jingle bells ?

  32. Denise Bryant Avatar
    Denise Bryant

    Love those metallic brush pens! They look awesome!
    O Holy Night is my favorite!

  33. Stefanie Gardner Avatar
    Stefanie Gardner

    Specifically it’s Bing Crosby’s White Christmas 🙂

  34. Sharon Emslie Avatar
    Sharon Emslie

    O Holy Night… many memories of my childhood..

  35. Evelyn Avatar

    My favorite of all time is O Holy Night!

  36. Deb Avatar

    Silent Night

  37. Anso Avatar

    I don’t have one 🙂

  38. Nora Avatar

    Oh Holy Night

  39. Jodi Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Carol is ” Mary Did u know”.
    Thanks for the chance to win. And thanks for all u do. Can’t wait to learn!!

  40. Jennifer Reynard Avatar
    Jennifer Reynard

    First of all, I want to say that Kelly Klapstein is unbelievably talented with her beautiful handwriting and caligraphy skills.. and so happy for her that she is being recognized by the Crafting community! It is hard to pick just one Christmas Carol, as there are so many beautiful ones, but I guess I would pick Silent Night! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  41. Jan Monforton Avatar
    Jan Monforton

    Congrats on your first Christmas giveaway!! I love Christmas carols but my favourite is White Christmas.

  42. Katie Davis Avatar
    Katie Davis

    Away in the Manger is my favorite but I will always love singing the Batman Jingle Bells song with my son.

  43. Janice Adams Avatar
    Janice Adams

    Joy To The world

  44. Dhanashree Pereira Avatar
    Dhanashree Pereira

    My favourite Christmas carol is
    ” Feliz navidad
    Prospero año y felicidad”

  45. Elena Avatar

    I’m from italy and here there are a lot of beautiful Christmas carol but my favourite is “Tu scendi dalle stelle”. I sing this song every day in December!

  46. Roxanne Robertson Avatar
    Roxanne Robertson

    My favorite Christmas carol is White Christmas!?

  47. Sarah Ellis Avatar
    Sarah Ellis

    My favorite Christmas carol is O Come Emmanuel, because the tune and words give me chills 🙂

  48. Kim Avatar

    Silent night.

  49. Teresa Cherka Avatar
    Teresa Cherka

    Silent Night

  50. Ana Avatar

    Carol of the Bells!

  51. Melissa Avatar

    My fave is SIlent Night!

  52. Lisa Stevens Avatar
    Lisa Stevens

    My favorite Christmas Carol is SILENT NIGHT!

  53. Winnie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Carol is the Temptations version of Silent Night!! Closely followed by my guilty pleasure – the *NSYNC version of O Holy Night lol.

  54. Juhee Choi Avatar
    Juhee Choi

    My favorite Christmas carol is silent night!

  55. Sheri Edwards Avatar

    My favorite Christmas carol is Jingle Bell Rock!

  56. Jeannine Hurlic Avatar
    Jeannine Hurlic

    I love the english version of “O Tannenbaum”

  57. Sharon Lee Avatar
    Sharon Lee

    My favourite Carol is Away in a manger
    Love the fact my children can sing it too as they know all the words!

  58. Mary Tripp Hobby Avatar
    Mary Tripp Hobby

    “Joy to the World” is my favorite Christmas Carol!

  59. Volta Avatar

    It’s a Romanian carol, called Plugușorul, which translates into “little plough”. 🙂

  60. Brittany Avatar

    Carol of the bells

  61. nicole Avatar

    white christmas

  62. Wendy Avatar

    It’s not the Christmas season for me until I hear LeRoy Anderson’s “Sleigh Ride,” complete with the crack of the whip! My favorite carol is “Carol of the Bells.”

  63. Pam Sohan Avatar
    Pam Sohan

    O Holy Night for a religious Christmas song and It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Andy Williams.

  64. Sherri Avatar

    I have several favourite Christmas Carol is “Oh Holy Night” by Celine Dion. A very close second is “Silent Night” by Bing Crosby. I cannot wait to try out these Metallic Markers. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  65. Tracy Avatar

    What Child is This

  66. Petra V. Avatar
    Petra V.

    Oh, it is Silent Night. It is so peaceful! 🙂

  67. julia wilkinson Avatar
    julia wilkinson

    Silent night!

  68. Abigail Avatar

    My favorite Christmas carol is O Christmas Tree

  69. Debra English Avatar
    Debra English

    “We Three Kings of Orient Are” has always been a favorite carol of mine. I remember as a child how I used to sing it over and over. Congratulations on your new line of brush pens, etc.

  70. Debbie Shuping Avatar
    Debbie Shuping

    Silent Night

  71. djolly12 Avatar

    Mary did you know?

  72. Mayra Avatar

    As a Spanish teacher, I would say that my favorite Christmas carol would be “Mi burrito sabanero” also known as “el burrito de Belen”.

  73. Larissa W Avatar
    Larissa W

    Jingle bells

  74. Mark Avatar

    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

  75. Renee Vajdl Avatar
    Renee Vajdl

    Silent Night or Rockin Round the Christmas tree…. Depending on the mood I’m in. LOL

  76. Rebecca lavoie Avatar
    Rebecca lavoie

    I love Carol of the Bells. I just love that melody!

    1. Lauren Lange Avatar
      Lauren Lange

      Me too!!

  77. Ali Moody Avatar
    Ali Moody

    I love Little Drummer Boy! Either by Josh Groban or Pentatonix!

  78. Lisa Jacobsen Avatar
    Lisa Jacobsen

    Sleigh Ride – the Boston Pops version – it’s the perfect version of this song. My dad was a violinist and played with the Pops. It brings a smile to my face every time I hear it remembering him.

  79. Nikla Avatar

    Christmas Canon by Trans Siberian Orchestra

  80. Janet Avatar

    Lo, How a Rose

  81. Wendy Avatar

    Driving home for Christmas – Chris Rea…… beautiful!

  82. René Fréchette Avatar
    René Fréchette

    I love Silent Night…brings back memories of my junior school Christmas concert!

  83. Rachel Chan Avatar
    Rachel Chan

    My favourite carol is Jingle Bells!

  84. Jayme Avatar

    Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” 🙂

  85. Lindsay Pollard Avatar
    Lindsay Pollard

    Silent night

  86. Amanda McCarthy Avatar
    Amanda McCarthy

    I love O Holy Night sung by Josh Groban. It is so beautiful!

  87. Melissa Diehl Avatar
    Melissa Diehl

    Joy to the World

  88. Isabella Avatar

    O Holy Night. It’s my dads favourite so I grew up hearing every version ever made. It always brings back great Christmas memories 🙂

  89. Vijitha Valsalan Avatar
    Vijitha Valsalan

    Silent Night!

  90. Cindy Standifer Avatar
    Cindy Standifer

    White Christmas

  91. Maja Ferle Avatar
    Maja Ferle

    Drummer boy!

  92. Logan Avatar

    I love “Oh Holy Night.” It’s so beautiful and the line “in his name, all oppression shall cease” is my constant prayer and an impetus for how I try to live life.

  93. Jana Munsterova Avatar
    Jana Munsterova

    Já mám nejraději Tichou noc. / I love Silent night.

  94. Cyndi Snyder Avatar
    Cyndi Snyder

    O Holy Night is my favorite classic but I’m really enjoying Hallelujah by Pentatonix this season.

  95. Mary Jeane Davis Avatar
    Mary Jeane Davis

    While Shepherds Watched their Flocks

  96. Karen Kaminski Avatar
    Karen Kaminski

    Oh Holy Night and Mary Did You Know?

  97. Stacy Henry Avatar
    Stacy Henry

    Christmas Wrapping

  98. Carrie Emes Avatar
    Carrie Emes

    Jingle Bells!

  99. Aisle Avatar

    We used to sing this with cousins when we do the carolling at night, Joy to the world. It’s like when you sing this to every home its a reminder that there is always hope.

  100. Jamie Avatar

    My favorite is o Holy Night!

  101. Jessica w Avatar
    Jessica w

    “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” sung by Billie Holiday =]

  102. Riley Avatar

    Michael Bublé – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. I love this song so very much. I get weepy sometimes on this song. Thank you so very much for this opportunity. This is so wonderful of you to do.

  103. Meaghan Avatar

    Jingle Bells

  104. Haleigh Hypes Avatar
    Haleigh Hypes

    Oh Holy Night – so pretty!

  105. Shannon Avatar

    Little Drummer Boy is my all time favorite! It’s my dad’s favorite too.
    I also love I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns. 🙂

  106. Danita Willhite Avatar
    Danita Willhite

    O Holy Night has always been my favorite.

  107. Kelly Thom Avatar
    Kelly Thom

    O Holy Night

  108. Laura Marfleet Avatar
    Laura Marfleet

    Currently: In the Bleak Midwinter

  109. Cheryl Wacks Avatar

    My favorite Christmas song “White Christmas” !!!

  110. Eva Avatar

    Joy to the World!! ♥

  111. Mallorie Jewkes Avatar
    Mallorie Jewkes

    My favorite Christmas carol is a unique one, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

  112. Coleen Harman Avatar
    Coleen Harman

    White Christmas

  113. Natasha Avatar

    Carol of the Bells

  114. Oanh Ball Avatar
    Oanh Ball

    O Holy Night

  115. Amalie Holt Kleive Avatar
    Amalie Holt Kleive

    I really like “The Christmas Song”… And I would love to try these metallic brush-pens! Merry Christmas from Norway.

  116. Deniz Avatar

    Heilige Nacht (silent night in german) and not a carol but Christmas Song by the Chipmunks ?

  117. Debbie Sparks Avatar
    Debbie Sparks

    I love so many, but one of my favorites is ‘Mary Did You Know’. Pentagonix does a beautiful job singing this song.

  118. Faith Avatar

    I’ve always liked The Drummer Boy song. Think I just like the “ba rump bum bum bum” part.

  119. Ali OzNut Avatar

    Feels Like Christmas from the Muppets Christmas Carol!

  120. Joe Avatar

    Little drummer boy

  121. Kelly Avatar

    Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

  122. Amy Jankauskas Avatar
    Amy Jankauskas

    Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M.. love this Song

  123. Charlene Avatar

    Silent Night!

  124. Lisa Avatar

    O Holy Night

  125. SOndra Avatar

    White Christmas- Bing Crosby

  126. Monica A Avatar
    Monica A

    Jingle Bells! Always a classic and my niece loves singing it with me, too!

  127. Elizabeth Norris Avatar
    Elizabeth Norris

    Hark, The Herald Angels Sing

  128. Kristin M Avatar
    Kristin M

    Hallauluhah and Mary Did You Know?

  129. Savannah Hickman Avatar
    Savannah Hickman

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Mary Did You Know.

  130. Donna FitzGerald Avatar
    Donna FitzGerald

    O, Holy Night ⭐️✨?

  131. Millie Avatar

    Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

  132. Schmutz Doris Avatar
    Schmutz Doris

    I’m singing in a Gospelchoir in my Hometown and i love singing the song carol of the bells.

  133. Alina .D Avatar
    Alina .D

    All I want for Christmas!

  134. Corine Avatar

    I love jingle bell rock and Flappie , a Dutch christmassong?

  135. jessica Avatar

    sleigh ride–does that count as a christmas carol? haha

  136. Ashlie Avatar

    My favorite carol is Carol of the Bells!! Loved singing this in my high school choir and with friends.

  137. christina Avatar

    santa claus is coming to town is my fave

  138. Natasja Avatar

    Driving home for Christmas is my favorite Christmas song. Just so calming and makes me think of family and “hygge” as we say in Danish.

  139. Marissa Avatar

    Jingle Bell Rock! ?

  140. Maureen Avatar

    My favorite is Have Ypurself a Merry Little Christmas

  141. Jennifer rife Avatar
    Jennifer rife

    I love oh holy night

  142. Jessica Trevino Avatar
    Jessica Trevino

    Away in a Manger

  143. Riza Del Rosario Avatar
    Riza Del Rosario

    Carol of the Bells.

  144. Louise C Avatar
    Louise C

    Ohhhh shiny ? My favourite is pa ra pa pa pam Little drummer boy.

  145. Stephanie Avatar

    Silent night it i learned it in elementary school and had to sing it in the school christmas concert and ever since then it has been my favourite!

  146. Jan Reynolds Avatar
    Jan Reynolds

    It has to be: ?Mary Did You Know ?

  147. Jennifer Greene Avatar

    I know it’s a weird Christmas song but I love I want to hippopotamus for Christmas

  148. Karin Avatar

    I’m dreaming of a white Christmas from Bing Crosby
    Can’t remember when we had a white Christmas where i live 🙁 Every year i hope we get one 🙂

  149. Joyce Avatar

    A White Christmas ? it reminds me of my family.

  150. Jill Avatar

    Santa Clause is coming to town by Bruce Springsteen 🙂

  151. Samantha Avatar

    My favorite is “Mary, did you know?”

  152. Jacqueline Avatar

    O Come All Ye Faithful.

  153. Kelly Schelske Avatar

    Oh gosh, such a hard choice! I love White Is In The Winter Night by Enya

  154. Renee Glendenning Avatar
    Renee Glendenning

    Jingle Bells is my favorite but I love singing all of the kiddos favorites in the car on the way to school each morning.

  155. Tiffany Huang Avatar
    Tiffany Huang

    Silent Night

  156. Lisa Avatar

    That’s Christmas to Me by
    Pentatonix! Such a beautiful song about family!

  157. Francesca Spada Avatar
    Francesca Spada

    I love a lot of Christmas carols… in Italy,there is a song named “Tu scendi dalle stelle”,sweet and tender ❤

  158. Janet Avatar

    Carol of the Bells

  159. dana Avatar

    While it may not be the traditional Christmas carol, but I love Harry Connick Jr’s Frosty the Snowman!! Love the big band sound with a little Louisiana flavor to it!

  160. Elise Avatar

    My favorite song is Let It Snow by Boyz to Men. I know that’s not a Christmas Carol. Ummm, let’s see 12 Days of Christmas is my favorite.

  161. Teresa Martinez Avatar
    Teresa Martinez


  162. Jan Höefler Avatar
    Jan Höefler

    Angels we have heard on high.

    Such a lovely song!

    And a lyric I would love to write with the metallic markers too!

  163. Yvonne S Avatar
    Yvonne S

    I love O, Holy Night!

  164. Isabelle Avatar

    The classic White Christmas by Bing Crosby 🙂

  165. Charlene Avatar

    Deck the halls with bells of holly, fa la la la laaaaaa la laa laa laaaaaaa

  166. Sarah Avatar

    Mary Did You Know

  167. Kimberley Machamer Avatar
    Kimberley Machamer

    I adore ALL Christmas songs… I sing them all year round much to the dislike of co-workers hahahah I think Oh Holy Night would have to be one of my all time favorites though

  168. valerie theberge Avatar
    valerie theberge

    I like Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Thanks 🙂

  169. Jamie larkin Avatar
    Jamie larkin

    Love singing “Oh come all ye faithful”.. or anything off the Carpenters Christmas album ?

  170. Mary Meijers Avatar
    Mary Meijers

    Lovely metallic pens? favorite Christmas song….Silent night, deffinately

  171. Monika Avatar

    Mary did you know? and Polish Christmas carol : “Nie było miejsca dla Ciebie”

  172. Heather Avatar

    Usually I would say Rudolph the red nose reindeer, but this year my two-year-old son sings jingle bells and runs around screaming jingle bells jingle bells and it makes me love it that much more! ???

  173. cheyenne gosnelll Avatar

    i love we wish you a merry christmas. it’s so festive and my family sings it every year while eating at my grandparents house. we do it for my great grandfather it was his favorite song but the last time he sang it with us was november 2014

  174. Tina Avatar

    Carol of the bells is my favourite! And I love those metallic pens! So gorgeous.

  175. Tasha Avatar

    Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song

  176. Heather Doyle Avatar
    Heather Doyle

    O Little Town of Bethlehem…..love this one! I imagine how still and serene it was travelling into the town town.

  177. Gwendolyn Jordan Avatar
    Gwendolyn Jordan

    Oh, Holy Night

  178. Fran Graham Avatar
    Fran Graham

    I have a tie! Carol of the Bells and Little Drummer Boy. I just love, love them both! My daughter loves Away In a Manger and my little man loves Jingle Bells.

  179. Jasmine Garcia Avatar
    Jasmine Garcia

    Carol of the Bells is my favorite! I have great memories of singing it with the Disney Choir, it’s such a challenging song, but so fun! Brings back memories every time I hear it ❤?

  180. Fabiola Villalobos Avatar
    Fabiola Villalobos

    ‘The Christmas Song’ ❤️

  181. Heather Avatar

    I love Carol of the Bells as long as someone else is singing it. ?

  182. Sinead Collins Avatar
    Sinead Collins

    Would have to be hallelujah by cat Stevens. Love that song!

  183. Therese Arsenault Avatar
    Therese Arsenault

    Any Traditional Christmas carols, so long as they are sung by Michael Bubblé.

    These metallic brush pens look so glamorous. I have to get me a set of these.

  184. jean marmo Avatar

    Not sure if it is a carol but I love Its a MArshmallow World in the winter by Fransceca Battistelli!

  185. RandiS Avatar

    I like many, but one that brings
    a smile to my face is Hark the Herald Angel Sings. Many years ago my cousin thought it was Honk the Herald . . .

  186. Ann Avatar

    One of my favorites is “Mary Did you Know”, but the kid’s Christmas program songs are the ones stuck in my head right now!

  187. Lisa B Avatar
    Lisa B

    Do they know it’s Chriatmastime at all

  188. Kate Jacobs Avatar
    Kate Jacobs

    My son loves Santa Claus is Coming to Town, which makes me love it more.

  189. Silvia de Guerrero Avatar
    Silvia de Guerrero

    My favorite Christmas carol is Jingle Bell Rock. It puts me in a great mood, definitely the best way to get my Christmas shopping vibes up.

  190. Vanessa Olmedo Avatar
    Vanessa Olmedo

    Baby, it’s cold outside.

    Frank Sinatra version. ?

  191. Sarah Snow Avatar
    Sarah Snow

    My favourite carol is …. gosh this is a hard one! Cause I love so many equally for all different reasons!! I think I’d have to go with “Winter Wonderland” if I had to choose! Cause it captures the essence of the season!

  192. Marianells Villanueva Avatar
    Marianells Villanueva

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Silent Night. It just really gets into my heart of what Christmas is all about.

  193. Lau Delfin Avatar
    Lau Delfin

    My favorite Christmas carol is in spanish:
    Pero mira como beben los peces en el río, pero mira como beben por ver a Dios nacer…
    if you want to hear it this is the link:

  194. Cara Avatar

    Honestly really have always liked Mele Kalikimaka…it IS Hawaii’s way to say a Merry Christmas to you! ??❤️?

  195. Gail Colvin Avatar

    Do You Hear What I Hear. Such a story, and it brings back sweet childhood memories.

  196. Heather Avatar

    It’s a tie between O Holy Night and Carol of the Bells! They’re both so beautiful!

  197. Karla Ramos Avatar
    Karla Ramos

    Does “your a mean one Mr. Grinch” count? Lol my family loves that movie and is always singing the song! If not then “holly jolly christmas”

  198. Eileen Myers Avatar
    Eileen Myers

    “The Peace Carol,” sung by John Denver on his album, “A Christmas Together” with the Muppets. <3

  199. Natalie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas song of all time is carol of the bells! It’s such a classic!

  200. Sue Avatar

    I love singing Joy to the World. I’m not a very good singer, so it’s best that you stand a few rows away.

  201. Marissa Jimenez Avatar
    Marissa Jimenez

    Adeste fideles (o come, all ye faithful).

    I’m on vacation, but can’t wait to come back to buy all your stuff!!!!!

  202. Andrea B Avatar
    Andrea B

    Night of Silence. The words are so beautiful – I tear up every time I hear it!

  203. Kayla Berleth Avatar
    Kayla Berleth

    My children ages 5,3 and 2 just recently sang Away in a Manger in the Christmas Play at church, so that is niw my new favorite carol!

  204. Penny Jones Avatar
    Penny Jones

    Angels We’ve Heard On High

  205. Barbara Avatar

    Oh holy night!

  206. Emily Oquist Avatar
    Emily Oquist

    My favorite Carol is “Mary, did you know?”.

  207. Elizabeth Avatar

    The 12 pains of Christmas

  208. Julie Avatar

    O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas Carol. I love your products!

  209. Jay Avatar

    Silent Night… I love it

  210. Amy Avatar

    Mary, Did you Know? Sung by Pentatonix!

  211. Sammantha Avatar

    My favorite is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. It reminds me of family. Plus when it is sung by a chorus it sounds beautiful!

  212. Sharon Mills Avatar
    Sharon Mills

    “Do you hear what I hear?”

  213. Rachel Avatar

    I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevey…I blame coworkers for that obsession!

  214. Marissa Avatar

    The NSYNC Christmas album!!!

  215. Grace Mariani Avatar
    Grace Mariani

    Rocking Around The Christmas Tree! By Brenda Lee
    Just puts you in a happy mood and brings back all the happy Christmas memories!

  216. BrindaCoble Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Carol is “o holy night”

  217. Diana Avatar

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Frank Sinatra <3

  218. Chelsea Avatar

    Josh Grobans Little Drummer Boy. I get goose bumps every time.

  219. Melissa Avatar

    Jingle bells!!!

  220. Jennah C Avatar
    Jennah C

    Sleigh Ride, O Holy Night, O Christmas Tree (just the piano versions), Auld Lang Syne (again, piano versions)…
    I could go on, but those are my top ones! ?????????

  221. Jessica Sarabia Avatar
    Jessica Sarabia

    Silent night has always been my all time favorite! I love listening to that carol all year round, it reminds you of the magical night that Jesus was born !

  222. Ruth Avatar

    I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock

  223. Andreja Avatar

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

  224. Claire Avatar

    I love Once in Royal David’s City 🙂

  225. Christina Avatar

    My favorite Christmas Carol is O Christmas Tree.

  226. Lisa Avatar

    Simple Jingle Bells.. Hihihi

  227. Emily Winmill Avatar
    Emily Winmill

    Jingle Bell Rock, or Mary Did You Know.

  228. April W Avatar
    April W

    Oh Holy Night. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!
    – April W

  229. Megan Avatar

    O Holy Night

  230. Hailey Robinson Avatar
    Hailey Robinson

    Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites!


  231. Toni Smith Avatar
    Toni Smith

    O Holy Night is my favorite hymn – it is the true spirit of Christmas!

  232. Andrea Remmenga Avatar
    Andrea Remmenga

    Silent Night!

  233. Rachel Avatar

    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love. I was singing this last night!

  234. Deidre Avatar

    That’s hard! Toss up between Silent Night, O Come All Ye Faithful and O Holy Night.

  235. Vicki Jones Avatar
    Vicki Jones

    LOVE Mary Did you know!!!

  236. Lauren Lange Avatar
    Lauren Lange

    Carole of the Bells is my favorite Christmas song. I love all the harmonies.

  237. Margaret Avatar

    I love the Silver Bells ? bc my mom would sing that to us when we were younger!

  238. Corina Thorne Avatar
    Corina Thorne

    It’s not a carol but It’s not Christmas for me until I hear Snoopy’s Christmas!!

  239. Jennifer Gow Avatar
    Jennifer Gow

    Anything Mannheim Steamroller. It’s so majestic!

  240. Marisol Torres Avatar
    Marisol Torres

    Oh Christmas tree

  241. Shirleen Wescott Avatar
    Shirleen Wescott

    Oh holy night!

  242. Michelle Avatar

    Not sure why…but I find myself humming Silent Night often! I guess it is the idea of a night of peace and celebration! ?

  243. Tammy F Avatar
    Tammy F

    My favorite carol is O Holy Night, the stars are … you know it and now you’re singing it too ?. I love all traditional singers (Bing, Elvis), the Chipmunks, Burl Ives) not much into the newer singers changing the carols all up—gets on my nerves. I’m so excited to see your new range at Michael’s!! Congratulations and thank you so much for all you do. You’re my favorite ??

  244. Katherine Chess Avatar
    Katherine Chess

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Little Drummer Boy 🙂

  245. Jacqueline Avatar

    I don’t know it is an official carol, BUT my newest favorite is 12 Days of Christmas by Straight No Chaser. It is awesome!

  246. Ramona Ghan Avatar

    Tom Petty’s Christmas All Over Again

  247. Eva Avatar

    All I want for Christmas- Mariah Carey and the old Whaaam

  248. Randee Avatar

    I’ll be ? home for Christmas ?.
    It’s only in my dreams these days, but have many precious memories of home and family for the holidays.

  249. Constance Hildebrand Avatar
    Constance Hildebrand

    Christmas Song…”Chestniuts roasting by an open…..” is my favorite…or one of them. Anxious to see all your new things! merry Christmas!

  250. Lisa Ashburn Avatar
    Lisa Ashburn

    O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

  251. Melanie Corsentino Avatar
    Melanie Corsentino

    Do you hear what I hear by Carrie Underwood

  252. Alli Avatar

    Carol of the bells ?

  253. Heike Hommann Avatar
    Heike Hommann

    Two very different Songs:
    Let it snow by Frank Sinatra and Driving home for christmas by Chris Rea

  254. Lisa Lancaster Avatar
    Lisa Lancaster

    Carol of The Bells!

  255. Brandi Avatar

    O holy night

  256. Traci Howard Avatar
    Traci Howard

    My favorite Christmas carol is Angels We Have Heard on High by Avalon.

  257. Jesy Avatar

    I LOVE “Where are you Christmas” sung by Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch!

  258. Sam Moorhead Avatar
    Sam Moorhead

    I’ve sung Carol of the Bells in a choir so many times, but I love the choral arrangement of it so much, I just can’t get over it ❤️?

  259. Melanie Lowery Avatar
    Melanie Lowery

    Most favourite is Jingle Bells by Michael Buble
    It gets you in a dancing best whilst preparing cooking and wrapping.

  260. Brittney Zacher Avatar
    Brittney Zacher

    Rudolph!!! Use to be embarrassed singing this song in public as I have a speech impediment and my R’s would sound like W !
    NOW I sing the song at the top of my lungs without a care in the world!

  261. Ricarda Sodermanns Avatar
    Ricarda Sodermanns

    I love Driving home for Christmas.

  262. Megan F Avatar
    Megan F

    I really enjoy Jingle Bells ?

  263. Robin Graham Avatar
    Robin Graham

    O Holy Night.

  264. Ivette García Avatar
    Ivette García

    My favorite is “white christmas” ?

  265. Gladys Richardson Avatar
    Gladys Richardson

    Mary,Did You Know? and Do you hear what I hear?

  266. Melissa Mullins Avatar
    Melissa Mullins

    Silent Night

  267. Amber-Jo Avatar

    O’ Holy Night. Absolutely love this this Christmas carol. ?

  268. Yuliana Avatar

    I WOUld have to go with O Holy Night

  269. Laurel Avatar

    Love sooo many Christmas carols and songs but my favorite to sing along to would be the Carpenter’s “Merry Christmas, Darling”.

  270. Lisa Taormina Avatar
    Lisa Taormina

    Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel!

  271. Lissette Landauro Avatar
    Lissette Landauro

    Silent night for the traditionals and Blue Christmas by Elvis for the modern chistmas songs.

  272. Sarah Peters Avatar
    Sarah Peters

    I like “Hark! The Herald Ángels Sing”

  273. Christine Henley Avatar
    Christine Henley

    Oh Holy Night! And about a million more!!

  274. Kim Gowdy Avatar
    Kim Gowdy

    I’m a “GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS” kind of gal!

  275. Harleigh Oxendine Avatar
    Harleigh Oxendine

    My favorite Christmas Carol is Carol of the Bells. I loveeeddd singing it in my high school choir.

  276. Meagan Avatar

    “Mary did you know” is my favourite

  277. Melissa S Avatar
    Melissa S

    Little Drummer Boy.

  278. Evi Kontaxis Avatar
    Evi Kontaxis

    My favorite Christmas Carol is SILENT NIGHT!

  279. Michelle L Avatar
    Michelle L

    The First Noel

  280. Michelle Lumpe Avatar
    Michelle Lumpe

    Hard to pick between silent night and o holy night!!

  281. Roz McGovern Avatar
    Roz McGovern

    My favorite Christmas carol is “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.

  282. Ingrid van Nispen-Lim Avatar
    Ingrid van Nispen-Lim

    To be honest I like to ding all carols in church at Christmas eve with a big choir. After that…Christmas had begun ?

  283. Tiffany Mushegan Avatar
    Tiffany Mushegan

    My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night.

  284. Sue LD Avatar
    Sue LD

    My favorite Christmas carol is Joy to the World.

  285. Cindy N Avatar
    Cindy N

    Hard to pick just one … traditional favorite is Do You Hear What I Hear. Modern favorite is All I Wantnfor Christmas is You

  286. Gemma Avatar

    Little Donkey! Reminds me of singing it at school with coconuts! Ha ha Plus I work in a nursery and love to hear the children still sing it now! ?

  287. Grace Avatar

    My favorite Christmas carol is Away in a Manger. I always sang it solo t for church. 🙂

  288. Elizabeth Avatar

    I guess it’s not really a “carol” but I love Linus and Lucy.

  289. Lisa Avatar

    O Come All Ye Faithful – the choir always sang that as we walked into the Christmas Eve service.

  290. Renee Avatar

    Johnny Mathis singing Winter Wonderland is my fave

  291. Amy Avatar

    O Holy Night

  292. Ashley Avatar

    Santa Baby sung by Eartha Kitt is my favorite Christmas carol.

    Your line of products is beautiful.

  293. Liz Avatar

    Frosty the snowman

  294. Cheryl T Avatar
    Cheryl T

    Silent Night sung by Mahlia Jackson was always a favourite in our home when I was a child. It still beings back the feeling of Christmas and I moved away from home 45 years ago ?❤️

    1. Cheryl T Avatar
      Cheryl T

      Should have said Mahalia Jackson

  295. Carolyn Avatar

    Traditional? Silent Night
    Modern? Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant.

  296. Linda Avatar

    Angels we have heard on high

  297. Tina Kreditor Avatar
    Tina Kreditor

    Silent Night

  298. Daphne Avatar

    I have so many favorite Christmas carols! I particularly like the Pentatonix version of “Up on the Housetop”.

  299. Mary Avatar

    Silent night!

  300. Sue Avatar

    I will have to go with “Silver Bells”. My father and I used to play it together on the organ back in the day 🙂 There is always White Christmas too. 🙂

  301. Patti Avatar

    There is something about O Holy Night that gets into my heart and soul and I end up in a puddle of tears…every.time. Merry Christmas Kelly!

  302. Janel Avatar

    Silent Night

  303. Sarah Kong Avatar
    Sarah Kong

    I love “Let it Snow.”

  304. Josie Avatar

    Traditional favorite – Good King Wenceslas
    Modern fave – Last Christmas by Wham! Love to sing my heart out to that with my dad and sister!

  305. Christina Avatar

    My favorite has always been “Silent Night” I sing it all year long. Always sang it and still do to my kids to help them sleep at nights or calm them. They are going on 9 and 7 and still want my to sing it to them. And I by no means have a pretty voice, but they love it❤️

  306. Kathy Avatar

    I love the song “Mary did you know”…I can still close my eyes and hear my Mom singing along! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

  307. Sabine Pinkaeo Avatar
    Sabine Pinkaeo

    Winter wonderland ♥️

  308. Paulette Sanders Avatar
    Paulette Sanders

    Mary Did You Know

  309. Carrie Avatar

    ??Joy to the world
    The Lord has come
    Let earth receive her King
    Let every heart prepare Him room
    And heaven and nature sing
    And heaven and nature sing
    And heaven and heaven and nature sing?

  310. BRENDA Walker Avatar
    BRENDA Walker

    While not really a xmas carol , Jingle Bell Rocks always make me think of the fun times xmas can bring .

  311. Gina Purdy Avatar
    Gina Purdy

    My favorite Christmas carol is Little drummer boy.

  312. Mary Fellows Avatar
    Mary Fellows

    Mary Did You Know and The Little Drummer Boy!
    Your pens look gorgeous!

  313. Stacie Weaver Avatar
    Stacie Weaver

    My favorite is “Do You Hear What I Hear” my Pap used to sing it every Christmas!

  314. Sol Avatar

    I’ll Be Home for Christmas… I bawl like a baby lol

  315. Raffaela Avatar

    Michael Buble with his whole christmas album ?

  316. Uta Avatar

    I like Little Drummer Boy a lot

  317. Suzanne Hovey Avatar
    Suzanne Hovey

    Angels We Have Heard On High…gets me every time

  318. Jessie Frick Avatar
    Jessie Frick

    My husband and I have been singing White Christmas by The Drifters for the past week!

  319. Lythan Nevard Avatar
    Lythan Nevard

    My favourite carol is Joy to the World. But I also like Hark the Herald Angels Sing so I can do the descant ?

  320. Maren Erk Avatar
    Maren Erk

    O holy night sang by the Celtics women

  321. Rachel Bothner Avatar
    Rachel Bothner

    My kids are obsessed with Jingle Bells right now and they are 1 and 3 so it’s quickly becoming the favorite at the moment!

  322. Camina Avatar

    My favorite is Oh Holy Night ❤️

  323. Katie Avatar

    Carol of the Bells!

  324. Melissa Avatar

    O Holy Night is my favourite.

  325. Ginger Wagstaff Avatar
    Ginger Wagstaff

    My favorite Christmas Carol has to be, Oh little town of Bethlehem because it helps me remember the true meaning of Christmas.

  326. Jennifer Wright Avatar

    I am spiritual but not religious, but “”O Holy Night” brings tears to my eyes and gives me chills. Especially when Kelly Clarkson sings it!

  327. Sarah Avatar

    Oh holy night

  328. Barbara Bishop Avatar
    Barbara Bishop

    The Christmas song by Nat King Cole! Love your new supplies that you designed. I hope I am blessed to win something!

  329. Sharon Shergold Avatar
    Sharon Shergold

    Little Drummer Boy by David Bowie & Bing Crosby

  330. Rachel Kriss-Newell Avatar
    Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Well it has to be the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’. It’s fun for everyone as we all get muddled up remembering the order. We end up laughing so much the song just plays in the background amid lots of raucous tears.

  331. Dara Gallipoli Avatar
    Dara Gallipoli

    Jingle Bell Rock ?

  332. Jackie S Avatar
    Jackie S

    Mary did you know is my all time favorite carol

  333. Trinity Tran Avatar
    Trinity Tran

    My favorite is O come o come Emmanuel

  334. Lleanna Williams Avatar
    Lleanna Williams

    “Mary did you know” gets me so emotional! I love it!

  335. dana Avatar

    carol of the bells or mary did you know

  336. Kerstin Kruschinsky Avatar
    Kerstin Kruschinsky

    Since I was a child there is this one favorite christmas carol:
    Schneeflöckchen, Weissröckchen
    (“Little Snow Flake, Little White Coat”)

    1. Kerstin Kruschinsky Avatar
      Kerstin Kruschinsky

      sorry, I made a spelling mistake in my E-Mail adress! ?

  337. Brenda West Avatar
    Brenda West

    We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Just a happy tune. Thanks

  338. Kaylie A Avatar
    Kaylie A

    Mary Did You Know ❤️???

  339. Rebekah H Avatar
    Rebekah H

    Joy to the World and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ?❤?

  340. Fadilah Avatar

    Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
    Jingle all the way!
    Oh, What fun it is to ride
    In a one horse open sleigh.

    One of my favourite that i will sing along or hum randomly whenever Christmas is just round the corner!

  341. Cintia Avatar

    I think it’s O Holy Night sung by Hanson… just love it!

  342. Patti Foster Avatar
    Patti Foster

    A Baby Changes Everything! And this year For King and Country is nailing Little Drummer Boy!!

  343. Maddie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas song is White Christmas

  344. Nicole Grothjan Avatar
    Nicole Grothjan

    My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night! Beautiful song that always gets me in the spirit ♥️

  345. Kristie Kent Avatar
    Kristie Kent

    Mary Did You Know

  346. Sylvia Avatar

    My favorite song is Silent Night, rings back memories when we spend Christmas ? with my grandparents, Thank You and Merry Christmas ?

  347. Cheryl Avatar

    My fave is from a Filipino Singer Jose Mari Chan titled Christmas in our Hearts.

    ♪♫♩ Let’s sing Merry Christmas and a happy holiday
    This season may we never forget the love we have for Jesus
    Let him be the one to guide us as another new year starts
    And may the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts ♪♫♩

  348. Gale Avatar

    O Holy Night- especially the NSYNC version, which I feel validated as it was already mentioned ? But what really makes it feel like the Christmas season has officially started each year is the first time I hear Mariah Carey belt out “All I Want For Christmas is You”.

  349. Gilda Avatar

    The metallic pens look great. I love music and Christmas music is so wonderful. One of my very favorites is Little Drummer Boy.

  350. Kathy Avatar

    The Christmas song …chestnuts roasting on an open fire by Nat King Cole reminds me of when I was a kid sitting aroung my Nanas Organ and allof my family singing ???

  351. Cassandra Avatar

    Definitely “all I want for Christmas is you” by Miriah Carey lol!

  352. Luciana Montenegro Avatar
    Luciana Montenegro

    I don’t know many Christmas carols. So, I think my favorite one is Silent Night.

  353. Charisse Avatar

    Silent Night!!

  354. Nicoleta Mihaila Avatar
    Nicoleta Mihaila

    I love santa clause is coming to town.

  355. Amanda Avatar

    It is really difficult to pick just one. I loved going to church on Christmas Eve and singing ALL the Christmas Carols. However, probably Silent Night if you really made me choose!

  356. Carol Grell Avatar
    Carol Grell

    My favorite Christmas Carol is O Holy Night. I especially love to hear Luke Bryan singing it. It just puts me in the Christmas spirit!

  357. Melissa Avatar

    Silent night is my favorite Christmas carol but honestly I love them all!

  358. Carolie Avatar

    I love them all, but I’m especially fond of Coventry Carol and Joy to the World!

  359. Nicole Sexton Avatar
    Nicole Sexton

    My favorite Christmas song is Mary Did You Know. My favorite version is by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna.

  360. Gina Avatar

    Oh little town of Bethlehem followed closely by away in a manger.

  361. Dina Rachel spielman Avatar
    Dina Rachel spielman

    What gorgeous pens! It would be amazing to win!
    Silent night

  362. Rie Avatar

    O Holy Night. Just classic!

  363. Logan Roka Avatar
    Logan Roka

    My favorite is “Silent Night’!

  364. Miriam Dunn Avatar
    Miriam Dunn

    Well considering my 4yo won’t stop singing Jingle Bells …. I’d have to say it’s my favorite.

  365. Arati Devi Chhetri Avatar
    Arati Devi Chhetri

    I love the simplicity and the feeling of peace that comes with “Silent Night”.

  366. Cathy Fahie Avatar
    Cathy Fahie

    Silent Night is my favourite

  367. diana Avatar

    My favorite carol is “Joy to the World”. (And winning these markers would bring joy to MY world! lol) Seriously, you bring joy into all of our worlds with every post, Kelly. Thanks for all that you do to spread lettering joy!

  368. Kelsey Dorn Avatar
    Kelsey Dorn

    “O Christmas Tree”

  369. Ari K Avatar
    Ari K

    Away in a Manger

  370. Meagan Rodgers Avatar
    Meagan Rodgers

    Jingle Bells – does that count as a Christmas carol?!

  371. Jean Avatar

    Marvelous toy by John Denver. Reminds me off my brother.

  372. Karan Gerber Avatar

    I think my favorite has to be oh holy night. Congratulations on the launch of your new product line.

  373. Sabrina J-R Avatar
    Sabrina J-R

    My favourite traditional carol is “O Holy

    A Christmas song I can listen too repeatedly though: “Christmas Medley” by Israel Houghton ?

  374. Jennifer Harrell Avatar
    Jennifer Harrell

    My favorite Christmas carol is Martina McBride’s Oh Holy Night. I was fortunate to hear it live and she blew me away. I look forward to hearing it every Christmas because it reminds me of true meaning of the season.

  375. Alana M Avatar
    Alana M

    Jingle bells is one that my kids and I love ❤️

  376. Jane Avatar

    Angels we have heard on high

  377. Lori L Avatar
    Lori L

    Not sure of the actual name but Mary’s Boy Child

  378. Cayla Avatar

    All the rat pack Christmas carols! But especially j-i-n-g-l-e bells!

  379. Karen Hughes Avatar
    Karen Hughes

    Mary did you know? Merry Christmas Kelly!!

  380. Rachael Hope Avatar

    I just discovered Pentatonix version of O Come All He Faithful and am in love with it.

  381. Jocelyn Avatar

    When Hope Came Down by Kari Jobe is my absolute favorite Christmas song!

  382. Sarah Avatar

    Silent Night – reminds me of caroling with my friends and family as a child

  383. Linda Avatar

    I have two favorites——The Coventry Carol and Carol of the Bells

  384. Russell Peterson Avatar
    Russell Peterson

    White Christmas by Bing Crosby

  385. Susan Carlson Avatar
    Susan Carlson

    There’s not a bad Christmas carol, in my book. If I have to choose – Love Little Drummer Boy- the reason for the season & focusing on the gifts of creativity in response!

  386. Heather Avatar

    Carol is “Oh Holy Night” and song is “Christmas Waltz” (Kristin Chenoweth version, so good!)

  387. Danica Jimenez Avatar
    Danica Jimenez

    Definitely have to say Silent night

  388. Zinia Avatar

    There are so many carols that I love… Silent Night, Away in the Manger, Mary did you Know, Carol of the Bells, hmm, I can continue naming, lol!! Christmas is beautiful and why is celebrated. 🙂

  389. Rosanna Corral Avatar
    Rosanna Corral

    I can’t seem to choose a favorite Christmas carol as I truly love them all!

  390. Pamela Lengyel Avatar
    Pamela Lengyel

    Chestnuts Roasting on a Opened Fire

  391. Jennifer Donovan Avatar
    Jennifer Donovan

    My favorite Christmas carol is “The Christmas Song” (“chestnuts roasting over an open fire..”) This song has so much warmth!

  392. Susan Avatar

    My favorite Christmas carol is “Oh Holy Night.” It was my mom’s favorite, too, Lost her far too early in life, and this song always makes me feel connected to her in a lovely spiritual way whenever it is played…

  393. Carolyn Avatar

    Oh Holy Night. Doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve heard that song. Thanks for doing this giveaway Kelly, very generous of you and the companies you work with.

  394. Kendall Avatar

    Mistletoe justin bieber

  395. Alix Avatar

    Silent night

  396. Gloria Reiss Avatar

    Oh Holy Night is my favorite Christian Christmas song, but for dancing, I love Rocking Around the Christmas Tree or Jingle Bell Rock

  397. Brianna Ficken Avatar
    Brianna Ficken

    My absolute favorite Christmas carol is What Child is This, or Rockin’ Round the Christmas tree. You’ve got to be in the right mood!

  398. Carla Stiksma Avatar
    Carla Stiksma

    I love the traditional carols especially “Joy to the World”.

  399. Rhianna Avatar

    Jingle Bells

  400. Wendy Lutz Avatar
    Wendy Lutz

    O Holy Night

  401. Adriana Tuesta Avatar

    I love “Campana sobre campana” in Spanish, I ised to sing it everywhere when I was a child 🙂

  402. Makeesha Avatar

    Silent Night. My fave is the version by the Temptations!

  403. Anne Avatar

    How to choose a favorite? They’re all wonderful! O Come All Ye Faithful is the first one that comes to mind. 🙂

  404. Cheryl Rodgers Avatar
    Cheryl Rodgers

    All I want for Christmas is you.

  405. Yana Avatar

    God rest ye merry gentleman!

  406. Sophia tabita Avatar
    Sophia tabita

    I really love silent night it just bring back my childhood memories

  407. Johni Komisak Avatar
    Johni Komisak

    Little Drummer Boy

  408. Madeline Sabatoni Avatar
    Madeline Sabatoni

    traditional: O Holy Night
    modern: Last Christmas

  409. Cing Kiim Avatar
    Cing Kiim

    It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year

  410. Moira Michaud Avatar
    Moira Michaud

    My favourite Christmas carol is silent Night

  411. Jessa Abary Avatar

    Hi! My favorite Christmas Carol is a Filipino classic- Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan. 🙂 Makes me want to go back home for my 1st Canadian Christmas this year 🙁

  412. Hallie Worthen Avatar
    Hallie Worthen

    I love Sleigh Ride!

  413. Ann Hansson Avatar

    Ave Maria is my favorite christmas song. Sang in a church with my choir in the 80’s, it was magical!

  414. Luna Avatar

    FELIZ Navidad!

  415. Trish Avatar

    At the moment I will say Carol of the Bells. Not really a carol, but a Christmas song I dearly love is Jesu Bambino. It is so hard to only pick a few. I love the musical sounds of Christmas:)

  416. Nikola Simikova Avatar
    Nikola Simikova

    Christmas is all around you! ?

  417. Diane Neumann Avatar
    Diane Neumann

    Jingle Bells

  418. Lisa Saman Avatar
    Lisa Saman

    Definitely Silent Night. It’s also the first song I learned how to play on the piano! Still get chills every time I hear it!

  419. Karla Fernandez Avatar
    Karla Fernandez

    Favorite Christmas carol- we wish you a merry Christmas!

  420. Elaine Lovato Avatar
    Elaine Lovato

    Bruce Springstein’s Merry Christmas Baby!! Is my favorite.

  421. Courtney Avatar

    The First Noel. And O Holy Night. I just can’t choose one!!

  422. Sherry Thornhill Avatar
    Sherry Thornhill

    I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus. Always makes me smile!

  423. Kristina Ledesma Avatar
    Kristina Ledesma

    Santa Baby 🙂

    1. Kristina Ledesma Avatar
      Kristina Ledesma

      Or I guess Carol of the Bells if it has to be a Carol ::))

  424. Lindsay Regalado Avatar
    Lindsay Regalado

    My favorite is Carol of the Bells

  425. Kirsten Elkins Avatar
    Kirsten Elkins

    Carol of the bells!

  426. Marlene Alfonso Avatar
    Marlene Alfonso

    I love Silent Night!

  427. Kiersten Parker Avatar
    Kiersten Parker

    “Do You Hear What I Hear?” Is a a personal favorite. Such a beautiful telling of the story of Jesus birth through other perspectives!

  428. Emilie Malasig Avatar
    Emilie Malasig

    I love the Pentatonix version of Mary Did You Know. I can listen to it all day.

  429. Carmen Santiago Avatar
    Carmen Santiago

    Little Drummer Boy ❤️

  430. Darlene Michelle Uplinger Avatar
    Darlene Michelle Uplinger

    My favorite carol is White Christmas

  431. Theresa Avatar

    O Holy Night by Josh Groban

  432. traci langley Avatar
    traci langley

    Oh Holy Night

  433. Dena Brumbaugh Avatar
    Dena Brumbaugh

    Away in a Manger

  434. Pauline Ong Avatar
    Pauline Ong

    Jingle bell rock!!

  435. Anastasia Avatar

    My favourite Christmas song will always be Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra. It reminds me of family and warmth that makes Christmas, well, Christmas.

  436. Morgan Avatar

    Right now I’d have to say “Jingle Bells” because it’s my toddlers favorite and listening to him sing it (everywhere we go!) absolutely warms my heart and instantly puts me in a cheerful Christmas mood!

  437. Julieta Avatar

    Silent Night, brings me good childhood menories

  438. Olympia Lau Avatar
    Olympia Lau

    My favorite Christmas carol is Jingle Bell Rock!

  439. Lisa Mills Avatar
    Lisa Mills

    12 days of Christmas! It’s fun to sing!

  440. Lynn Fizah Shams Avatar
    Lynn Fizah Shams

    Fave must be jingle bells, cause once someone says it, everyone just sings along automatically?

  441. Raye Avatar

    I have 3 favorites: Carol of the Bells, No Eye Had Seen, Be Born in Me.

  442. Elizabeth Bruecher Avatar
    Elizabeth Bruecher

    Jingle Bells, such an fun Christmas song that makes you want to dance!

  443. Isabella Avatar

    …I can’t choose one?
    Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song” and Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Here”?

  444. Karen Avatar

    Joy to the World is my favorite. Love hearing it played in church on Christmas Day. It’s also fun to letter.

  445. Tamara Avatar

    I’m italian and i Love the italian’s song “ a Natale puoi”

  446. Brittney Avatar

    “That’s Christmas to me” by Pentatonixs. So amazing! Makes it feel happy and peaceful all at once!

  447. Rachel Funk Avatar
    Rachel Funk

    Still, still, still.

  448. Allison Avatar

    Carol of the bells

  449. Lisa Jahncke Avatar
    Lisa Jahncke

    I’ve always loved O Holy Night and Drummer Boy.

  450. Gabriella Avatar

    Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

  451. Lauren Leventhal Avatar
    Lauren Leventhal

    I have always loved O, Holy Night. I vividly remember a Christmas Folgers commercial that featured it when I was little, and it gets me every time.

  452. Pamala Avatar

    Silent Night

  453. Reagan Farner Avatar
    Reagan Farner

    Silent night

  454. Karen Castillo Garson Avatar
    Karen Castillo Garson

    It would have to be jingle bell rock, its my classic song, whenever i need a shakeup i listen to the Mean Girls Version lol

  455. Jacqui Avatar

    As it’s been over 40 years since I have seen snow at Christmas…my song has always been White Christmas ❄️.
    Ps love your talent.

  456. Katy F. Avatar
    Katy F.

    “Mary Did You Know” always gives me chills! Especially when Penetonix sings it.

  457. Misty Avatar

    Silver bells!!

  458. Shelly Jones Avatar
    Shelly Jones

    My baby sister’s (now 37) class sang this in her school program when she was about 7.

  459. Lisa Franzen Avatar
    Lisa Franzen

    Adore by Chris Tomlin!

  460. MargieH Avatar

    OK – this pen set intrigues me! Love the effect on the black paper <3

    Fave Christmas Carol: White Christmas!

  461. Stephanie Fidelak Avatar
    Stephanie Fidelak

    My favorite Christmas song is Hallowed Manger Ground by Chris Tomlin. My daughter has done it for a few Christmas Eve services.

  462. Betty Avatar

    I have been wanting a set of metallic brush pens! I am so glad you designed them for us, I can’t wait to get a set!

  463. Audrey Avatar

    Glory in the highest

  464. Lindsay Mulvena Avatar
    Lindsay Mulvena

    Silent night. I love singing it in church.

  465. Andrea Avatar

    White Christmas or Jingle Bell Rock ??

  466. Michelle Marks Avatar
    Michelle Marks

    O Holy Night!

  467. Mary Avatar

    Breath of Heaven

  468. Kylie Brown Avatar
    Kylie Brown

    Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer ❤️?

  469. Maggie Beckwith Avatar
    Maggie Beckwith

    O Holy Night is my favorite Xmas song….I used to sing it to my son when he was up for his midnight feedings he is now 18.

  470. Patty McClung Avatar
    Patty McClung

    O Come O Come Emmanuel

  471. Elizabeth Prinzen Avatar
    Elizabeth Prinzen

    My favourite Christmas carol is ,O Come All aye Faithful,!

    1. Elizabeth Prinzen Avatar
      Elizabeth Prinzen

      O Come All Ye Faithful. ?

  472. Trinh Avatar

    Mine is The First Noel – because everytime i hear this song, i feel peaceful and relaxed – just like when i am staying with my beloved people.

  473. shreyabag22 Avatar

    Oh holy night. ??

  474. Martha Avatar

    My favorite is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer! I sang it in concert in elementary school and can’t help but to sing along every time I hear it