UPDATE:  CONTEST CLOSED  Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m so excited to be participating in Creative Scrapbooker’s 12 Days of Giving.  This is Day #2….and my prize package for you is this exclusive Starter Calligraphy Kit. It has everything you see in the photo below that you need to learn brush lettering. I designed these tracing practice sheets to help teach people how to write with brush pens.

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WIN WIN WIN!!!! Day #2 of 12 Starts NOW!

So leave a comment on this blog post below….and then click HERE to visit the Creative Scrapbooker blog and leave a comment there to be entered to WIN….

Here is how this contest works:

  • Each day for 12 days in a row Creative Scrapbooker will be sharing three prize packages with you on their blog where you can enter to win 36 Prize Packages.
  • Names will be drawn randomly and you can win more than once if you enter  your name under more than one blog post!
  • Winners will be announced on Dec 24th. Just in time for Christmas!

Remember….I am just one stop of many over the next 12 days…so visit the Creative Scrapbooker magazine blog everyday, along with their Facebook page, to keep up with all the prize packages and enter to win.

This set of worksheets is only one of many different tracing guides in my Shop, which are digital downloads that you can print today. Click HERE to see more worksheets.

Good luck….and Merry Christmas! You can leave your comment below to be entered to win….it might not appear right away, but don’t worry. Your entry will count!
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ENTERED to WIN: Maureen B, Inga K, KariLynn L, Sandra T, Chris D, Sharon G, Deb R, Twila Y, Dawn K, Jen G, Janet D, Liz S, Kari B, Jo-Ellen C, Carol T, Joy T, Carol W, Jackie B, Valerie K, Evelyn B, Roni A, Karen P, Sue B, Pam S, Cindy M, Michelle S, Bonnie K, Susie F, Sharon B, Belinda M, Deb R, Angela A, Shelley S, Tracie M, Cheryl S, Krista M, Christine C, Tammy L, Ria D, Kerri W, Ann Marie H, Jennifer D, Shelley D, Ann D, Diane W, Stacey K, Liz H, Jan M, Cheryl P, Elizabeth P, Marla H, Ria C, Melitta B, Lynn D, Sue D, Carla H, Paula M, Nicole P, Melissa B, Ali, Cindy G, Karen W, Paula T, Tanya E, Kim B, Marie F, Heather W, Sharon I, Meretekj J, Krista G, Erika R, Nathalie O, Katie H, Jane D, Katharine H, Rishita V, Shelley f, Ethel K, Yvonne H, Tracy e, Skye F, Kathy F, Maureen M, Laura F, Heather W, Shari s, Janice S, Barbara C, Samantha N, Karly P, Cherelyn M, Lisa p, Nikki B, Melissa B, Krista H, Gail L, Becky N, Stephanie W, Connie H, Janet B, Suzanne L, Marina m, Adri M, Vikki K, Kerry D, Shaz H, Inge M, Angelica G, Michelle G, Corinne G, Traci S, Joanne Q, Karina R, Karen W, Penny M, Carolyn H, Jessica Y, Laura G, Cathy m, Kimberly M, Nadine B, Marie A, Samantha T, Evie W, Lori B, Cheryl M, Hannah K, Maryjo L, Magan P, Anne D, Bev T, Julie T, Stephanie R, Zelda Sm, Melody R, Karen G, Darlene S , Claudia N, Rachel T, Germaine F, Johanne L, Mary H, Allison C, Kathy G, Shyanne J, Debbie T, Evelyn M, Mary N, Kate J, Katrena K, Pam J, Theresa r, Hannah H, Priscilla T, Shannelle H, Ellen J, Danelle L, Indian T, Therese A, Tammy m, Kellie H, Betty S, Sherry D, Christina F, Inaki Z, Connie t, Karen B, Cindy S, Karen J, Silvana R, Traci R, Cheri B, Suzanne l, Theresa G, Diana V, Dianna M, Eileen T, Sharon T, Rene W, Gail P, Oneida V, Michelle M, Janet M, Helen P, Bronwen w, Kim M, Jeanette Y, Glenda L, Bauni M, Lynda d, Midge, Joy M, Jennifer b, Jill B, Kim B, Rosemarie S, Kathy C, Laurie T, Donna A, Heidi D, Stepheny n, Emma j, Hannah D, Tammy D, Susan K, Michelle C, Yvonne B, Mallory J, Jennifer B, Catherine T, Veronica Z, Tiffany A, D’Arcy E, Samantha H, Pat Z, Annelies B, Valerie M, Brittany V, Melanie K, Joyce L, Denise D, Sandy P, Ang H, Nina O, Connie P, Polly m, Janet S, Maureen E, DeniseP, Sue LD, Laura W, Lisa Jahncke, Roin H, Darlys, Arianna B, Monserrat C, Connie P, Thelma N, Jenn K, Clare W, Corry H, Pei Y, MaryB, Mary P, Monalyn R, Paula R, Mary M, Brittany R, Miriam P, Jackie V, Heather B, Jan R, TiffanyS Ilona Y, Jessica S, Deb J, Sandy L, Glenna T, Gail D, kim E, Jodi C, Kim s, Brooke L, Shannon P, Beth Anne T, Jodi S, Glenda D, Jess M, Pam B, Helen G, Chris B, Kim S, Marissa T, Michelle F, Jan L, Susan S, Renita S, Angela B, Audrey T, Vicki F, Susan H, Pamela B, Kristie c, Brenda C, Wendy S, Sharon L, Shelleyanne F, Dawn S, Cari S, Dee S, Cathy D, Elizabeth S, Dawn E, Nicole P, Anita H, Susan E, Heather M, Alice P, Amy C, Serena J, Julie B, Jade S, Christine C, Venise B, Maribeth R, Sherry B, Michelle F,Krista F, Trish M, Nona A, Sabrina L, Ann G, Monique W, Sue T, India b, Rijacki L, Shelley E, Lori a, Arlene B, Sharon W, Lona S, Vicki S, Karen J, Rose S, Sarah O, Anna H, Ashley p, Beverley M, Susan S, Laura a, JanaF, Jessica S, Honey G, Tammy G, Theresa D,jaclyne L, khairunnisa, Julia, Beneta s, Beatric L, Paula S, Ridhi D, Sue B, Michelle M, Lisa N, Patti R, Sally M, Sherri T, Joanne G, Dianne f, Teri E, Lee-Anne T, Sue TH, Pam W, Laurie K, Wanda D, Lee K, Heather R, Penny N, Lillian H, Cherrie V, Vikbe, Tanelle N, Vicki H, Julie S, Teresa K, Janet L, Ulla H, Cory L, Candace M, R Heaps, Tanya M, Inez M, Chelle K, Scrapeando, Anne S, Susie d, Coleen M, Maida, Celia B, Elain, Bonnie V, Alice H, Sally P, Christy C, D Mcfarlan, Christine C, Lorraine W, Sandra T, Deanna B, Sharl, Donna P, Mardodievel s, Dawn T, Linda N, Katie Z Leslie N, Carey N, Lisa D, Melanie W, Amy I, Kayla L, Kari c, Wendy P, Judy C, Carole s, Genene kz, Margit W, Kerry T, Jaimi B, Jessica S, Hilda R, Elaine M, Stefanie B, Colleen H, Janet H, Betty B, Debbie S, LaRisa P, Karla Y, Janice B, Marianne L-C, Evelyn R, Virginia C, Dayra, Corina F, Rhea S, Terri B, Anita, Pam s, Connie D, Linda p, Margit W, Brenda O, Sheila S B, Shannon G, Connie C, Caitlin H, Christine G, Sandi B, Angela R, Julie S, Lori J, Elaine L, Joyce M, Debbie L, Heather P, Sarina C, Kerry W, Valerie W,


2 Comments on 12 Days of Giving with Creative Scrapbooker Magazine

  1. Sharon
    February 7, 2017 at 6:36 am (7 years ago)

    Would love to win!!

  2. Donna Allen
    October 30, 2019 at 6:12 am (5 years ago)

    I absolutely love brush lettering. Hope be as good as you someday.


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