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GIVEAWAY: Marvy Uchida Brush Tip Pens

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UPDATE:  The WINNERS of this Giveaway are Stacey and Audrey T.!  Congratulations!

When I was at CHA Creativation in January (which is a large annual craft and hobby tradeshow), I was on the lookout for pens….of course.  I always like to try new products, and brush pens are at the top of my list.

I stopped by the Marvy Uchida booth and they gave me some brush pens to try.

marvy uchida Color In

The small barrel on these brush pens is deceiving because they deliver gorgeous colour and have a big BIG flex! There is definitely a WOW factor with these pens. In terms of size, they would be in the category of “large” brush tip and would be great for any of my worksheet sets for “Large Brush Pens.”

Learn about brush pens and lettering on the Kelly Creates blog www.kellycreates.ca @kellycreates @marvyuchida #calligraphy #lettering #handlettering #learn #worksheets

Marvy has another brush pen that is also popular with stampers for colouring effects. It is the Le Plume II and has 2 tips: a large brush tip and an extra fine solid tip.

Learn about brush pens and lettering on the Kelly Creates blog www.kellycreates.ca @kellycreates @marvyuchida #calligraphy #lettering #handlettering #learn #worksheets

This is another wonderful brush tip pen that you can use with my sets of worksheets for “Large Brush Pens.”

GIVEAWAY: Win either a set of Color In pens or Le Plume II. Leave a comment telling me how you would use these pens if you won them. One comment / entry per person. There will be 2 winners announced next week! Contest closes April 7, 2017 noon MST.  GOOD LUCK!


Click HERE to purchase these Marvy “Color In” brush pens or click the image below.  This shopping affiliate link is with Scrapbook.com, the biggest online craft supply store outside of Amazon. They are reputable and have excellent service, international shipping, and I have shopped there often.

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For Le Plume II pens, here are 2 affiliate shopping links, one for a single set of 12 pens and another for 2 sets (24 pens). Just click on the photo to visit my Amazon store:


200 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Marvy Uchida Brush Tip Pens”

  1. Mary Williams Avatar
    Mary Williams

    I would use these to help my daughter learn to write fancy script. She is 8 and already has beautiful cursive writing. I would love to encourage her to expand her creativity.

    1. Isabella Boparai Avatar

      It would be the world for me to get these pens. I would learn how to write just like Kelly because she is my inspiration and I want to be just like her when I grow up. I would write letters to people in my school to make their day when they are sad.

  2. Helene Prevost Foisy Avatar

    I would love to use them to perfect my writing calligraphy they look so cool thank you for the chance to win

  3. Cara Ostopowich Avatar
    Cara Ostopowich

    I just started learning to do brush lettering, so I would continue to practice and help decorate my bullet journal:)

  4. Cassie A Avatar
    Cassie A

    I would use them in my new classroom this summer/fall!

  5. Kelly Avatar

    If I won these marvellous brush pens I would use them to diligently do my brush pen drills and homework from Kelly’s Lettering sheets which I purchased yesterday. I would also use them with my newfound skills to finally make my BuJo look more beautiful!

  6. Lura Avatar

    i would use them to learn how to do your beautiful lettering

  7. Brenda West Avatar
    Brenda West

    My daughter loves using pens and markers to create things. She is very good at it. She would probably use them to do her thing and possibly enter as a 4H project. Thanks

  8. Annie Avatar

    I would love to get these! I’m currently starting to learn about calligraphy and hand lettering and would really love to win this set!

  9. Emma J. Avatar
    Emma J.

    These pens are gorgeous. Couldn’t get enough of your Instagram video just now! If I won them, I’d use them to work on an alphabet book I’m making for my kids and some cousins and friends. The colors in both of these are brilliant!

  10. Samantha Smith Avatar
    Samantha Smith

    Hi all!! I would use these amazing pens to create graduation invitations and for thank you notes for those that attended my graduation celebration from Elmira College! I will be graduating as a nurse with a bachelors so it would be so helpful to win these pens, because I am a college student at the moment! Maybe I can send in my loan bills with beautiful calligraphy! Haha!

  11. Olivia Young Avatar
    Olivia Young

    I would use them to create pieces for my family, friends and develop my calligraphy even more!

  12. Dawn Skene Avatar
    Dawn Skene

    I would use them for making cards. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Kelly Kennedy Avatar
    Kelly Kennedy

    I would use these on my scrapbook pages, for titles and decorative touches. I think they’d work great for adding touches of colour to some stamped images as well. Great colours.

  14. Alyssa Avatar

    I’d use them to get better with my hand lettering! Love the bright colours they come in 🙂

  15. Sarah Avatar

    Color Ins ?

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I would use them for lettering in pieces with or without further watercolor painting!

  16. Trina Yeo Avatar
    Trina Yeo

    I like to create art for my friends and family, especially birthday cards. So if I received these pens, they would definitely go towards making some nice cards and they’d help me practice my calligraphy.

  17. Riya Patel Avatar
    Riya Patel

    I would use these pens for making various handlettering creations to post on my lettering account <3

  18. Ashley morrell Avatar
    Ashley morrell

    Bible journaling!

  19. Zahraa Avatar

    I would start handlettering with them, and I will try to write some of Aaria Baid quotes …

  20. Chiara Morgan Avatar
    Chiara Morgan

    I Ahave never used brush pens but always wanted to, they just don’t seem to widely sell them here, plus I’m a uni student so funds are scarce! If I won I would definitely make the most of them, I find writing calms me down an awful lot. I have pages and pages of just random words written down and find learning new cursive to be rather therapeutic, for me personally. There’s just only so much you can do with a normal ball-point pen and basic calligraphy pen,so these would be great!
    Great blog by the way!

  21. Esther Avatar

    Oooo these are gorgeous (for a pen, right?) If I won these pens, I wood make more signs for my craft projects and homemade thank you cards. I love giving people personal, handmade things, so instead of buying thank you cards, I figured why not make my own???

  22. Ingrid Avatar

    I would love to win these pens so I can practise my calligraphy. This brand doesn’t exists in Paraguay!! And getting them in Amazon is a lil expensive because of shipping..

    lots of love!!

  23. Sarah Bennett Avatar

    Hi, I’m Sarah I’m a senior in college majoring in illustration. I want to practice more with type and design. I love the way you write and would love to practice with them using the same pens you use. Thank you!

  24. Naiara Duarte Avatar
    Naiara Duarte

    I would use These pens To really start my practice of calligraphy and hand lettering and To create beautiful arts as yours.

  25. Noelia Avatar

    I’m starting with letting right now and I would use them to practice, and practice, and practice… Because I really need to practice a lot ?

  26. Michelle Foster Avatar
    Michelle Foster

    I would love to use these pens to practice my lettering. I have been practicing my strokes and letters but I haven’t really practiced lettering words or quotes.

  27. Shiva Avatar

    It’s been a while that I have been planning to purchase a marker and template sheet to start learning calligraphy. If I win the pen I will definitely jump start on this dream 🙂

  28. Anoushka Avatar

    I would use them to help me learn how to be a letterer. I have just started and your videos are so much help! I am hoping to purchase your thick brush pen worksheets for my birthday this month!

  29. Susan Carlson Avatar
    Susan Carlson

    Just starting hand lettering. Hope to become proficient enough to create gifts! In meantime, as meditation practice. I love the watercolor, ombré quality of these pens. Hope their beauty will inspire exceptional discipline in practicing!

  30. Emma Rose Avatar
    Emma Rose

    These pens are beautiful! I would use them for lettering inside wreaths I paint using watercolor, and maybe even a few DIY greeting cards!

  31. Sam Avatar

    I would use these to make beautiful cards for all my friends!

  32. Sue LD Avatar
    Sue LD

    I would use these in my card making to letter large words for a greeting.

  33. Kim Vogt Avatar
    Kim Vogt

    I would use them for coloring and scrapbooking they’re such gorgeous colors and perfect for spring!

  34. Megan S. Avatar
    Megan S.

    I would use them to write notes of encouragement to my co-workers!

  35. Mary Simpson Avatar
    Mary Simpson

    I would use these pens for learning how to write. I’ve tried before but i don’t have the right pens for them. i would also let my sister use these for writing because she is amazing at cursive!

  36. Elaine Klann Avatar
    Elaine Klann

    I would love to continue to do brush lettering, I love the colours these pens come in. I took a class with you, last November and love to do lettering. Thank you if I should win these. Elaine

  37. Carol Godfrey Avatar
    Carol Godfrey

    I would love to win these I need some good markers for making cards and coloring my birthday is April 8th would be a great present ?

  38. Lizbeth Martinez Avatar
    Lizbeth Martinez

    I would use these pens to start learning calligraphy!!

  39. Brittany Avatar

    Working on my hand lettering would probably use them for quotes as I am working on connecting letters

  40. Pam Avatar

    Mail art, cards, and journal pages!

  41. Kate Blue Avatar

    I’d have to scrapbook some watercolor cards and actually send some “just because” snail mail!

  42. Betsy Avatar

    I would use this to practice the fancy lettering I’m trying to learn for my shiny new bullet journal!

  43. Ingrid D Avatar
    Ingrid D

    I would love to check the brush markers out. I need to practice more!

  44. Aviance N. Avatar
    Aviance N.

    I would you use them to practice lettering because I am still learning and trying to get better!

  45. Siobhan Avatar

    Nothing in particular ? I wanted to learn something new to de-stress after work and your worksheets have been a huge help. I imagine these are much better than the ones I’ve been using!

  46. Kirsten Funes Avatar
    Kirsten Funes

    ?? I would start learning brush lettering! It looks amazing!!!

  47. Madeline King Avatar

    i’d use them to improve my lettering, im not a huge fan of the pens i have now, but i dont have much money, and considering that lettering is one of my only hobbies i would absolutely love to have pens like these

  48. Deb Riddell ~ Paxton Valley Folk Art Avatar

    Gorgeous pens and colours, I’d use them to practice, practice, practice my lettering! Thanks for the opportunity Kelly, Deb xo

  49. Michele Avatar

    Initially I started with greeting cards, I began to do calligraphy,lettering and brush lettering in order to add more of a personal touch to my cards. Unfortunately, due to unemployment, I lost amy stamps, markers, inks, embossing powders & equipment, colored pencils, cardstock and embellishments all stored in a storage unit. So, they would help in building my resources up again.

  50. Erin Avatar

    I would practice more and use them on cards to encourage others!

  51. Mara Avatar

    I’d love to win the Marvy “Color In” brush pens for planning. It has become a huge hobby of mine to take my planner to the next level with hand lettering, sticker kits, and scrapbooking elements. Thank you for the review and opportunity!

  52. Bridget Nance Avatar
    Bridget Nance

    I would use them for my 30 Days of Bible Lettering plan. The dual tips would be super helpful!

  53. Teresa Cherka Avatar
    Teresa Cherka

    I am just learning brush lettering and have purchased your practice sheets, so I guess I would practice brush lettering using these new pens.
    Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win.

  54. Janet Ingraham Avatar
    Janet Ingraham

    First I would like to thank you for sharing your comparisons. My son was attracted to calligraphy since gradeschool. I got him a traditional dip ink pen which he has used ever since and recently did all of his wedding invitations himself in calligraphy. I think he would be over the moon if I could give him the small barrel Marvy pens as he has a condition (essential tremor) and prefers the better control he has with smaller barrels. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  55. patricia Avatar

    I have just gotten “hooked” on making greeting cards. I would like to do my own writing vs “stamping”.
    A brush-pen is totally fascinating! So delighted to find you!

  56. Hannah shah Avatar
    Hannah shah

    I am having a baby in September and getting married in August of 2018. I’ve always wanted to create my own invitations and write my thank you notes but my handwriting could use some work. I would use this to create beautiful work for my showers and events coming up. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy but I’ve never known where to go. Thank you so much!

  57. Krissy Deschler Avatar
    Krissy Deschler

    I would love to use these pens to create thank you cards to send out. I LOVE how the writing turns out- It’s so pretty and Feminine

  58. chicoyne Avatar

    I would use these pens to practice my calligraphy for my scrapbook cards and pages, and to also colour my colouring book pages and to colour in any stamping things Ive made for my cards or scrapbook pages. Would love to win these.

  59. Leah Avatar

    I recently started to learn brush lettering as I got tombow brush pens for Christmas! I would love to keep practicing and try out a different type of pen. 🙂

  60. Carol Avatar

    I will use them to do hand lettering in my cardmaking. I would Aldo practice with them!

  61. Connie S. Avatar
    Connie S.

    I would love to learn writing on my cards instead of relying on stamps. It would much more versatile. The pens look gorgeous.

  62. Shelby Avatar

    You have inspired me to start trying calligraphy. I need some pens to start off with. I would love to win.

  63. Sue Avatar

    Wow, it seems that everyone on here would do calligraphy and card making with them. So would I, but I would also like to learn how to draw Manga characters too. I even have the nice marker paper to use them on! Thanks for the chance to win and thank you for your generosity too. 🙂 Great giveaway.

  64. Gilda (McStamper) Avatar
    Gilda (McStamper)

    I would love to be able to hand letter on my cards and layouts. The pens would be wonderful for learning and practicing. Thanks so much for your give away.

  65. Betsy Ausborne Avatar
    Betsy Ausborne

    I would use them in bible study journals to remember what I am reading and feeling.

  66. Barb whittlef Avatar
    Barb whittlef

    I would use these pens to practice which I’m finding very challenging but can’t help but love the feeling of seeing me produce a beautiful script every now and then. Live love love your work!

  67. Winnie Blackwell Avatar
    Winnie Blackwell

    The Le Plume II pens are gorgeous! I would use them to practice my brush calligraphy as they would be my first real set of brush pens! My husband and I are moving this week, so I would have an entire day to just indulge in these pens!! Really hope I win and that this giveaway is open to Americans.

  68. Jean Trotochaud Avatar
    Jean Trotochaud

    I would love to use these pens for a mixed media journal and scrap booking, which I do often. Plus it would be a great way to work on my brush writing.

  69. Helen F. Avatar

    If I was one of the lucky winners of these fabulous pens I would use them to write messages in my handmade cards 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, Kelly 🙂

  70. Daksina Avatar

    If I won these pens I would use them to practise lettering with my 10 year old daughter as we have recently started practising together.

  71. Laura Johnston Avatar
    Laura Johnston

    I work for a Learning Center and I love to find new and creative ways to draw attention to the information we try to get across to the parents and the public.

  72. Michelle Y Avatar
    Michelle Y

    I would use these to practice, practice, practice my brush lettering! These loook great!!

  73. Angel Choi Avatar

    Practice 🙂 I want to practice more with actual brush pens. I just got my first real one but have been too cheap to get anymore. I’m going to start saving up to get some more. If I won I would use them for lots of more practice.

  74. Mandy Simmons Avatar
    Mandy Simmons

    If I won either of these fine products, I would use them to practice brush lettering and teach my daughters the art of calligraphy.

  75. Carla Avatar

    I would use them to start brush lettering. I’ve been wanting to try it but have a hard time justifying buying even more markers?

  76. Jan Reynolds Avatar
    Jan Reynolds

    I would use them to write brush lettered words of encouragement!

  77. Stefanie McKenitt Avatar
    Stefanie McKenitt

    I would love those pens. Thanks for offering a chance to win. I would use them in a monthly bible art journaling I attend and assist at my Church’s art ministry program.

  78. Amanda Blakely Avatar
    Amanda Blakely

    I’ve always wanted to learn to write the way you do! This would definitely help me get started!

  79. JS hess Avatar
    JS hess

    Ooooh!! I’ve been eyeing these and wondering! Thanks for the review! I would use these for lettering art for my kids. The bright colors would be perfect t.

  80. Therese Arsenault Avatar

    Would have do much fun adding personalized sentiments to the greeting cards I make.

  81. Eve Wisniewski Avatar
    Eve Wisniewski

    I would make everyone jealous with my awesome writing.

  82. Kirsten Keel Avatar
    Kirsten Keel

    If I win some pens I’ll use them both brush pen calligraphy practice and for my adult coloring books!

  83. Mariah De Leon Avatar
    Mariah De Leon

    If I win, I would use them to make art and show the world! More specifically art like callligraphy about the verses in the Bible, love and motivational quotes!

  84. Natasha Wigley Avatar
    Natasha Wigley

    I would love to have some of these pens as my fiancé and I are getting married in the near future and we are on a very tight budget, so the invitations and a few other things have to be made personally by my family and I. These would be perfect to make them absolutely gorgeous!

  85. Hannah Avatar

    I’m an artist and I love expanding my range of capabilities. Calligraphy is something I’ve always wanted to explore and incorporate into my work. These would be a lovely start!

  86. Pammiedoodle Avatar

    I would use the pens to add beautiful words to my art and journals.

  87. Pam Black Avatar
    Pam Black

    I would use these as I begin learning the art of brush lettering. I would love to be able to experiment with different types and brands of brush pens. Thanks! 🙂

  88. Regina H. Avatar
    Regina H.

    I would share these Awesome pens with my two daughters. Both are artistic and love to draw and write. We recently started a hobby of painting rocks and writing encouraging notes or painting something beautiful to brighten people’s day. Random acts of kindness! ❤️

  89. Michellie Avatar

    These colors are so lush and juicy!! Perfect for this time of year for framed brush lettering!!

  90. Denise Bryant Avatar
    Denise Bryant

    Both sets look awesome! I’d use the markers for coloring in stamped images, and for learning and practicing some lettering techniques!

  91. Andrea Avatar

    I’m just starting out and would love to try another brand of brush pens.

  92. Sue K Avatar
    Sue K

    In addition to practicing on the large brush pen worksheets, I plan to use these pens for stamping images for water coloring.

  93. Lauren S Avatar
    Lauren S

    I would love these to help me learn the art of calligraphy. I aspire to be at the level of your writings.

  94. Nadezhda Movchan Avatar
    Nadezhda Movchan

    I would love to win these to start writing calligraphy. Bought some resently and wanted to start but they were bad quality so I am on the look out of a set to learn.

  95. Jeanette S Avatar
    Jeanette S

    I would love to win the Color In pens so that I can continue on my journey of lettering, which I just recently found joy in doing. I appreciate the opportunity. Thanks!

  96. Brandi R Avatar
    Brandi R

    What a fabulous and generous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. I’d use these to practice my lettering….I need a lot of practice LOL ♥

  97. Jenna Margasak Avatar
    Jenna Margasak

    I would use these lovely pens to expand my color choices on my brush lettering journey! Thanks for the opportunity Kelly!

  98. Marisa Avatar

    I would use them to finally add some color to my brush lettering practice that has almost solely been with the Tombow Fudenosuke hard tip!

  99. Veronica Roske Avatar
    Veronica Roske

    I am new to brush pens and I have only one on hand, would love to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy and brush pen writing to go with my craft making. While my cursive is pretty good, it is no were near the beauty I see in all the beautiful writing. I have other pens for artistic drawing but not for writing. Thank you for sharing, I loved watching all the wonderful events at CHA and only wished that I could have been there.

  100. Amanda Brophy Avatar
    Amanda Brophy

    I have wanted to learn calligraphy for quite some time now, and winning these brushes would be the perfect kickstart to that!

    1. Amanda Brophy Avatar
      Amanda Brophy

      When you have the words “brush lettering” in your head, the result is calling pens “brushes.” Oops.

  101. Carol Avatar

    I love pens! Would love to try these.

  102. Abby parrish Avatar
    Abby parrish

    I would use these pens to decorate for my wedding and sign the cards for our invitations! There is a real endless possibly for my wedding with these pens.

  103. Margery C Avatar
    Margery C

    I would love to win a brush set to practice your large Brush tip worksheets. Practice, practice, practice. And then practice.

  104. Adelaide Basco Avatar
    Adelaide Basco

    I’d definitely be using these to letter some invitations that a friend asked me to do! They would also greatly improve the quality of my calligraphy – the pens I’m working with now are all right, but nothing like what these sound like.

  105. Jessica R Avatar
    Jessica R

    I would use this pens to make my brush lettering prettier ??

  106. Brande Avatar

    Oh wow – I would use them to create hand journaled titles on my pages, and create my own background pattern paper – I love the pattern per that has nothing but words!

  107. Liz Avatar

    Hi Kelly! Love your page! I recently have been stressed at work. Anxious and overworked I stumbled upon a book called The Four Agreements. It helped me put my problems into perspective. I don’t consider myself an artistic person but I love writing/calligraphy. Your Women’s March post has inspired me to want to create 4 pieces all relating to The Four Agreements. A combination of words and imagery that would be daily reminders of the books’ simple yet profound teachings as well as my ability to keep creating what inspires me.

  108. Kimberly Young Avatar
    Kimberly Young

    I’ve tried the Color In markers in pastel. I really like them. I’d love to try these colors too, and of course try the Le Plume II. I’d use them for brush lettering!! You can never have too many markers. 🙂

  109. ganaa Avatar

    i would like to practice my brush lettering with these beautiful pens. I’m just starting to learn!

  110. Roxanne Avatar

    I just purchased some of your worksheets and drills sheets – I’m having so much fun! I’d love these pens to try other pens as I only have a few brush pens so far .

  111. Jonna Dorsey Avatar
    Jonna Dorsey

    I would use them to learn brush lettering and improve my handwriting.

  112. Joyce Avatar

    I would love to try the new pens. I’d practice lots and lots and try to letter gifts and scrapbook projects

  113. Emily O. Avatar
    Emily O.

    I would make encouragement posters for my baby girl’s room! She’s 2 months old and I am absolutely over the moon ?

  114. Catalina muriel arrigui Avatar
    Catalina muriel arrigui

    Me gustarían esos marcadores para decorar mis cuadernos y marcar cosas y son super porque no tienen la punta tan gruesa. Yo los quiero

  115. Randi Schmechel Avatar
    Randi Schmechel

    I would love to letter beautiful cards and envelopes, gift tags and write in my planner.

  116. Jennifer Richard Avatar
    Jennifer Richard

    I would like to use them to improve my calligraphy and find out different styles with em. Also I’m planning to take up a 30 day challenge, lettering God’s words….. Also these sets and all others too are way too expensive in my country…. I would be happy to win this giveaway?

  117. Anso Avatar

    I’d love to try these and I would practice with your worksheets which I have only done a few pages so far. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  118. Ashley Avatar

    I would love to win! I’m just getting started & would love to try them out

  119. Valery K Avatar
    Valery K

    I, too, have started brush lettering not that long ago due to lack of good pens in my city 🙁 so this is a great opportunity for me.
    Also i would use them to make my comics characters “sound” more interesting with different colours and fonts of their phrases.

  120. Rob Berra Avatar
    Rob Berra

    I would use these as aids in my spiritual practice. The process looks very meditative, and I could create art to grace wisdom.

  121. Krista Ruckel Avatar
    Krista Ruckel

    My daughter and I are learning how to do lettering together! She is 11 and she would love the pens to practice with and add to her artwork! Thank you!

  122. Carol Avatar

    I have been looking for some nice brush pens, don’t own any at this point.

  123. Sterre Avatar

    I would really love to have these pens! I would use them to do some lettering in my bullet journal to decorate. I’ve wanted these pens for a while so i would love to win them:)

  124. Cindy Findlay Avatar
    Cindy Findlay

    I’m teaching myself various artistic techniques. These would definitely help with lettering when I make gifts!

  125. Stephanie Avatar

    I would love to use these on all the holiday gifts I do for my children’s teachers and my son’s therapists, as well as other fun projects and just for fun!

  126. Caroline Avatar

    I have wanted to try these for a while! I would use them to practice more & continue to develop my style!

  127. Genevive Avatar

    If I get these gorgeous brush pens I’ll use them in my upcoming first bujo. I’ve done Chinese calligraphy before but I’ve never done brush lettering in English so this will be a new experience for me! Plus I’m not starting university until probably September so I have a lot of free time on my hands

  128. Hailey Davidson Avatar
    Hailey Davidson

    I would use them for my mission trip support letters! I would make the address envelopes with them and make them stick out! ?

  129. Annie F Avatar
    Annie F

    If I won the color in pens, I would love to use them to make a statement for addressing my wedding invitations and also use them on the invitations themselves! They are just gorgeous.

  130. Rachel Chan Avatar
    Rachel Chan

    I’ve recently starting practicing lettering and calligraphy, and I’m moving in July, so I would use these pens to make posters to decorate my new place with!

  131. Ivette Avatar

    This would be great to add lettering on cards

  132. Arlene Avatar

    I would love to win these to practice my brush calligraphy letting. I would use them to make fun art!

  133. Robin Arehart Avatar
    Robin Arehart

    I have just started art journaling and am interested in learning how to do hand lettering for writing on the pages instead of using stamps to put a sentiment on the page. I have been practicing with markers I have but they are not brush markers. I think brush markers would produce a much nicer look.

  134. megan nolley Avatar
    megan nolley

    i would use this to show other people how to do brush lettering, and to show anyone that if they think they don’t have any gifts that they can try brush lettering!!!!

  135. Andrea Brown Avatar
    Andrea Brown

    I am in the process of learning how to letter, these would be perfect for that!

  136. Breeyn Lasit Avatar
    Breeyn Lasit

    Hi Kelly! I am only beginning to learn brush lettering, I have even purchased some of your learners worksheets. I would love these pens as I only have one black pen right now and I would love some more variety! I am a college student so saving money to buy more pens takes a while. I’ve never had a hobby or been good at sports so I feel like I finally found something I love! Now I just need the materials to enjoy it! Thank you for your consideration!

  137. Cheryl Petersen Avatar
    Cheryl Petersen

    I would use these pens as I continue to learn how to lettering.

  138. Karen N. Avatar
    Karen N.

    I would love to practice my lettering technique and I would definitely use them for cardmaking

  139. Stacey Avatar

    I would use these pens in my classroom to help encourage handwriting as a hobby for my students. So many of them rely on computers and never truly learned script or cursive. As I try to decipher their writing week after week, I always think of the line from “Steel Magnolias” that goes something like “You have the handwriting of a serial killer.” hahaha! I’ve been encouraging them to write in cursive and I think using these pens as an incentive/reward for trying would be helpful!

  140. Colleen Avatar

    I would use these awesome pens on my scrapbook pages.

  141. Alice Avatar

    Wow i would love to win the Colo in markers as i am about to venture into the world of lettering. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck everyone.

  142. kReN K Avatar

    I would use them in my bullet journal to practice my lettering. I have always wanted to do my own sentiments and make my cads even more personalized. A good goal, I think!

  143. Liane Walker Avatar
    Liane Walker

    These would be awesome to win! I really want to learn your beautiful lettering!

  144. Bhagya Avatar

    I would use them for myself since I dont have any Tombow brush pen for my calligraphy! I’d love to have them and I can learn with them!

  145. londa kreienkamp Avatar
    londa kreienkamp

    This would be awesome to win!

  146. Debbie M Avatar
    Debbie M

    I would teach my granddaughter how to write cursive. Thanks for the chance to win ?

  147. Shondee C. Avatar
    Shondee C.

    Once upon a time I was very creative and crafty, I have recently returned to my artistic roots and have been researching lettering. I would love a set to start this fantastic journey.

  148. Chris Domino Avatar
    Chris Domino

    What a wonderful chance to enhance my cardmaking skills by the possibility of these markers in my church mission work .

  149. Brenda Olvera Avatar
    Brenda Olvera

    I would use them to teach myself how to do brush lettering! Just love it!!!

  150. Justine Mae Bucud Avatar
    Justine Mae Bucud

    If I can win this wonderful brush pens, I would like to use it for my school purposes. Because I don’t have enough money to purchase this kind of products. I believe that if I can win this, I can improve my creativity and I can use this to improve my projects on school. Thank you for giving us a chance. More power! Thank you. 🙂

  151. Barb C. Avatar
    Barb C.

    I came here via a YouTube video. I would love to win these to further support my learning. Love your lettering style cursive with a bit of manuscript.

  152. Andrea H Avatar
    Andrea H

    Oh my giddy aunt how much would i like to win these pens? (either set) LOADS, LOTS & even more than that. Hubby bought me some gorgeous calligraphy fountain pens and inks about 6 years ago, and unfortunately they have been kept in their gorgeous boxes till just last week. Things happen In life that takes you down a route you had no intention of going, well I’m back on my route now, so the calligraphy pens hubby got me came out just last week and I loved every minute of doing calligraphy. I’d love to learn it from the beginning and have signed up for classes after easter. Whoop whoop time for me now yippee ☺

  153. Sue McRae Avatar

    I would use these markers for creating water color cards by inking up my stamps with them, spritzing with water and stamping. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

  154. Linda C Avatar
    Linda C

    Oh, I would love to add these colors to my collection of brush pens. I am working on learning brush lettering but only have black at the moment. Some color would be nice!!

  155. Reta Heob Avatar

    I would use these pens to add to my scrapbooking, card making and everyday paper crafting. I love the joy of peoples faces when you do something just for them….and how personal this would be!

  156. Valentina Avatar

    I would love to win this pens because I’m starting with hand lettering and I need to practice a lot! I have discovered the calm that hand lettering offers and that is a perfect way to let the creativity flow!!
    In my country there are so little options of brush pens, that I have to stick with some that are no flexible at all, or spend too much to get some good ones!

  157. lourdes Avatar

    I would use them to letter gift cards for my mother and my friends

  158. Laura f. Avatar
    Laura f.

    I’d use these to start my hand lettering experience! Yesterday was my first attempt 🙂

  159. Cari C Avatar
    Cari C

    Ohhhhh! Love it. Beautiful lettering.

  160. Erika Avatar

    I would use the Bush too pens to expand my knowledge of hand lettering. I absolutely adore yours, and I hope to create my own style some day.

  161. suzanne Avatar

    i would use them to continue my learning curve. i want a collection of different size pens and markers and this would be perfect!

  162. Meagan Avatar

    I would love to use these to perfect my writing to eventually hand-make all of my wedding invitations and certain decorations we are planning kn implementing!

  163. Carol G. Avatar
    Carol G.

    I absolutely love the look of your lettering. I want to learn how to do this myself. I am a scrapbooker and cardmaker and I would use these on my layouts and cards. I also think some wall art would be fun to create. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway!

  164. Madison Moore Avatar
    Madison Moore

    I would use these to practice my calligraphy and in creating my first bullet journal.

  165. Leslie Avatar

    I am pre-school teacher and I always enjoy make by my classroom as cute as possible!!! I would love to practice sending home notes with these pens!

  166. Chloe Avatar

    I plan on doing a card business with calligraphy and water color! The pens would be an awesome tool!

  167. Melanie Graffius Avatar
    Melanie Graffius

    I’ve been playing around with Brush Lettering and this would be perfect to increase my skill level!!

  168. Miriam Prantner Avatar
    Miriam Prantner

    I’d love to be a better hand letterer, would use these to practice

  169. Dedra Vencill Avatar
    Dedra Vencill

    My love of calligraphy from 30yrs ago still shows in my handwriting. I would love to use the markers for cards for patients & my co-workers. A beautiful handwritten card can open a heart for just a minute, but that minute lasts forever. I hope I can will these to help start my supply 🙂 thank you!!

  170. Adriana Suárez Avatar
    Adriana Suárez

    If i win, i want to use them first with your lovely worksheets, i’m a graphic designer and now that i’ve become a mom i want to focus on other things and i’ve always loved calligraphy and brush lettering. I love how it brings me calm and joy everything you write. What a wonderful way to start!

  171. Michelle Avatar

    I would use these pens to create lovely labels for my soaps as I’m just starting my new soap business. 🙂

  172. Sandy Young Avatar
    Sandy Young

    Well, I would do all sorts of things with these pens. They would be GREAT for making pretty envelopes when sending cards to people. My scrapbook/art pages would benefit from some lovely markers. Thanks for considering me!

  173. Audrey Taylor Avatar
    Audrey Taylor

    These pens would surely make trying to do your letting almost perfect – or at least almost perfect after alot of trying! They would be a big help in going over those beautiful practice sheets of yours! Thank you for the chance ti winner – do you come with them???

  174. Jamie Avatar

    I’ve been surprisingly super stressed out over college and midterms and impending finals lately, and then I came across your Instagram and website. Seeing your brush videos made me want to learn calligraphy to release my stress and develop a new hobby:)

  175. Sofia Garcia Avatar

    I would use these beautiful markers in my card making and for practicing lettering that I would share on Instagram with other creative. I love a good brush marker these look very smooth ?

  176. Dawn C Avatar
    Dawn C

    I’m into card making and scrapbooking and these pens and learning the technique would enhance my creations so much! Would love to learn how to do this!

  177. Deona Avatar

    I would use it to learn more and letter more for Christ’s glory , also to gift many and teach many For His Glory alone!

  178. Kristin Avatar

    I’m very new to the hand lettering game. Lately, I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress and I’ve found that practicing calligraphy has helped me cope/keep my calm and focused. its so relaxing after a long day to just unwind and let your creativity flow

  179. marylin Avatar

    I stumbled upon your instagram account and have been in love with beginning to learn the basics of brush lettering. looking forward to use my new found hobby and learned skills when sending greeting cards to friends and family. i love the personal touch and thought of a receiving a beautiful card or note in the mail.

  180. Olivia Paredes Avatar
    Olivia Paredes

    I would love to win these Pens! I am an aspiring Medical student and love staying organized and rewriting my notes. I would use these as a way to help me rewrite my notes and continue to study hard!! All my notes have script written on them- it keeps my mind at ease and makes studying fun!

  181. Elizabeth C. Avatar

    My daughters and I are just getting started in brush lettering. I LOVE these colors, they would be perfect for us to get started. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. Maple Avatar

    My 9 year old son and i recently learned calligraphy at homeschool co op in Bangkok Thailand where we’ve been living since my son was 8 months old.
    It is not a very popular activity here tberefore its very difficult to get hold of the pens. The teacher who gaught us calligraphy bought ners online.
    If i get to win these, my son and i will be delighted!!!

  183. Rise Rogers Avatar
    Rise Rogers

    I am trying to learn how to paint signs. Would love to win these.

  184. Bonnie Pickel Avatar
    Bonnie Pickel

    I would love to learn to use these. My son and I are beginning homeschool in the fall and I would love to incorporate this as an art lesson. I love this!!! Thank you for blessing someone special!!

  185. Stefanie B Avatar
    Stefanie B

    I would use them on cards & scrapbook layouts…

  186. Susan Avatar

    I would absolutely love these; I have been meaning to get brush pens to practice my lettering, but with a wedding to plan, I can’t afford the extra expenses. I would be ecstatic to win! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  187. Brenda Cunningham Avatar
    Brenda Cunningham

    I would love to have these! My mother got sick and I had to use money for my daughter’s wedding for her so I’m trying to make as much as I can. Love your work!

  188. Brenda Cunningham Avatar
    Brenda Cunningham


  189. Melissa Glick Avatar
    Melissa Glick

    My nephews and I each have special projects we do one on one together and my nine year old nephew saw your brush lettering and requested this be our special learning activity. Spending time with him alone doing something we are both so interested in fills my heart and this would be perfect!

  190. JoAnn Avatar

    These pens look great. I would love to win them for my daughter, Jen. Jen has severe anxiety and has struggled her whole life. I thought calligraphy would be helpful for her and purchased your starter kit and so many other accessories. Wow, has she taken off and does beautiful work. We all look forward to her handmade cards. Calligraphy has helped my daughter in so many ways and I would love to share this win with her.

  191. Michele K. Henderson Avatar

    These pen sets are gorgeous! I just love colorful pens of all kinds! I used to do a lot of complicated calligraphy with bottled ink and pens, but haven’t done much for a while. It’s just such a mess. But these new pens are amazing! I would love to use them to create beautiful sentiments on cards. I love the new casual fonts that are popular now and I would love to work on a few and use them in my cardmaking! Thanks for a chance to win!
    Take care!

  192. Sarah Condron Avatar
    Sarah Condron

    I would love to use them…on all the things! 😀

  193. Liz Avatar

    I would use these pens to create beautiful stationery and artwork! I’m always on the hunt for great brush pens and would absolutely love to try these out. The idea of a big flex AND gorgeous colors is SO appealing and exciting!!!

  194. Lesley M. Avatar
    Lesley M.

    I would give these to my teenage daughter who loves to create art.

  195. Sue Avatar

    Can’t wait to try these brushes. First and foremost I would use them to practice, practice, practice. As a lefty, I’m struggling to get the brush to react in a controlled way when switching directions. Of course, I’d also use them in my everyday projects and in my art journal.

  196. Kasia Avatar

    I would use these pens in my artwork for activism in various human rights issues, especially violence against women and children.

  197. marlene Avatar

    hm, i received your newsletter on april 15th. deadline for your mega cool giveaway was april 7th… i little bit difficult to have a chance for it.
    anywhere, i would use them to practice and make lovely cards for friends and family and for me.

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