Win the NEW Kelly Creates calligraphy and lettering pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more from American Crafts. Christmas Giveaway, 12 Days of Christmas,

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 1

Win the NEW Kelly Creates calligraphy and lettering pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more from American Crafts. Christmas Giveaway, 12 Days of Christmas,

Welcome to my FIRST ever 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, sponsored by American Crafts! From December 11 until December 23, each day I will feature one of the products from my new calligraphy collection. You could win Brush pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more! To be entered to win, leave a comment answering the question of the day. 

On the First Day of Christmas….American Crafts gave to me…. Kelly Creates Dream Pens!

Win the NEW Kelly Creates calligraphy and lettering pens, paper pads, journals, stamps and more from American Crafts. Christmas Giveaway, 12 Days of Christmas,

These beautiful brush pens come in 10 colours and have a large brush tip on one end and small brush tip on the other end. They write like a dream!

To enter to win the Dream Pens, leave a comment telling me your favourite Christmas tradition.


827 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 1”

  1. Priscilla Avatar

    LOVING your new line! Much success!

    1. Alicia Bassett Avatar
      Alicia Bassett

      I love the Christmas Eve tradition our little family has. Being an American expat in Sydney, Australia, I have to find special ways to make a blistering summer feel magical and christmasy…so we make s’mores, roasted marshmallows and all, and each choose one present to open from under the tree. 🙂 And it is magical! Xx

    2. Jean Avatar

      Love having the family all together and driving around looking at Christmas loghts

    3. Maria Avatar

      Baking,decorating our tree and house.

      1. Isabella Avatar

        I have Two favourite Christmas traditions, I can’t choose between them. The first one is that the day before Christmas we all together decorate the Christmas tree, and the second one is that I’ll be making Christmas candy I love being crafty with food!

    4. Gema Fernández Avatar
      Gema Fernández

      My favourite tradition is eat “roscon de Reyes” with hot hot chocolate in my mama’s house. Love the flavour and it’s only available on January the 5th-6th to celebrate that three wise men are coming to to town!

    5. Elizabeth M. Avatar
      Elizabeth M.

      The Elf on the Shelf is my favorite tradition.

    6. Melli Goł Avatar
      Melli Goł

      Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!! During December we decorate the whole flat and spend so much time wrapping gifts and writing christmas cards, I love making gifts more than receiving them! <- best tradition!
      This pens are soo great by the way!!

    7. Cheryl Avatar

      Exchanging gifts with family and friends! Merry Christmas!

    8. Shelley McDonald Avatar
      Shelley McDonald

      My favourite Christmas tradition would be watching heaps of old Christmas movies with my son on Christmas eve and choosing one present to open and enjoy together. I will miss this, this year as I am in hospital having intense Chemotherapy to fight Cancer. I have tried to write all my Christmas cards with brush lettering this year which might just be a new tradition as it was super fun!

    9. Lysa McCall Avatar

      On Christmas Eve, my Father would sit by the fire and read the Christmas Story to us all! I miss that! ?

  2. Praew Avatar

    Being with my family is the best for me:)

    1. letrodr Avatar

      I can’t find where to comment. My favorite Xmas tradition is on Christmas Eve. After all the eating, games, and music we begun to open our presents at 10pm to be done by midnight p. At midnight we hug each other. The next day we just wake up late. ?

  3. Katrina Avatar

    I love driving around looking at Christmas lights while enjoying a Starbucks treat

  4. Sara S Avatar
    Sara S

    driving around looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate 🙂

  5. Maritza Agnello Avatar
    Maritza Agnello

    My favorite tradition is wearing pjs all day and spending the day with family.

  6. Karly Mease Avatar
    Karly Mease

    Each year on Christmas Eve, my family and I go over to my grandparents house for a family dinner. I love spending time with them and baking Christmas cookies.

  7. Sharon Emslie Avatar
    Sharon Emslie

    Ensuring I watch the faces as my loved ones open the gifts I have spent the time to buy, make or create for. It is never a “free-for-all”. I don’t want to miss a moment!!

  8. Dee Brown Avatar
    Dee Brown

    Getting together with family to share a meal and play board games

  9. Sandra Alcantar Avatar
    Sandra Alcantar

    I’ve been married for about 3 years so we started new traditions. One of them is buying a real Christmas tree each year.

  10. Jackie Smith Avatar
    Jackie Smith

    Every Christmas morning we open our presents and then have WifeSaver breakfast which takes an hour to bake. Going on 40 yrs now!

  11. Winnie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the one my husband and I are creating by experiencing it in another country! Normally, my favorite tradition is opening gifts Christmas morning with my parents and hubs in my Mom’s neck of the woods. So excited for new traditions!

  12. Christine Carboneau Avatar
    Christine Carboneau

    Spending Christmas day with family. Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins. Tons of food and always games.

  13. Pamela Lengyel Avatar
    Pamela Lengyel

    Cooking Christmas dinner with my 3 daughters.

    1. Julie Avatar

      Making Christmas cookies with my grandma! As a kid I would sit on her table and have fun making the icing and a mess of course! Now that I’m older and she’s passed on I make cookies with my fiancé, friends and my goddaughter!

  14. Rhea Avatar

    Favorite Tradition: cooking and baking with my mom on Christmas Eve, then our entire family crammed onto the couch watching “how the Grinch stole Christmas”(the one with Jim Carrey) followed by “a Christmas Story.” Our all time favorite Christmas movies. 🙂

  15. Suzanne Hovey Avatar
    Suzanne Hovey

    Our family has a Santa Claus Party every year. We started in 1972 and the tradition continues. Santa brings all of the kids a gift, we tell stories, and we enjoy looking at our Christmas stockings. To date, we have 41 and each on is special.

  16. Julie Strickland Avatar
    Julie Strickland

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making(and eating!) Christmas cookies with our beloved family recipe!

  17. Amy Bell Avatar
    Amy Bell

    After coming back from Church my family and I open one present on Christmas Eve before going to bed. It’s alwqys fun planning out which present everyone gets to open!

  18. Rebecca lavoie Avatar
    Rebecca lavoie

    Decorating the christmas tree is my favourite holiday tradition!

  19. Christina Avatar

    Family gatherings!

  20. Amie Avatar

    Putting up the Christmas tree!

  21. Faith Washegesic Avatar
    Faith Washegesic

    I love how we spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s family. There are 12 grandkids, and LOTS of adults. We all have a blast and look forward to it every year!

  22. Hayley Avatar

    Baking cookies and listening to music

  23. Elizabeth Bruecher Avatar
    Elizabeth Bruecher

    My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with my grandmother to make all the yummy Christmas goodies.

  24. Maria Gayla Escanillas Avatar
    Maria Gayla Escanillas

    Hiii…my favorite Christmas tradition are the carollers. When I was young, I will usually join our choir to sing Christmas carol songs.

  25. Volta Avatar

    My favorite holiday tradition with my husband is to take out our mattress and move into the living room and basically have a slumber party re-watching Dr. Who episodes and gearing up for the Dr Who Christmas special :D.

  26. Brittany Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition… Hmm hard to pick which one. We had one for a period of time which was all the cousins got together at a local bar on Christmas eve to catch up. Then afterwards we’d go to the Christmas eve service at church. Now we’re all spread across the country so I miss this tradition

  27. Macy Avatar

    My favorite is going to see lights on the bay.

  28. JACKIE S Avatar

    After Christmas eve mass, we go all back to my moms house. We have dinner of tamales, rice, and fideo seco.

  29. Megan F Avatar
    Megan F

    My favorite Christmas tradition is wearing pjs to my mother in law’s house in Christmas Eve.

  30. Maureen Avatar

    I love watching holiday movies every year!

  31. Maggie Orr Avatar
    Maggie Orr

    Christmas Eve Mass with my family

  32. Karen Briggs Avatar
    Karen Briggs

    I love my Dad coming over to read a Christmas story on Christmas Eve to me and my children.

  33. Marissa Avatar

    Favorite Christmas tradition is dress up with my family all in matching Christmas pajamas while we have breakfast and open presents! We always take a photo which is used for the next years Christmas cards 🙂

  34. Lisa Milld Avatar
    Lisa Milld

    On Christmas morning, everyone comes to Mom’s house and we have a huge breakfast, open presents and then watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation!

  35. Tamara Tomazolli Avatar
    Tamara Tomazolli

    My favorite tradition in Christmas is open gifts with my family at midnight and my moms Christmas recipes ?

  36. Jacqueline Avatar

    My three are still little but our fav tradition is putting reindeer ‘food’ out on Christmas Eve so they will have something to nibble on while Santa raids the plate of cookies inside. My kids love making it and putting it out on the grass. ♥️??

  37. Dreama Avatar

    Singing Christmas in Killarney while making Christmas cookies. ?

  38. Renee Vajdl Avatar
    Renee Vajdl

    My favorite Christmas tradition is driving around looking at all the lights! Hoping on those nights there is a light snow fall to create a winter wonder land!

  39. Natalie Daumen Avatar
    Natalie Daumen

    My favorite tradition is definitely decorating with my sister! We always put up the lights outside our house on Black Friday while listening to Christmas music.

  40. Michelle Avatar

    My favorite tradition handed down only 2 generations but so much fun and love put into it every year… Personal, not personalized but specific, hunted for ornaments for each of my kids! That way when they move out they have a treasure box of growing up ornaments that represent something special about their childhood! One example…my youngest was only a few months old when the movie Happy Feet came out, by the age of 16 months he couldn’t get enough of it so for his 2nd Christmas I found him a dancing Mumble…to this day age 11 it is one of his faves and it represents so much of who he is…

  41. Ingrid van Nispen-Lim Avatar
    Ingrid van Nispen-Lim

    Decorating the Christmas tree together with my family is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

  42. Lisa Avatar

    Christmas Eve church service and family time!

  43. Ruth Avatar

    Baking cookies with the kid to give out to our neighbors.

  44. Cassie Avatar

    My favorite tradition is driving around looking at Christmas lights woth my daughter! She always gets SO excited to see all the nights!

  45. Tasha Avatar

    Opening pajamas on Christmas Eve.

  46. Amy Becker Avatar
    Amy Becker

    Christmas Eve: mass, lights tour, pizza and movie, and baking some Kringlas.

  47. Sondra Avatar

    Being with fAmily

  48. Kaylie Avatar

    Making a birthday cake for Jesus ??

  49. Kylie Brown Avatar
    Kylie Brown

    Every year, since I was a child, we have always dressed up and gone to my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve. We would spend time with family, eat amazing food, and open a few presents early. I was (and still am) always in charge of passing out the presents. We would drive around and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. When we would get home (to my parents house) that night, we would leave out cookies and milk for santa. Christmas morning, I make cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate with my mom and we open presents in our pjs. Then we have a nice relaxing day spending time with all our family.
    This year is extra special because I am bringing my fiancé home to celebrate with us. It is the first year him and I get to celebrate together and the first year I can share my childhood memories with him. I’m so excited.

  50. Sarah Peters Avatar
    Sarah Peters

    Favorite new tradition—homemade pizzas on Christmas Eve

  51. Rachel Avatar

    Waking up to open stockings and presents. We make a big breakfast as a family, then spend the day watching Christmas movies and preparing Christmas dinner. After dinner, we sit down and watch White Christmas as a family, aka the best Christmas movie. Lots and lots of family time!

  52. Laurel Halstead Avatar
    Laurel Halstead

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is having hot chocolate with candy canes (stirring and swirling as the candy melts). Looking forward to continuing the tradition with our first grandchild that’s on the way! Congratulations on your new line of products – what a wonderful opportunity!!

  53. Lisa Saman Avatar
    Lisa Saman

    I definitely enjoy Christmas Eve since we have a tradition of giving each other a small gift as well as popping some Christmas crackers. Our big gifts are saved for Christmas day, but Christmas Eve is when we all gather together, have Christmas music playing,and play Christmas trivia games or treasure hunts!

  54. Kate Jacobs Avatar
    Kate Jacobs

    We love driving around and looking at Christmas lights. It is also a day we siut down to play cards!

  55. Riley Avatar

    Waking up Christmas morning and having breakfast with my hubby, then waiting for the kids and grand kids to come over and spend quality time with them. Then I cook a big Christmas ham with all the fixins and we eat then watch movies.

  56. Robin Woods Avatar
    Robin Woods

    Luminaries in the neighborhood – so peaceful!

  57. April W Avatar
    April W

    Mine is having my babies open one gift on Christmas Eve. It’s always new jammies and they’ve caught on now that they’re older but still go along with it, LOL!! 🙂
    – April W

  58. Daphne Avatar

    As my children grew to adulthood I struggled to find a way to keep the child in them alive. For the last 5 or so years we each don a Santa hat while I set up my tripod and set the camera timer to continuous shoot. Initially I thought this would be a nice way to document each Christmas as the years flew by. What I didn’t expect was that my kids (ages 30 and 33) still have quite a bit of the child they used to be inside! They always find a way with their antics to make each “photo shoot” special. It’s a day full of laughter and shenanigans that we look forward to every year!

  59. Emily orr Avatar
    Emily orr

    I love baking cookies with my kids Christmas Eve!

  60. Joyce Avatar

    Listening to Christmas music while cooking and eating with my family.

  61. Trinh Avatar

    Mine is enjoying time spending with my family and dearest people. Moreover, the cold of winter is also a special tradition for me, all i want to is sleeping and not caring anything

  62. Debbie Shuping Avatar
    Debbie Shuping

    My favorite tradition is going to christmas eve candlelight service with the family.

  63. Roxanne Robertson Avatar
    Roxanne Robertson

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas cookies!

  64. Heather Avatar

    Hi Kelly, one of our favorite traditions growing up was all decorating the tree together with Christmas music on. Now that I have two children of my own we did it this year with them, both of them are toddlers. I’m understanding how hard my mom and dad worked to make it seem so effortless and magical every year!

  65. Jessica Avatar

    Looking at Christmas lights

  66. Kristin M Avatar
    Kristin M

    My father passed away on Christmas eve, and each year when everyone else goes to bed I drink a beer sitting next to the tree in his remembrance

  67. Oanh Ball Avatar
    Oanh Ball

    I love driving around to look at the Christmas lights with my family.

  68. Lisa Ashburn Avatar
    Lisa Ashburn

    Opening stockings at 2 am with my family.

  69. Cintia Avatar

    Hi! I’m following you and your art from Argentina! My favourite Christmas tradition consists on dressing up as Santa just to see my nephews’ face sparkling with joy and excitement. Love seeing their faces full of admiration year after year.

  70. Megan Avatar

    I love the coziness of Christmas time! And each year I try to learn one more of my moms Christmas baking recipes 🙂

  71. Rachel Buche Avatar
    Rachel Buche

    My favourite Christmas tradition is putting the outdoor Christmas lights up with my father the day after Thanksgiving. We get all of the lights up and then count down to plug it in once its dark and watch all the decorations and lights come to life. Christmas lights and decorations are my favourite part of the holiday because they make my home feel extra cozy, inviting and pretty.

  72. Alicia Avatar

    Evry year we go to my husband’s family and mine and eat with them and pray and sing to Baby Jesus, then we go to Mass to celebrate Christmas.

  73. Jill Avatar

    Making Christmas stollen with my grandma.

  74. Jenn P Avatar
    Jenn P

    My favorite tradition is opening Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. My parents did it when I was young and I do it with my kids. I hope my kids choose to continue this when they have kids of their own.

  75. Brittany Avatar

    Decorating the tree for sure ?

  76. D. Lusk Avatar
    D. Lusk

    My favorite tradition is watching Hallmark movies together as a family!

  77. Mallorie Jewkes Avatar
    Mallorie Jewkes

    My favorite Christmas tradition is opening up Chirstmas Pjs on Christmas Eve and watching a movie before bed!

  78. Robyn Avatar

    Favourite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree.

  79. Cheryl Tobin Avatar
    Cheryl Tobin

    My favorite Christmas tradition is letting my parents decorate the tree and then bringing all of my personal ornaments to the front of the tree ?

  80. Ericka Diaz Avatar
    Ericka Diaz

    Having breakfast watching Christmas movies! I have great memories

  81. Mary Avatar

    Listening to my favorite Christmas music and spending time with friends.

  82. Cassandra DeGrace Avatar

    Putting on our coordinating new Christmas pyjamas late on Christmas Eve.

  83. Gina Purdy Avatar
    Gina Purdy

    My favorite tradition is making Polish pierogies from scratch with my daughters and husband. Using my grandmas receipe, passing the tradition down so my daughters will continue with their children.

  84. Heidi Avatar

    Kelly, I am so thrilled for you!!! These pens look like a true dream. Our family hangs stockings for Santa to fill in the middle of the night. Also curried fruit and homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Congratulations!

  85. Ari K Avatar
    Ari K

    Making cookies for my family

  86. Chelsea Law Avatar
    Chelsea Law

    On Christmas Eve, my husband, daughter and I all get in our new Christmas pajamas, make hot cocoa and popcorn and snuggle together on the couch to watch The Polar Express. Then off to bed the little one goes until Santa comes!

  87. Katie Ward Avatar
    Katie Ward

    My kids are little (6 & 2), so we are still establishing our holiday traditions. My favorite thing, though, is being at home on Christmas morning, seeing the excitement on their faces as they get to open presents.

  88. Jenny Relaford Avatar
    Jenny Relaford

    My favorite tradition is making recipes with my kids that my grandma made with me like pfeffernusse. And Christmas lights and hot chocolate with my family.

  89. Brooke Avatar

    I love setting up my Nativity set that was my parents and I always set it up every Christmas and now I have it and my daughter and I set it up together

  90. Marisa Avatar

    Each year, my parents let me and each of my brothers pick out an ornament. Their hope is that we’ll all build up an ornament collection to take with us when we move out!

  91. joyenoel1224 Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my family and having a Christmas party, playing games, watching movies, and eating snacks. Then getting up early Christmas morning and making breakfast while the kids open their gifts.

  92. Mayra Sanchez Avatar
    Mayra Sanchez

    My favorite Christmas tradition is that every year I love doing the wrapping so much that my loved ones always save their wrapping just for me. And this year I started practicing brush lettering for the name tags. I feel like it will become an added tradition

  93. Glenda Fernando Avatar
    Glenda Fernando

    I love going to the Nutcracker with my daughter. We go every year.

  94. Debby Mitchell Avatar
    Debby Mitchell

    Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is my favorite.

  95. Lindsay Regalado Avatar
    Lindsay Regalado

    My family has always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve after attending church. This is still my favorite tradition!

  96. Taran Avatar

    Baking chocolate cake and buy presents for all❤❤

  97. Susan carlson Avatar
    Susan carlson

    I love Christmas caroling to shut ins & nursing homes with church members

  98. Grace Mariani Avatar
    Grace Mariani

    Every year I buy a “Hallmark” ornament to add to my collection that I started over 36 years ago.

  99. Rozalyn McGovern Avatar
    Rozalyn McGovern

    My favorite tradition is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” with my boys on Christmas Eve afternoon, and then going to our candlelight service at our church afterwards.

  100. Elise Avatar

    Some of my favorite Christmas traditions are to decorate house and the tree as well as driving around looking at the decorative lights. Also this was one of the major holidays my family would get together have a big dinner, okay games and just spend time with each other

  101. Katie Dermody Avatar

    Watching and singing along to the White Christmas movie kawith my family on Christmas Day is my favorite tradition!

  102. Pj Johnston Avatar
    Pj Johnston

    Home made gifts is my favorite tradition.

  103. Jan Reynolds Avatar
    Jan Reynolds

    We have a Jesus Cake every year. I have baked the same cake for 32 years. The manger with Baby Jesus from our Nativity is our topper. We gather around and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus! Many friends and family have gathered around to sing with us through the year. Now my niece bakes her own Jesus cake for her sweet family! The tradition lives on!

  104. Cassandra Avatar

    MY favourite chrismtas tradition: each year my mom would take me and my sister to the store to pick out an ornament for the tree. It’s really cool looking back and seeing what we were into each year (one year I got a crayon ornament because I loved colouring, one year I bought a grinch ornament cuz it was my favourite movie etc) and I actually carry on this tradition with my 4 year old son now!

  105. Tiffany Mushegan Avatar
    Tiffany Mushegan

    My favorite tradition is candlelight Christmas Eve services

  106. Cayla Avatar

    Christmas cookies are my favorite tradition ?!!

  107. Ali Avatar

    i love cooking with my family 🙂

  108. Syleris Martinez Avatar
    Syleris Martinez

    We love to drink (more like sip) some of our homemade Coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog) while we open presents. Yes, the kids drink some, but theirs is rum-free.

  109. Stephanie Fidelak Avatar
    Stephanie Fidelak

    My mom passed away 18 years ago and she loved Christmas. On the first weekend of December, we decorate the house, listening to Boney M Christmas, just like my mom did. My kids and I also bake many of my family’s favorites from when I was growing up.

  110. Nicole Avatar

    I didn’t grow up with Christmas traditions because I am Jewish, but I married a Christian, so we now do both Christmas and Hanukkah. I love having a Christmas tree and my collection of menorahs in the same room, they are beautiful together. ☺

  111. Courtney Higgins Avatar
    Courtney Higgins

    ….we take our kid outta school to visit Santa and do a little shopping!

  112. christina Avatar

    my favorite tradition is watching how excited my daughter gets opening up her presents and being with my family

  113. Carrie Emes Avatar
    Carrie Emes

    As a young family we pick out our yearly Christmas ornament together. We also go nuts decorating our house with Christmas lights and decorations, then go for a drive looking at the neighborhood lights.

  114. Nicole Avatar

    My favorite tradition is driving 7hrs to the country side to visit my family, and having an international Christmas dinner plus going to mass and putting the baby Jesus in the manger, I have to admit it makes me melancholic this tradition because I remember when I was a little girl, but it makes me happy to enjoy one more holiday

  115. Kim brown Avatar
    Kim brown

    Driving around to see lights and making reindeer food. Love the new markers!

  116. Traci Howard Avatar
    Traci Howard

    My favorite tradition is spending the day before baking away with my daughter while listening (and by that I mean singing, and sometimes dancing, along) to our favorite Christmas music!

  117. Veronica Avatar

    Spending time
    With family, then relaxing!

  118. Sharon Avatar

    Our family now that we’re older instead of gifts for everyone we do a big drive for the Salvation Army. We gather coloring books and crayons for the kiddos, hats,gloves, scarves, socks,hot hands and coats that we donate to the families staying there over the holidays. We go caroling and come home and eat a big deal together. I love it way more than the days of gift exchange. Ü

  119. Tabitha Avatar

    Stuffing our bulldog into the most embarrassing christmas costumes I can find 🙂

  120. Trina Avatar

    We always open a gift Christmas eve…usually pjs

  121. Arati Devi Chhetri Avatar
    Arati Devi Chhetri

    I am a Hindu but enjoy celebrating Christmas.Every Christmas, my family and I go to shopping malls and 5star hotel lobbies and admire the Christmas decorations. We also vote for which one was the best!

  122. Allison Orthner Avatar
    Allison Orthner

    Sleeping with my family (grown kids) in front of the Christmas tree!!!

  123. Kara Avatar

    waking up C hristmas morning and making breakfast with family while opening presents

  124. Kim brown Avatar
    Kim brown

    Driving around and seeing the light and making reindeer food. Love the new line!

  125. Lori L Avatar
    Lori L

    My favorite tradition is the cookie baking. We enjoy baking and it’s something our mom loved to do around this time so we try to carry it on.

  126. Sue Lytle Avatar
    Sue Lytle

    My favorite Christmas tradition is riding through neighborhoods looking at lights and decorations.

  127. Natasha Avatar

    We always have apple pie for Christmas morning breakfast!

  128. Dhanashree Pereira Avatar
    Dhanashree Pereira

    My favourite Christmas tradition has always been participating in carol singing. People from different parish communities of the church come together and visit all the communities singing carols and distributing goodies to the children.

  129. Carmen Lanier Avatar
    Carmen Lanier

    Breakfast with my whole family.

  130. Laura R. Avatar
    Laura R.

    My favorite tradition is making peroigi for my family’s Christmas Eve dinner from my great-grandmother’s recipe!

  131. Alyssa N. Avatar
    Alyssa N.

    My favorite tradition is playing Christmas carols at our family’s Christmas shindig. My grandpa on guitar, brother on drums, myself on piano, and everyone else singing/clapping along. It’s the best!

  132. Jennifer Wright Avatar

    My favourite Christmas tradition is playing charades with my husband’s side of the family, and Trivial Pursuit with my side of the family. My 9 year old daughter won the Trivial Pursuit challenge last year with her new Harry Potter Trivia set, beating her Mom and Grandpa!

  133. Molly Rudkin Avatar
    Molly Rudkin

    I love hanging out with my family watching Christmas movies and maybe some 48 hours as well 😀

  134. Anissa Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making dinner with my family and then sitting at the table having conversations about our year since a new year is around the corner. We also usually go to church all together after dinner, which is something very special to me.

  135. Yolianne Avatar

    In my culture is very common doing “parrandas” kind of like corolling but has a lot of beats is common to go to houses at midnight to bring joy because that is the definition of Christmas for us. Also love the get together with all my family.

  136. Deborah Avatar

    First we drive around with hot chocolate looking at the lights, a when we get home we open one gift (which is always a new set of pj’s) and have a movie campout with the kids. ❤️

  137. Rebecca Avatar

    Painting homemade ornaments with my special needs son. We did this tonight! ❤️

  138. Kayla Berleth Avatar
    Kayla Berleth

    My favorite Christmas tradition is having my husband’s home made French toast Christmas morning. Yum!

  139. Lisa Jacobsen Avatar
    Lisa Jacobsen

    Looking at Christmas lights and listening to holiday music!

  140. Joanne Avatar

    Having the kids sing before opening gifts.

  141. Sharon Avatar

    Looking at Christmas lights and baking cookies!

  142. Atzimba Avatar

    Getting together with the family, playiing Taboo and watching a Christmas Story!

  143. Ashley Paternostro Avatar
    Ashley Paternostro

    Baking and decorating sugar cookies!

  144. Ashlie Scharmann Avatar
    Ashlie Scharmann

    Excited for your new line, Kelly!
    My favorite Christmas tradition is traveling home where my family is and we spend time together.

  145. Rhea Schonberger Avatar
    Rhea Schonberger

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the local a Christmas Tree Farm and cutting down our own tree.

  146. Jill Avatar

    Looking at Christmas lights!

  147. Jessica Moore Avatar
    Jessica Moore

    Opening presents with my momma the moment “Santa comes” (12:01 am). Now that I am married and living about 10 minutes away, I put my jammies on and driving to her house every Christmas Eve to open presents at midnight

  148. Joan Matton Avatar
    Joan Matton

    Having a Christmas tree in every room!

  149. Nancy E Avatar

    My favourite Christmas tradition is also the one that has me wishing I didn’t do it every year LOL! When my kids were small, my Mom started making donuts for Christmas… Mom passed away in 2010 and I couldn’t imagine letting the tradition end, so I dutifully make 15 dozen donuts every December (just made them yesterday)

  150. Theresa Hill Avatar
    Theresa Hill

    I love baking holiday cookies with my mom and sisters while listening to Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate.

  151. Teresa McKiearnan Avatar
    Teresa McKiearnan

    Enjoying family and friends and celebrating the birth of ou Lord Jesus Christ

  152. Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    Putting the tree up as a family has always been our tradition. We enjoy playing Christmas music and snacking throughout the day.

  153. Terri Tasker Avatar
    Terri Tasker

    Being from a very small town in western Kansas, our wheat was stored in tall, grain elevators. They have a red, blinking light at the top. On our way to my grandma’s for Christmas dinner, my dad always said that was Rudolph.

  154. Cara Avatar

    Waking up Christmas morning to see my kids so excited and happy. Love being with them?

  155. Jodi Avatar

    Candle light service at church on Christmas eve and dinner, games and gifts at my grandmother’s house.

  156. Robin Dean Avatar
    Robin Dean

    I love watching Christmas movies and sitting by the fireplace

  157. Courtney Anzalone Avatar
    Courtney Anzalone

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending the whole day surrounded by family. Playing games and not feeling stressed. Watching my children’s eyes light up is absolutely amazing!

  158. Chelsea Avatar

    My 2 best friends and I come together at my house and spend the day Christmas baking and catching up. One lives across Canada, so its nice to see her. Soon our daughters will be old enough to bake with us.

  159. San Juanita Petersen Avatar
    San Juanita Petersen

    Making tamales, Christmas cookies, and buñuelos, all women gathered in kitchen and din8ng room to complete some of our Christmas favorites

  160. Lily Pecnik Avatar
    Lily Pecnik

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve and having my grandfathers goulash with my family.

  161. Melissa Diehl Avatar
    Melissa Diehl

    We all wear matching pajamas and enjoy a delicious breakfast cooked by my dad!

  162. Diane Neumann Avatar
    Diane Neumann

    My favorite family tradition is going out to eat on Christmas Eve, then having the family gather at my house or my sisters ( we alternate years!) and open presents. We open one gift at a time and usually each gift has a story that goes with it. It takes hours to open all the gifts, but I enjoy every minute of it!!

  163. Kim Avatar

    Getting together for a Christmas coffee/tea with great friends ?❤️

  164. Stephanie C Avatar
    Stephanie C

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making homemade ravioli, meatballs and Italian wedding soup. We have done it for as long as I can remember using my mom moms recipe. But for health reasons I now have to have my own special gluten free versions. But the memories are always there <<<-

  165. Marianne Atos Avatar
    Marianne Atos

    My family and I cook lots of food for Noche Buena and for visitors at Christmas day 🙂

  166. Alex L Avatar
    Alex L

    We always bake loads of cookies and take them to the local fire stations.

  167. Brandi Avatar

    Decorating sugar cookies with the kids for Santa.

  168. Nicholle Avatar

    Watching hallmark Christmas movies!!

  169. Deniz Avatar

    Baking cookies with my daughter on Christmas Eve.

  170. Shelley Malone Avatar
    Shelley Malone

    I love to decorate my home from top to bottom and invite family and friends to celebrate with us.

  171. Renee Glendenning Avatar
    Renee Glendenning

    We get the family new nerf guns and have an indoor nerf gun battle on Christmas Eve, I also love baking Christmas cookies with my mom every year.

  172. Renee Avatar

    My favorite thing is decorating the house with my husband…it looks different every year and we love it.

  173. Rachel Funk Avatar
    Rachel Funk

    My favorite tradition is simply family, everything about family is what makes Christmas… Christmas. Family!!!

  174. Heather Avatar

    I love to bake and decorate Christmas Cookies

  175. Lissette Landauro Avatar
    Lissette Landauro

    My favorite christmas tradition is putting up the tree and decorating it with hubby!
    Also enjoying “Nochebuena” with the family, which is the evening of the 24th.

  176. Teresa Cherka Avatar
    Teresa Cherka

    Hosting Christmas dinner with my parents, 2 sisters and their families. My husband is an excellent cook.

  177. Russell Peterson Avatar
    Russell Peterson

    Volunteering to work so that the others can spend time with their family and kids. Give them the time to have a real Christmas together

    1. Nina Avatar

      That’s awesome! And very appreciated!

  178. Christine Avatar

    My Mom’s homemade ravioli is my favourite Christmas tradition

  179. Diana Avatar

    Christmas Eve pajamas. My brother and I always got to open one present on Christmas Eve. It was always new pajamas. I continued this tradition with my daughter, then added my son in law, and now my grandson.

  180. Rozy Avatar

    Christmas music and lights and spirit of the season in general Has it’s magic to it…everything lightens up internally and externally during this time of the year.

  181. Cathy Avatar

    My favourite tradition is our community Christmas party. We have a potluck supper,we sing carols, and Santa Claus comes to give candy bags and small gifts to the children, big and small!

  182. Lynne Avatar

    Going to midnight mass with my family!

  183. Lynda Avatar

    I love making my grandmothers fudge recipe with my daughters…I get to share stories with them and it makes me smile.

  184. Charlotte Avatar

    We let the kids open ONE gift Christmas eve and we watch a Christmas movie together while drinking hot chocolate.

  185. Erin Stengel Avatar
    Erin Stengel

    Christmas cookies while listening to the old christmas classics 🙂

  186. Karen Avatar

    My favorite tradition is taking my kids picture on the steps in their pjs before they see their gifts. Looking back at these pictures over the years is priceless. Even though my kids are now in their 20’s, they still ask to have the step picture taken.

  187. Hattie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition was always waking up and eating sticky buns in the morning!

  188. Kelsey Dorn Avatar
    Kelsey Dorn

    Driving around local neighborhoods to see everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations.

  189. Nicole Grothjan Avatar
    Nicole Grothjan

    I absolutely love sitting down in front of a fire on Christmas Eve with my little family reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Our tree is lit as well as the lights decorating our house. This will be my daughters second Christmas so knowing that there are many traditions and memories we will make just melts my heart ♥️
    Your collection and knowledge and ability are mesmerizing! I could watch you write for hours! Congrats on your sa collaboration!

  190. Ramona Ghan Avatar

    Spending Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house, eating tamales, drinking Mexican hot chocolate, spending time with the family and getting to open one special present, usually from my grandmother. I cherish these memories as my grandmother passed away the week before thanksgiving.

  191. Diana Avatar

    Tamale making with my aunts! We can’t make them fast enough 🙂

  192. Kelsey Avatar

    Love getting together on Christmas Eve and going to church with my family then going back to my parents to play games and of course…eat all the yummy Christmas baking! 🙂

  193. Cindy Standifer Avatar
    Cindy Standifer

    I love spending time with my family. We usually watch old films of times past. Most family members have gone on to a better place. Love reminiscing and sharing with my family!!

  194. Bonita Hutto Avatar
    Bonita Hutto

    My favorite holiday tradition is playing Mrs. Claus to my husband’s Santa. Especially on Christmas Eve at walk through lights in our small community. The family who display the lights accepts donations and then buys toys for the local children’s hospital.

  195. Katie Davis Avatar
    Katie Davis

    Every year on Christmas Eve my family all pile in the car to ride around looking at Christmas lights. Then when we get home we fix hot chocolate and each open one gift. We did the same thing when I was a kid so it’s great to carry on the tradition with my kids.

  196. Sarah Snow Avatar
    Sarah Snow

    My favourite Christmas tradition is a new one with my Fiance, we watch grumpy cats worst Christmas and decorate gingerbread house

  197. Monica Avatar

    Watching the movie the Polar Express with my kids at Christmas Eve

  198. Reagan Farner Avatar
    Reagan Farner

    Watching Christmas vacation and decorating the tree together!

  199. Rebekah H Avatar
    Rebekah H

    Every year my brother and I get to pick out a new ornament at the store to put on the tree, so when we move out we already have ornaments to put on our tree ??

  200. Cathy Avatar

    Now that I’m retired, I’m blessed to be able to go visit my son’s family out of state. It’s fun to spend time with my young grandchildren and watch them open their presents o very early in the morning. Then we have brunch.

  201. Jessica Foxworthy Avatar

    Board games late into the night on Christmas Eve!

  202. Danielle Cole Avatar
    Danielle Cole

    My favorite Christmas tradition:opening one gift on Christmas Eve…it’s always pajamas, but I’m excited about them each year. Another tradition which has become a favorite memory as well is getting a scratch off in my stocking from my mom!

  203. Priscila De Siqueira Avatar
    Priscila De Siqueira

    My favourite Christmas tradition is having Christmas dinner with family!

  204. Isabela Avatar

    Congrats Kelly!!
    My favourite tradition is baking a gingerbread house and cookies with my nephews and decorating them with all the family

  205. Carin Avatar

    Hot chocolate on Christmas morning! You have to drink it all before opening presents!

  206. Arlene Avatar

    Enjoying the excitement of my kids and making Dutch Babies for breakfast (the kids called them egg frisbees). Now I get to do that all over again with the grandkids.

  207. Tammy F Avatar
    Tammy F

    Delete if it has saved twice, I can’t see it… stupid internet ?.
    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking with my mom and my sister, more often than not with just my mom since we live closer. It’s a time of laughter and tears and fun bonding time. I will treasure these memories forever. ?❤️

  208. LeeAnne Flaro Avatar
    LeeAnne Flaro

    Spending Christmas Eve with my family where we still make our traditional Italian wedding soup for dinner then go to mass together. Once we are home it’s new Christmas pajamas and reading T’was the Night Before Christmas from my original childhood book! ?

  209. Nina Avatar

    My favorite christmas tradition is watching holiday movies with my hubby and our girls and being (in the words of my youngest) “Snuggle Buggles”!

  210. Jackie Rondinelli Avatar
    Jackie Rondinelli

    Spending time with family Christmas Eve

  211. Kelly Morris Avatar
    Kelly Morris

    I think my favorite Christmas tradition is opening Christmas Pjs on Christmas Eve!

  212. Emily Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition was putting up the nativity scene and changing the days on the sweet little fabric advent calendar we had. It had a little fabric mouse you move from day to day! My sister actually bought me the same one last year and now it is a tradition i do With my family!!
    Thanks for this wonderful chance to win!

  213. Jacqueline Avatar

    My husband and I give each other ornaments every Christmas. I love hanging them on the tree every year.

  214. Janel Avatar

    Going through out town’s walkway of lights on Christmas Eve

  215. Jessica Avatar

    Christmas was always a hard time of the year for my family growing up so we didn’t make any traditions that stood the test of time. However we started a tradition recently of working on a puzzle together and it’s a tradition I look forward to sticking to, especially as us siblings get married and have children and grow our puzzle team bigger!

  216. Huda Avatar

    I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but when Christmas comes, I love the decorations, the trees and the Christmas movie on DIVA.

  217. Becky Avatar

    Watching the polar express with my sister on Christmas morning 🙂

  218. Sara V. Avatar
    Sara V.

    Christmas Eve with family and loved ones!

  219. Amanda Avatar

    My absolute favourite Christmas tradition growing up was being able to open up one present on Christmas Eve, which was always our Christmas jammies that we would wear that night. And of course spending time my family while enjoying the best meal of the year !

  220. Sue LD Avatar
    Sue LD

    We like to have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas Eve before we go to our church’s candle light service.

  221. Laken Avatar

    Opening Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve to wear that night so we all wake up matching to open presents!

  222. Dara Gallipoli Avatar
    Dara Gallipoli

    Going to midnight mass ? and coming back for everyone to open their PJ gifts.

  223. Gina Avatar

    Baking Christmas cookies

  224. Olivia Avatar

    Every year since the year I moved away for college, my parents wait to out the ornaon the tree until I come home. No matter how late the night is,it always makes us smile.

  225. Amy Avatar

    Eating tamales with my huge family on Christmas Eve. We will be without my Grandma for the first time this year so we know we have to keep this tradition alive to honor her.

  226. Lauren Lange Avatar
    Lauren Lange

    My favorite Christmas Tradition is yet to come to fruition. It’s a goal for my little family at Christmas. After 10 years I think this year will be the first time it happens. I am thankful and blessed to have my family. Excited to see how it goes.

  227. Jennah C Avatar
    Jennah C

    My favorite Christmas tradition, at least, for myself, is re-reading the Christmas books from the Geronimo Stilton series I loved when I was younger. I don’t know why. I just really like doing that every Christmas. It brings back memories, y’know? ???

  228. Mandy Avatar

    There is a family in my small hometown who has always decorated just about every inch of their yard for Christmas. Each year on Christmas Eve, there is a steady line of cars to go see their lights! It was my favorite tradition as a child, and now it’s my favorite tradition as an adult, to take my kids to see the “Galea’s Christmas lights” on Christmas Eve!

  229. Corina Thorne Avatar
    Corina Thorne

    My favorite Christmas tradition was attending Christmas Eve service with my nan every year. I miss it so much and so I am carrying it on with my kids and someday my grandchildren.

  230. Jamie larkin Avatar
    Jamie larkin

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to the mall to see Santa… With a small budget and continuing growing little kids we don’t go shopping at the mall often (our shopping is mostly done at wal-mart lol) so going to the mall and seeing all the decorations is one of my favorites.. it’s always so frustrating standing in line, and bribing the kids to sit on Santa’s lap just for a quick picture, but I sure do look forward to it… We always get blizzards from DQ on the way home and drive around to see all the houses done up too!! Thank you for the chance to win your awesome products.. can’t wait to get some of my own!!

  231. Gail Colvin Avatar

    Our family always has a movie night to watch “White Christmas.” It started before my husband and I even had kids and after all these years (25+) we know the songs and punch lines and I still get teary in a couple places. 4-part harmony, “Snow, snow, snow, snowwwwww!”

  232. Melanie Corsentino Avatar
    Melanie Corsentino

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my family and driving around listening to Christmas music and looking at all the lights

  233. Melissa Mullins Avatar
    Melissa Mullins

    I love decorating the tree as a family and enjoying all the memories the ornaments bring! (I am also very excited about this new line of brush lettering supplies!)

  234. Noureen Avatar

    being with ur dear ones especially parents.Miss my mom as she is no more?.Love her dearly..

  235. Pauline Ong Avatar
    Pauline Ong

    We live in Hong Kong and we go to hotel Christmas buffets every year for past 30 years! We also put up our tree way back in November and all we listen to in the car is Christmas songs hahahaha. Many congrats for your new line of pens!! They really are a dream come true!!

  236. Patty Avatar

    My dad and his 8 brothers were all musicians and had their own singing group. Back in the 1950’s they recorded an album of standard Christmas carols. We listen to it every Christmas season. It’s how I learned all the carols. Sadly they’ve all passed away. But their music is always with us!

  237. Christine Avatar

    Mexican Night Fiesta on Christmas Eve! ?

  238. Mariam patel Avatar
    Mariam patel

    Iove the tradition of gifting each other!!

  239. Elizabeth Prinzen Avatar
    Elizabeth Prinzen

    One of my favourite Christmas traditions is driving around with my family looking at the beautiful and creative light displays in our area.

  240. Tiffany Avatar

    One of My favorite Christmas tradition is watching all of the Harry Potter movies with my husband during the weekends leading up to Christmas

  241. Pam Sohan Avatar
    Pam Sohan

    For my daughter and I, the Renegade Craft Fair in Austin kicks off the holiday season. Opening one present on Christmas Eve is a tradition carried over form when I was a kid.

  242. Margery C Avatar
    Margery C

    We always go looking at the different houses decorations. Some people go all out with the whole house decorated flashing with coordinated songs. They usually collect for a needy cause and it’s always a festive spirit.

  243. Martha F Avatar
    Martha F

    My favorite tradition is pretty new to my boyfriend and me. We hide the presents in our apartmemt where they would be stored. For example, if I got him a new video game, I would put it in his stack of video games for him to find. It adds an extra level of suspense, and it’s awesome to hunt and try to find them. We have so much fun on our Christmas scavenger hunt!

  244. Erica Avatar

    Starting at Thanksgiving, my husband and I watch a Christmas movie each night with our two sons.

  245. Jennifer Avatar

    I always enjoyed the Christmas Eve one gift tradition my family did. I like doing it with my kids, and I can never wait to give people the gifts I got them so I usually give my family their gifts on Christmas Eve as well. I just love seeing their faces.

  246. Eva Avatar

    On Christmas morning before we eat breakfast or open presents we sit down together in front of the Christmas tree/fireplace and read the Christmas story together out of the Bible. Then we would say a prayer of thanks and open presents. 🙂

  247. Coleen Harman Avatar
    Coleen Harman

    My favourite Xmas tradition is making Christmas cookies. My mom was the one that taught me how to make anatomically correct gingerpeople!?

  248. Miriam Prantner Avatar
    Miriam Prantner

    My favorite tradition is celebrating advent with my daughters.

  249. dorie manuel Avatar
    dorie manuel

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the 9-days Dawn Mass Novena that starts on Dec. 16 @ 4am Dawn Mass and ends on Dec. 24 at 12am.

  250. Emily Oquist Avatar
    Emily Oquist

    My favorite Christmas tradition is a tradition we started recently where we as a family travel somewhere for Christmas. Last year we went to San Diego, and the year before that New York.

  251. Susana León Avatar
    Susana León

    My favorite tradition is decorate all the house with my mom and sister.
    I like the baking maraton too 🙂 in which i make all the pays and cakes that we eat on christmas and new year.
    My mom put christmas music and i bake while she makes dinner

  252. Samantha Avatar

    My favourite Christmas tradition with my family would be sitting together and having a great dinner! We would also play our favourite Christmas songs, one being “Last Christmas”!

  253. Liz Avatar

    Looking at Christmas lights as a family.

  254. Hailey Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is by far how my family celebrates Christmas Day. My grandma has 4 sisters, they all have kids, and now their kids, kids are having kids. There are about 80 of us that get together on Christmas and laugh so hard and eat amazing food. One of the older cousins even dresses up like Santa and hands out gifts to the younger cousins! I think it might be my turn this year to be Santa! ?

  255. Jaya Gupta Avatar
    Jaya Gupta

    My Christmas tradition is believing that something magical is about to happen. I always believed in Santa, and so I always have magical events in my life on Christmas Eve.

  256. Jonte’ Martin Avatar
    Jonte’ Martin

    Our family’s Christmas tradition is to have a family slumber party! We gather on Christmas Eve, eat, play games, and enjoy one another. On Christmas morning, the women cook Christmas brunch and the men clean up once we’ve all had enough to eat!!

  257. Kim Springer Avatar
    Kim Springer

    Driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

  258. Pamala Avatar

    I love getting the tree!

  259. Yana Avatar

    I love going to church at 10am on Christmas Day, after we get together with family and have dinner and open presents!

  260. Karyne Gagnon Avatar
    Karyne Gagnon

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with my family. For the first time this year, I got to do it in my appartment with my boyfriend since we now live together ❤️

  261. Gina Ellis Avatar
    Gina Ellis

    Saving up my vacation time all year and having the holidays off with my son! Hope to start a new tradition by writing on my Christmas cards with your pens!

  262. Jackie Cardin Avatar
    Jackie Cardin

    I love baking Christmas cookies with my Nonna! I’ve been helping her ever since I was old enough to hold a cookie cutter!

  263. Charisse Avatar

    My favorite tradition is making “ice cream” punch out cookies, dyed green, into the Christmas tree shape!!

  264. Christina Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is playing Secret Santa!

  265. Nora Avatar

    I have a Swedish Tea Ring coffeecake recipe I have been making since I was a kid – I’m almost 60!!! And of course, spending time with family & friends.

  266. Jeff King Avatar
    Jeff King

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the time spent with my family. Food and gifts aside that time spent laughing and loving takes the prize!!

  267. Kelly Avatar

    Every year my mom and i make sand tart Christmas cookies, an old recipe we’ve had from my grandmother from when my mom was a kid. We make around 50 cookies and give them out to all our friends and family! We also always do a white elephant with my whole family and watch A Christmas Story!

  268. Ashlie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to candle light service at church and then going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant afterwards.

  269. Jeannine Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church Christmas Eve to hear the Christmas story read.

  270. Laura Avatar

    Making cookies!

  271. Rachael Hope Avatar

    I love stockings. Buying the stocking stuffers and opening the stockings. ❤

  272. Cassi Avatar

    I love baking cookies with my mom each year! Then we take them to my grandpa’s house and all the cousins decorate them.

  273. Yuliana Avatar

    Our Christmas family tradition is that at midnight we have a baby jesus and we sing welcoming songs and pass him around for everyone to give ‘em a welcoming kiss, basically celebrating his birthday!

  274. Peggy Avatar

    I love baking Christmas cookies with my mom. She is 87 we have been doing it for more than 40 years.❤️??

  275. Michelle Marks Avatar
    Michelle Marks

    Baking our favorite treats !

  276. Stephanie Guignard Avatar
    Stephanie Guignard

    I love to go to the candlelight service at church 🙂

  277. Michele Klausner Avatar

    We keep a family journal that we write in once a year on Christmas. Everyone who attends our big family celebration contributes, even the little one who draw or scribble. The one rule is we like everyone to at least sign in, and then they can write about thoughts, prayers, milestones, losses, thoughts…anything at all.

  278. Allison Avatar

    My favorite tradition is one my husband and I are starting this year with our boys (ages 2.5 years and 5weeks) of making a birthday cake for Jesus! Excited for this jew tradition. I am also excited for your new line. If I don’t win I’ll have to put these on my Christmas list.

    1. Allison Avatar

      *New Tradition not jew tradition. What a typo.

  279. Denise Bryant Avatar
    Denise Bryant

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking 4 or 5 kinds of cookies, then packaging them up to share with friends and neighbors!

  280. Nicole Sehnert Avatar
    Nicole Sehnert

    It’s really hard to pick just one. But I would have to say my favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the Christmas tree. Our tree was never themed or a certain color scheme. We always had a hodgepodge themed tree, so it was always fun pulling ornaments out of the Christmas box. I love the feeling you get when unwrapping each ornament one by one. That nostalgic feeling is the best!

  281. Mariko Garces Avatar
    Mariko Garces

    My favorite Christmas tradition is attending a 9-day series of evening/dawn masses or what we call “simbang gabi” before the actual Christmas day. And after, eating with my family some puto bumbong and bibingka, a Filipino food that usually seen or being sold during Christmas season ❤️

  282. Mandy Avatar

    Watching Rudolf the red nose reindeer (this year we introduced my 3 year old! So fun ?

  283. Fadilah Avatar

    Hi Kelly!

    As a muslim, I don’t celebrate Christmas personally, but it’s important for people to acknowledge and understand that everyone has a different background and lifestyle hence why there are some Muslims who celebrate Christmas and some who don’t. Whether a Muslim celebrates Christmas or not doesn’t really bother me – I’m too worried about my own life!

    On Christmas holidays, I don’t really do anything. It’s not too different to a normal day. If anything, we either see family or make the most of the classic Christmas movies that come on TV! I speak on behalf of many when I say that it’s not only frustrating but also upsetting when people make an assumption that I’ll be against a festive holiday because of my own beliefs. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year – decorations lace neighbourhoods and cities, and the cold weather in conjunction with the warm spirit of people who have come together to celebrate is such a beautiful thing to witness.

    Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I still love the atmosphere and appreciate it. Especially on the gifts exchange part and dinner gatherings among my close friends who celebrate Christmas.

  284. Kimberly Lynn Avatar
    Kimberly Lynn

    Spending the night with my in laws so they can watch my littles see what Santa brought them Christmas morning.

  285. Connie Avatar

    Everyone at my parents house on Christmas Day

  286. Lisa Lancaster Avatar
    Lisa Lancaster

    Every year me, my mom, and my sister-in-law get together and bake cookies, goodies, and treats, then we pass them out to neighbors and friends. It’s my favorite time of year!

  287. Jean marmo Avatar
    Jean marmo

    We have many traditions I love including hunting and chopping the perfect tree, dated ornaments every year, making and frosting cookies. My favorite though was always photos with Santa. It is tougher to maintain them now that my children are married but we now have a new granddaughter so we can start new traditions.

  288. Celeste Avatar

    My favourite Christmas tradition it’s put all the stuff of christmas with my mom and my dad, i love christmas time. And when it’s the day I love spend time with all my family, it’s a special time for me opening the presents the night of the 24th bc I’m from Argentina and we dont wait to the next day to open the presents, we open them at 00:00

  289. Brianne Avatar

    I love on Christmas Eve how my husbands family get together for a big meal and then we look at Christmas lights with my family.

  290. Jesy Avatar

    My family always went to listen to my dad play trumpet in his brass choir at midnight mass (even though we weren’t Catholic ☺️). I loved getting dressed up and getting to stay out so late. We also got to open one gift each that night which made it that much more special!

  291. P Black Avatar
    P Black

    My favorite Christmas tradition is just spending the holidays with family near and far…relaxing and taking much needed time to just be together…

  292. Abby R Avatar
    Abby R

    My grandma is Norwegian and absolutely loves lefse. She taught all of my siblings how to make it and now every year we make abou one hundred for thanksgiving and Christmas! It is such a fun, tasty, and exciting tradition!

  293. Sherry W Avatar
    Sherry W

    An annual party with friends from high school. It’s been a tradition for more than 40 years and now includes 3 generations.

  294. Lori Mastrobuono Avatar
    Lori Mastrobuono

    My favorite tradition is watching as many Christmas movies as possible during the season with my 2 kids. And decorating our Christmas tree while playing Christmas music!!!

  295. Melinda Zaitz Avatar
    Melinda Zaitz

    My favorite tradition – we all go to mom’s house Christmas morning. The kids are excited and tell what Santa got them and the parents are all exhausted from being up all night! But it’s perfect!

  296. Tori Avatar

    Eating traditional Ukrainian food

  297. Patti Foster Avatar
    Patti Foster

    We have many- to keep Christ in Christmas. The one that made the day easy was the kids received three gifts each at home. Representing gold, frankincense and myrrh.

  298. Lindy Avatar

    Baking for my family.
    I’m the only one who bakes, everyone else cooks for the main meal.

  299. Sharon Mills Avatar
    Sharon Mills

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the Christmas morning breakfast. Everyone gathers in the kitchen to help make pigs-in-a-blanket, monkey bread, and breakfast casserole. It is great to have all the help in the kitchen.

  300. Makayla Merritt Avatar
    Makayla Merritt

    My family always goes over to my aunts on Christmas Eve to celebrate with my dad’s family, celebrates with just the imeadiate family christmas day, and then the sunday after christmas with my mom’s family. It makes it extra special to be able to draw the holiday cheer out for a week and see all the family too.

  301. Erica Porter Avatar
    Erica Porter

    I love our annual family Christmas Party! Something our parents started and we have continued the tradition with our kids. So much fun and memories made.

  302. Meaghan Avatar

    Making handprint ornaments with my daughters

  303. Joanna Avatar

    The Christmas tradition we have is staying up until midnight then opening our presents! Love the whole line! Can’t wait to try it all out! Congrats Kelly!

  304. Roshane Lim Avatar
    Roshane Lim

    I’m from Philippines but i’m working in Japan for 3years. My husband is also working here in Japan for more than 10years. We have a daughter and She’s in Philippines right now. I left her when she was 6months old and went back here in Japan for work. Now this Christmas season, I and my husband will be going home in the Philippines for a very long time because we want to celebrate Christmas with our family especially with our daughter. The feeling of celebrating Christmas here in Japan is different when we’re in the Philippines. Our hearts and happiness will always be in our homecountry most especially when celebrating Christmas season. And we’re very excited to go home very soon. ?

  305. Brittany Smouse Avatar
    Brittany Smouse

    Our whole family dresses in our pjs on Christmas Eve and watches national lampoons Christmas vacation. Then Christmas is filled with tons of food and feasting ?

  306. Cloyce Smith Avatar
    Cloyce Smith

    I love the family togetherness and the memories made that last forever .
    I taught calligraphy to my art students and now I am learning again for myself. What
    a treat. So doing my own cards with this new writing is great.

  307. Katy Avatar

    My favorite tradition is reading a story every night with my family and the doing an activity together. I love that we slow down and get really intentional about our time together. I’m excited about your new products! Congratulations!

  308. Liz Shultz Avatar
    Liz Shultz

    One favourite tradition is Snickerdoodles! These are a favourite cookie among family and friends and I bake dozens and dozens of them every year as they never last long and everyone asks for them.

  309. Leisly Loyo Ferrer Avatar
    Leisly Loyo Ferrer

    Write and send the christmas cards to family and friends is the first traditionand the must for me on this season. When you wish hapiness and blessings to others sincerely, that is Xmas

  310. Kiersten Parker Avatar
    Kiersten Parker

    Every Christmas Eve our family plays games to win our Christmas pajamas! Even as a kid this was more fun than Christmas morning! So many laughs and memories from these days. Now that my daughter is here, I am so excited to continue this tradition for her!

  311. Maria Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is picking a new ornament with my children each year. We mark the year and their initials on each ornament. Our plan is to take these ornaments and give them to each of our children when they have their first Christmas tree in their own home.

  312. Jan Höefler Avatar
    Jan Höefler

    Each year Our family chooses a country to celebrate its Christmas Eve. We research their foods, decorations, and traditions. We find music, stories ornaments, and of course make a meal.

  313. Sue Avatar

    I love driving around all of the suburbs of Adelaide on Christmas eve checking out all of the stunning Christmas lights and displays at peoples homes. Some people have their whole garden covered in lights and displays, while others have fewer lights but still alot of effort had gone into them. I try to leave a little money where we stop to help them pay for their display. Some streets have every house lit up like Christmas Tree, lol. It’s great to park the car, get out and talk to these people and spread a little Christmas cheer. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway.

  314. Samantha Avatar

    My favorite thing was to make caramels with my mom.

  315. Nita K. Avatar
    Nita K.

    First, congrats on the line! Very exciting! Second, my favorite tradition is our family movie night. We make all our favorite snacks and watch a few movies.

  316. Elizabeth Norris Avatar
    Elizabeth Norris

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas Day, opening presents at home with my immediate family, going to my uncle’s house for Christmas dinner, opening presents all together with them, and then finally playing board games together till late at night.

  317. Ochiyo Ki Avatar
    Ochiyo Ki

    My favorite family Christmas tradition is watching the classic kids Christmas specials with my family… Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Year Without a Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.
    Thank you Kelly for putting together such a great collection! Happy Holidays!

  318. Faye Johnson Avatar
    Faye Johnson

    Baking Christmas goodies with my children and grandchildren. There is now 17 of us! We have a blast.

  319. Kris Avatar

    Going out on Christmas Eve with my sons and looking at Christmas lights.

  320. Karla Ramos Avatar
    Karla Ramos

    We get our tree on thanksgiving and start decorating the house while watching christmas movies and some football!

  321. Donna Soule Avatar
    Donna Soule

    My favorite tradition was holding a Christmas Eve party with friends and family. We would play games and Santa always showed up with a small gift for all the children.

  322. Wendy McAdow Avatar
    Wendy McAdow

    I grew up with four siblings, and every year we would gather around the table with supplies all around, and create Christmas cards for our grandparents, long before the days of stickers and glue sticks! We were in Hawaii and they were on the east coast, so had a long way to go!

  323. Laurie English Avatar
    Laurie English

    Everyone gets a new pair of jammies on Christmas Eve!

  324. Kerri Avatar

    I think one of my favorite traditions is spending the day after Thanksgiving in our pajamas, listening to Christmas music while we decorate and then lounging around watching Christmas movies. ?

  325. Lucy Avatar

    Favorite Christmas tradition is taking the kids to see the Christmas lights on Dec 24th, we drive around and just find houses that are decorated.

  326. Amanda Williamson Avatar
    Amanda Williamson

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching movies like Elf and The Grinch with my family every year

  327. Jennifer Donovan Avatar
    Jennifer Donovan

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with my mother. We have many antique Christmas ornaments that she cherishes. My father always buys the biggest tree he can fit in the house, and then we decorate the tree with ornaments passed down through generations. The ornaments are delicate and don’t sparkle the way they used to, but they hold so much love and history.

  328. Jennie Hardin Avatar
    Jennie Hardin

    I always loved when we’d all go caroling together door to door. No one ever did that anymore so it felt very special to me.

  329. Riza Del Rosario Avatar
    Riza Del Rosario

    As an expatriate here in Dubai and I see to it to spend Christmas with my parents; one of the Christmas tradition I love is that Family reunions/get together, where from the grandparents upto the youngest grandchild are present and we are all able to catch up what is going on our careers, families, life and etc. and another tradition I love is the midnight meal we call it noche buena in the Philippines. And of course the 9 nights of Church mass before Christmas is a big part of our Christmas tradition which again families are gathered to go to church and hear mass for 9 nights. Last but not the least, the exchange gift.

  330. Alicia Avatar

    Putting my dog in her Christmas dress and taking pictures of her opening her presents!!

  331. Stephanie Gregorowicz Avatar

    Watching Funny Girl and other old movies with my mom on our marathon cooking baking day.

  332. Cheryl Wacks Avatar

    Our family made hard tack candy. It was always a fun day with lots of delicious flavors!

  333. Paige Avatar

    Baking and making candy with my mom!

  334. Teresa Martinez Avatar
    Teresa Martinez

    Spending time with family. My family gets together every Christmas day and we have brunch and open gifts.

  335. Tracy McLennon Avatar
    Tracy McLennon

    Thank you Kelly and American Crafts!!
    My favourite tradition is the pajama elf. Every Christmas Eve, the pajama elf brings the family brand new PJ’s.

  336. Kathy Avatar

    My favorite traditiin was making ornaments on Christmas eve everyone to had a blast

  337. Kaitlyn Koteras Avatar
    Kaitlyn Koteras

    Reading the Christmas Story from the Bible before we open gifts?

  338. Dana Avatar

    I love your new line!!!!
    My favorite Christmas tradition is cooking the Christmas dinner alongside my family members. From smoking a turkey to making the sweet potato pies the way my mom does. It is also a time where we pass down the “family secrets” on how to cook like my parents. But most of all it is the joy of being with family and sharing the love, memories, and laughter.❤️

  339. Trinity Tran Avatar
    Trinity Tran

    My favorite is picking out a perfect Xmas tree and decorating it with my family.

  340. Karen Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is getting together with my cousins so that we can open gifts and watch out nieces and nephews play games together

  341. Mary Hayden christie Avatar
    Mary Hayden christie

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas Eve service at my church and at the end we all sign Silent Night with the lights off all holding lit candles. It’s one of the prettiest things I’ve seen and will forever be my favorite tradition!

  342. Daniela Jiménez Avatar
    Daniela Jiménez

    My favorite tradition on Christmas is that the day of Christmas Eve we play a game all the family together, is really fun and fantastic to be together.

  343. Megan Schimmel Avatar

    My favorite traditions are with my husbands family, since we don’t have children yet. Every Christmas Eve, we have a big lobster feast and drink egg nog by the fireplace. We then go to a midnight candlelight service. On Christmas Day, we get up early to make Churros and Bacon for Breakfast before opening presents! It’s the best!

  344. Karla Avatar

    Celebrating Three Kings Day with my children. Something I did as a child growing up in Puerto Rico and now I’m teaching this to our kids as part of our culture’s Vhristmas celebrations.

  345. Karen Avatar

    Another tradition I like is doing the White Elephant gift exchange with my friends. We started out as around 10 people and this year will be around 20-25 of us

  346. Karen Kaminski Avatar
    Karen Kaminski

    Decorating with heirloom decorations from ones I love.

  347. Brenda Walker Avatar
    Brenda Walker

    A tradition that I have had since my children were small is to see that they receive a Xmas stocking of chocolates. They are now 43, 40 and 38. The tradition continues with their children, my 7 gorgeous grandchildren. Love the special time that Xmas brings.

  348. nmarrs Avatar

    I have many favorite Christmas traditions. My favorite is to go to church on Christmas Eve with our children and grandchildren then have homemade pizza at our daughter’s home. I also give our grandchildren a gift to open with Christmas pajamas, hot chocolate, and a special Christmas book!

  349. Kirstin W Avatar
    Kirstin W

    Spending time with family but our new one is giving our girls a new pair of Pyjamas on Christmas Eve and then Hanging out in them for much of the next day. Congratulations on your new line!!

  350. Amanda Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is an odd one but my family likes to watch the musical Oklahoma when we decorate the Christmas tree. I get to hang my favorite decorations as we reminisce about the memories that each ornament brings back. It’s quality family time around the holidays even if the movie isn’t festive itself it doesn’t feel like Christmas until we’ve watched it 🙂

  351. Linh Dang Avatar
    Linh Dang

    My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the Christmas tree with the family!

  352. Barbara Avatar

    Oh my, I love them all! But getting to spend the entire day with my family with no obligations makes it even more enjoyable.

  353. Cassy Barg Avatar
    Cassy Barg

    Too many traditions to choose a favorite! Every year though we pick family names then everyone gets $1 to go to the dollar store and pick something out for them. It seems silly but the little kids pick the most thoughtful gifts! An example being a bottle of vanilla because they overheard my mom saying she ran out. Seriously, so adorable!

  354. Miriam Avatar

    My favorite tradition is to go tree hunting with the hubby and kiddos. We make a full day of it and is my favorite day of the year!

  355. Nermeen Marzouk Avatar
    Nermeen Marzouk

    Putting up Christmas tree and decorate the house are the best Christmas traditions! And the most important thing is being with the family ❤️

  356. Genevieve Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending Christmas Eve night camping out in the basement playing board games with my brothers!

  357. Brittney Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is opening pjs on Christmas Eve. Wearing them to get hot coco and finally driving and looking at Christmas Lights! ❤️

  358. Sarah Ellis Avatar
    Sarah Ellis

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making sugar cookies and frosting them with my family 🙂 I especially love the ones with red hots on them!

  359. Carlyn Morales Avatar
    Carlyn Morales

    My favorite Xmas tradition is going to my parents house Xmas morning to find a note on the tree my dad wrote. He sends us on a wild goose chase to find notes all over the house and yard to find our “big” gift. Even though I usually know the gift and I’m 36 years old. We HAVE to run around or it is just not Christmas! My kids LOVE it!

  360. Annicka B Avatar
    Annicka B

    I wrap 24 Christmas books and my kids get to unwrap one every night for us to read together.

  361. Jennifer Harrell Avatar
    Jennifer Harrell

    Our family’s favorite tradition is each of us gets to open one gift on Christmas Eve. We are impatient people and the kids loved being able to play with new toy the night before. Plus, they went to bed easier, that made us and Santa really happy.

  362. Evelyn Rivera Avatar
    Evelyn Rivera

    My favorite tradition is cooking dinner on Christmas Eve with my husband and kids and now son in law, watch Christmas Vacation and wait until midnight so we can give out gifts one at a time. Taking time for every gift to be appreciated. Our goal is to make one gift so memorable and touching and make at least one person cry with joy.

  363. Maddie McMillan Avatar
    Maddie McMillan

    My favorite tradition is making fig cookies together with all of the family. The recipient has been passed down generations and originated with my ancestors in Sicily!

  364. Giuditta Reppi Avatar
    Giuditta Reppi

    My Italian American family celebrates the Feast of the Fishes, and I love seeing everyone from my mom all the way down to her great-grandchild gathered together for the evening.

  365. Emily Stevenson Avatar
    Emily Stevenson

    So excited and happy for you Kelly! You are an inspiration to all of us following our dreams 🙂 my favorite Christmas tradition is baking cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee with my mom before everybody else wakes up on Christmas morning <3

  366. Marisol Torres Avatar
    Marisol Torres

    Baking Christmas cookies with my little girl

  367. Therese Arsenault Avatar
    Therese Arsenault

    Decorating the house, and cooking up all the good food we will share with family and friends.

  368. Mariel Ercol Avatar
    Mariel Ercol

    My favorite Christmas Tradition since having a family of my own, (beginning 5 years ago), and becoming a wife 7 years ago has to be putting on matching Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve, my children waking up super early in the morning waking my husband and I up to run downstairs and check to see what ‘Santa’ has brought. My son is 4 (soon to be 5 on the 20th) and my daughter is 1 ( 2 in feb), and this is actually the first year where I won’t be putting the gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve night after they fall asleep. I really want this year to be super special for them. I love being able to create my own tradition with my own little family now. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

  369. Zoya Fuller Avatar
    Zoya Fuller

    Always loved opening one present on Christmas eve. I follow the same tradition with my kids. I’m sure my parents hoped that it would keep me from waking everyone up before the break of dawn to open presents on Christmas morning.

  370. Carolyn Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is on Christmas morning turning on the tree lights, the family sitting together and one of us reading the Bible passage regarding Jesus’ birth. It brings the day into focus for us.

  371. Constance Hildebrand Avatar
    Constance Hildebrand

    Christmas Eve service’s close,,,,singing Silent Night by only candlelight.

  372. Cindy N Avatar
    Cindy N

    My favorite tradition is eating a Ukrainian wheat dish called Kutya. My mom makes the best version ever! Congrats on your own line of lettering goodies!

  373. Harsha Avatar

    Receiving gifts from Santa Claus. I hope this time Kelly is my Santa who will gift me with her beautiful pens. ?
    Merry Christmas Kelly!

  374. Lois Fossi Avatar
    Lois Fossi

    I love decorating our tree each year and listening to the family reminiscing about each ornament, where it came from, what it meant to them, and how the last ornament each year put on the tree is always the Grinch… because he finally found the true meaning of Christmas.

  375. Laura Marfleet Avatar
    Laura Marfleet

    My mother in law hosts each advent Sunday as an evening with family and friends. We light her Christmas pyramid, feast on appetizers and treats, and enjoy each other’s company with Christmas music playing in the background.

  376. Eve Avatar

    Attending church service and waiting for Santa’s appearance at the end of the night!

  377. Chris Avatar

    Listening to Andy Williams Christmas Album and spending almost the entire day around the dining room table, eating, chatting and laughing.

  378. Christina Harman Avatar
    Christina Harman

    My favorite Christmas tradition is reading the story of Christ’s birth and writing a gift to Christ. Something we can do the next year to be better.

  379. Anna Lee Vaughn Avatar

    My favorite Christmas memory is getting together with my huge family and spending Christmas Eve together❤️

  380. Jenny Avatar

    Making cookies with my two girls and grandson with Christmas music in the background. Then we make cookie trays to share with our neighbors. Christmas joy!

  381. Logan Roka Avatar
    Logan Roka

    I love Christmas morning breakfast! We usually cook it overnight in the slow cooker so it is ready when we get up that morning!

  382. Louise C Avatar
    Louise C

    It’s actually a winter Solstice one. I like to light candles and write on paper what I’m letting go and what I wish for and then I burn it.

  383. Ginger Wagstaff Avatar
    Ginger Wagstaff

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making the cookies to leave out for Santa. The whole family gets in on the fun, rolling and cutting the dough, then frosting and decorating them.

  384. Melissa Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is hot chocolate + a movie by the fireplace on Christmas Eve! It’s so simple, but I love it!

  385. MaryJane Wilkins Avatar
    MaryJane Wilkins

    My favorite Christmas tradition is cooking and baking all the recipes I grew up with handed down from my grandmother, my mother and my aunts for Christmas Eve.
    Congratulations on your new line of products. Wishing you much success.

  386. Manjot kaur Avatar
    Manjot kaur

    Hello I m from INDIA ….
    My favorite traditions about Christmas is family gathering the festival bring family together and by spending time the bond gets stronger

  387. Ericka Strange Avatar

    Getting the family in the car and driving around looking at Christmas light and seeing Christmas carols.

  388. Susan Avatar

    As a family, masking and serving brunch at the teen homeless shelter on Christmas Eve

  389. Melanie Lowery Avatar
    Melanie Lowery

    Thank you for the chance. These look incredible to work with.

  390. Sheena Sibartie Avatar
    Sheena Sibartie

    My favourite tradition is when my grandma comes to our house and give us presents and we all spend the day together.

  391. Nicole Sexton Avatar
    Nicole Sexton

    We started a tradition of playing Christmas light bingo while looking at Christmas lights. I think right now it’s starting new traditions with my kids and husband.

  392. Nikki Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is spending it with family by playing our favorite card games like Hand and Foot or Up and Down the River! We always have the best of times.

  393. Jessica w Avatar
    Jessica w

    My favorite tradition is eggnog. I don’t usually take the time to make it and buy it instead, so I try a bunch of different brands.

  394. Virginie Avatar

    I really enjoy having dinner with all my family. We don’t have the chance to meet a lot and it’s always a great time !

  395. Eve Avatar

    I like to decorate Christmas Tree! It bring me back to my childhood:) when i was waiting for a gift from Santa:) and ate a lot of oranges with candies!

  396. Cathy Fahie Avatar
    Cathy Fahie

    My favourite Christmas tradition is playing board games with the whole family -all ages.

  397. Amy Avatar

    My favorite family Christmas tradition is having the family all together chrismas morning and making a huge breakfast! Listening to the Christmas music with a log on the fire place, it’s all so cozy!

  398. Sol Avatar

    I love that we all go to Christmas Eve Mass and the come home To open gifts. It’s part of the most precious memories I have since my dad passed. ?

  399. Akanksha Jain Avatar
    Akanksha Jain

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to give some food and toys to the deaf and dumb children and also to give clothes to the needy people. It gives us so much peace and happiness. I love this…

  400. riki Avatar

    Christmas baking has always been a favourite, with each side of the family having their own traditional baking. I now live away from all of my family, but they still manage to send me Christmas baking

  401. Sheri Edwards Avatar

    Even though the grandkids are mostly grown, we still build and decorate gingerbread houses together. 🙂

  402. Lori Avatar

    Christmas Eve church service, then out to look at Christmas lights!

  403. Evi Kontaxis Avatar
    Evi Kontaxis

    My favourite holiday tradition is decorating the christmas tree! Thank you so much ?

  404. Angie mckeough Avatar
    Angie mckeough

    Growing up we always went to Vegas for my grandpa’s birthday on the 23rd. We would spend a few days up there and come home Christmas eve. In the evening we would drive around and look at Christmas lights and when we got home we always had an early Christmas present. It was always a comfy new set of pjs and a new movie on VHS to watch. We got to drink hit cocoa and watch our new movie before going to bed. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

  405. Carlyn Reagon Avatar
    Carlyn Reagon

    I love putting up the christmas tree as it is usually a team effort and listening to my dad play his christmas carol CD on repeat haha and then just enjoying the time spent with family

  406. Claire Grabowski Avatar
    Claire Grabowski

    Spending Christmas Eve with my family

  407. Janae Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. We have collected many ornaments over the years (and on various vacations) and it is like taking a trip down memory lane. Some ornaments may have great stories of how they were acquired, some are just silly gifts from white elephant parties, some from our own childhood, and some remind us of a family member that handmade them. We also get new ornaments each year to add to our collection that was something special to us that year. It is such a beautiful tradition and such fun!

  408. Amanda Avatar

    My mom always makes a delicious Christmas breakfast casserole that’s always best-eaten after opening presents!

  409. Jackie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is watching The Santa Clause movies. ??

  410. McKenna Haag Avatar
    McKenna Haag

    My favorite Christmas tradition is making sugar cookies with my two moms and sister. We always use a recipe from my grandmother who passed away before I was born. We always make extra cookies to give to family and friends. We spend days making cookies and frosting them!

  411. Caitlan korff Avatar
    Caitlan korff

    My favorite christmas tradition is cooking with my mom. We do ut every year. Its some of my favorite memories

  412. Kirsten Elkins Avatar
    Kirsten Elkins

    I loved growing up the codes. My brothers would unwrap and rewrap them when they were little. So instead of having names on the presents under the tree there would be 4-digit codes. Everyone would have a set of five or six of them so it couldn’t be broken. Christmas morning we would get the key to be able to sort them.

  413. Sherri Avatar

    Congrats on your new line. I am super excited for you. I can not wait to try out your new line. My favourite Christmas tradition is our family goes to Candlelight service on Christmas Eve. after the service, we drive around looking at the Christmas lights then we go home & visit.

  414. Amanda Locke Avatar
    Amanda Locke

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve, singing Christmas songs at the church service, and after church going to look at Christmas lights on homes that people have decorated. When returning home from the adventure, opening one present on Christmas Eve.

  415. Kerissa Lee Avatar
    Kerissa Lee

    Having a Christmas breakfast in the morning with my family and then opening our stockings 🙂

  416. Yvonne S Avatar
    Yvonne S

    Love filling the stockings!

  417. Anja Bernoth Avatar
    Anja Bernoth

    My favourit tradition is: Open the window for the „christkind“, in order to let him fly in and out

  418. Shelly Avatar

    One of my favourite traditions is painting my nails red for Christmas-generally there is no time the rest of the year to paint my nails at all so looking down at those red fingernails makes me smile.

  419. Allison Avatar

    Moving the presents under the tree in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. Up until then they are stored out of reach on top of the china cabinet.

  420. Tracy Avatar

    Our new(ish) favourite tradition is inviting a family that doesn’t have anyone else to celebrate with to come and spend Christmas with us. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people, share laughs, play games, and simply ‘take time off’ together.

  421. Ronni Avatar

    Each year we like to help out those that are less fortunate by adopting a family or a senior citizen for the holidays to help bring them some holiday joy during this time of the year.

  422. Julieta Avatar

    Where can I start? I was born in Argentina, lived there nearly 15 years so I have my summer traditions of a slow cooked pork on the BBQ by Dad and Grandpa (mouth watering!) I loved seeing my grandparents all together, then spending the night with my sisters trying to find Santa in the garden hiding until we went bed…
    Then we moved to Spain, and Christmas wasn’t a thing there. At least not where we lived. So I would drive around for hours with my parents trying to find a Christmas tree. I got better as years went by and is now widely celebrated. As kids it felt like an adventure and almost prohibited. But our neighbours where pretty interested. Some year we would celebrated in Germany with family and that was beautiful. Snowing, lots of cholocaltes, fireworks. That was like a dream! I will always cherish those memories.
    Now I’m a grown up woman, living in Australia, celebrating my partners family’s way.. and what a way! My father-in-law is a Christmas addict. He spends weeks decorating the front yard, inside, etc. You can see his house from the distances at night as it’s like a huge lightbulb. And he puts music too. Then he gets a lot of people going to see it. Adding he fact that his birthday is on the 23rd, it becomes a feast from the 23rd to 26th with boxing day.. and why not continue until New year. You end up getting a few kilos on.

  423. Norma Avatar

    You are an inspiration. Thanks to your tutorials I have reconnected with a love of beautiful lettering. Congratulations on your new venture. Wishing you much success.

  424. Zinnia Avatar

    I usually watch Hallmark movies, listen to Carols and am now having fun making Xmas greetings.

  425. Cathryn Hanson Avatar

    New pj’s for the entire family on Christmas Eve!!! And out Family Baking Day!!!!

  426. Meetah Avatar

    Decorating the Christmas tree of course! Ohhh Kelly! The dream pens are a part of my dream every single day! My hands tremble with excitement when I think of these pens!

  427. Katherine Chess Avatar
    Katherine Chess

    My favorite Christmas tradition was my mom’s Christmas Eve party. Every year after the candlelight service at church she would have people over. There was always fun talk, great food and beautiful Christmas music. I loved those times growing up.

  428. Jamie Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is going to look at lights with my 3 and 1 year old. We drive around at least 2x a week and listen to their excited voices, “look look, LIGHTS!” It’s been my favorite thing so far!

  429. Charlene Avatar

    My favourite tradition is putting the robins on my Christmas tree that my great man used to own, they have been passed down through the years and even though they are old and tatty I still love them ?

  430. Ellysia wilkins Avatar
    Ellysia wilkins

    We make gingerbread houses, drive around to see Christmas lights around town and play card and board games until we are crying laughing! The one time of the year we can get everyone together.

  431. Christina Garcia Avatar
    Christina Garcia

    Favorite tradition is watching Christmas movies all day ever day and listening to Christmas music in the car.

  432. Alex Avatar

    In Poland we starting celebration Christmas in Christmas Eve when first star will appear on the sky. Before the dinner everyone taking a pease of “Christmas cracker” (the same thing what you taking from priest during communion at the mass but bigger) and shearing it with everyone wishing all the best. I love this part of the evening.

  433. Kristina F Avatar
    Kristina F

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies and other tasty treats with my family and then watching Christmas movies together while we eat our tasty treats!

  434. Andrea Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up our Christmas decorations together as a family or maybe having cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning ??

  435. Tina Kreditor Avatar
    Tina Kreditor

    Decorating our tree as a family. Even with grown children – they still help out!

  436. Danica Jimenez Avatar
    Danica Jimenez

    Christmas Eve my kids each get a box with new pajamas and a Christmas movie we watch as a family- so much fun

  437. Elli Avatar

    My favorite Christmas tradition..hmmm..there are so many!! I love all the time I spend with my family cooking, but I also love my donating blood tradition (that I started more recently) as well as preparing custom presents for my special people <3 Brush calligraphy could enhance them sooooo much!!! 🙂

  438. Mary Knezevich Avatar
    Mary Knezevich

    My favorite tradition is dark chocolate oranges! They’re delicious!

  439. Sophie Castleberry Avatar
    Sophie Castleberry

    Making Christmas cookies with my mom 🙂

  440. Mary Jeane Davis Avatar
    Mary Jeane Davis

    We always try to invite another family to join us on Christmas Eve to share our meal with. We then sing carols and after our guests leave we hand out the Christmas pjs. Then we drive around and look at Christmas lights, come home, read the Christmas story from the Bible and “‘‘twas the night before Christmas” , put out cookies and milk for Santa then off to bed!

  441. Courtney King Avatar
    Courtney King

    My family always watches Mr. Magoos Christmas Carol while eating KFC picnic style.

  442. Michelle Avatar

    I love to snuggle in bed with hot chocolate!