Galaxy patterns in watercolour, painting and lettering have become quite popular over the past few months. Being a BIG Trekkie (Star Trek Fan), I knew I had to try to paint a galaxy with my watercolours.

Gorgeous galaxy watercolor effect and an awesome video tutorial

I am trying to dedicate a little time every weekend on exploring my creativity with watercolour. So I pulled out my Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus watercolour set and chose a few beautiful colours that I thought would work well for a galaxy. I have Set 1 out of 3 sets. These highly pigmented liquid watercolours can be diluted in your palette or used full strength for powerful colour.

Galaxy watercolor with Dr Ph Martins

I was also very excited to try out my new Winsor & Newton Series 7 Round 4 brush….and this brush is GOLD. It is a little bigger than I usually use for watercolor lettering ( I most commonly use a Round 2) but it is still beautiful to work with.


And did you know I have Watercolor brush script worksheets? I just might love lettering with watercolour MORE than with the brush pen! Shhhhhh! Click HERE if you would like to see my watercolour worksheets in my Shop.

To show you how easy and quick this type of galaxy effect is to paint, I made a YouTube video. I didn’t add white stars, but you can do so with white paint, ink, or a white pen like a Sharpie paint pen or Sakura Gelly Roll.


Learn watercolour brush lettering with the best tracing worksheets by

Below the video are the supplies I used to create the galaxy with affiliate shopping links….enjoy!

You can click the images below to see the affiliate shopping links on Amazon and get more info.

One of the best YouTube tutorials about galaxy painting I've found

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