xmas-handmade-gift-guideAt this time of year, I like to spend time looking for handmade goods that will be one of a kind Christmas gifts. Especially now that I have my own Etsy store, I believe it is important to support artisans who share their passions as ‘makers’ and spend countless hours designing products, setting up their online shops, and doing all the business ‘back shop’ stuff that has to get done.  It truly is a labor of love.

Today I’m sharing 4 handmade gift ideas from 4 special people whose creativity and energy inspires me.  Basically, they know how to hustle and hustle HARD. They dedicate so much time to creating beautiful handmade products….embroidery, hand lettering designs, jewellery, and knitwear.

First we have Kristen, a ‘maker of modern embroidery’ whom I found on Instagram @gulushthreads, whose palette is thread and canvas is the hoop.

@gulushthreads #embroidery #modern #handmade #diyWhen I was a very young girl, I did embroidery too and learned cross-stitch from my Ukrainian Baba. So I have a GREAT appreciation of the artistry and skill Kristen brings to her pieces.  They are just WOW. And I want ALL of them.

fullsizerenderThe designs range from sweet and feminine to profound and poignant. Kristen could embroider a sloth and make it look stunning! Click HERE to visit Kristen’s Shop on her website.

@gulushthreads #embroidery #modern #handmade #diyNext we have Molly of Poppy & Mint Design, a lettering wizard who does all kinds of magical things with all kinds of pens and products….fueled by coffee and the mind of an Engineer.

@mollyknabel @poppyandmintdesign #handlettering #lettering #gifts #diy #handmadeWhen I started following hand lettering artists on Instagram, Molly was one of the very first I followed, and I was….and still am…. in awe of her skills.  She is also an illustrator and this week is opening up a brand new website full of brand new lettering goodies that will make you smile and most definitely laugh out loud. Molly’s wild and crazy sense of humor combined with her brainiac level of intelligence has resulted in some VERY funny quotes on her signature coffee cups.

img_4289Keeping it real is what Molly does best, and she can just as easily elicit a soft emotional response with a baby print as she can produce a ‘guffaw’ in the board room. Friday November 18 will be a very happy day for us all when Molly opens the doors to her new website and shop. Click HERE to check it out  http://www.poppyandmintdesign.com

img_4291Sarah of Pure Jewel Designs is Superwoman. She works outside the home, has a busy family of 2 adorable little girls and wonderful husband, and makes the most beautiful pieces of jewellery in her, um, ‘spare’ time.

@purejeweldesigns #diy #handmade #etsy #jewelry #necklace #silver #banglesThe majority of Sarah’s pieces are custom hand stamped jewelry, and the ones with letters and words are my favorites! All of the words and phrases she has chosen seem to ‘speak to me.’

@purejeweldesigns #diy #handmade #etsy #jewelry #necklace #silver #banglesSarah and I collaborated in October to raise funds for Breast Cancer, and she turned my calligraphy of the word ‘hope’ into a pendant for a Giveaway on Instagram.  It is so lovely, and I was thrilled to see my writing on a stunning piece of silver jewelry.

@purejeweldesigns #diy #handmade #hope #silver #jewelry #pendantA couple of years ago I purchased a necklace of 3 typewriter key initials of my 3 children, and I love it and wear it all the time even now. Sarah’s jewelry is timeless and crafted with care.  She makes pendants, bracelets, cuffs…and they are all PERFECT. Click HERE to visit Sarah’s Etsy Shop “PureJewelDesigns”  or find her on Facebook.

handmade4Jessica is the youngest of the group today, and I admire her youthful spirit of entrepreneurship and obsession with knitting! Her Instagram photos make me smile, and her brand name is on point: Totally Worsted @totallyworsted  She is a university student knitting her way through school!

handmade7Jessica seems to knit everywhere and anywhere….the mountains, the beach, beside the Eiffel Tower! Yes, Jessica has taken knitting to a whole new level. Along with knitting hats, mitts and scarves, there are mermaid tail blankets in her Shop…and my daughter has her eye on them!

@totallyworsted #knitting #knit #yarn #scarf #mittens #hatKnitting makes Jessica’s soul happy…and I am happy because she gave me one of her signature pom pom hats, which you know I desperately need living here in Canada! I say it’s time to get cosy and pick up some knitwear in Jessica’s Etsy Shop…click HERE to see what is in stock!

handmade8@totallyworsted #knitting #knit #yarn #scarf #mittens #hatIsn’t this a fantastic line up of handmade gifts? And these artisans and artists are all people I admire greatly and highly recommend their skills. I hope you can take some time to visit their Shops and support their art and crafts….because I know afterwards you will feel all good and squishy inside.

TOMORROW….drumroll…..BLACK FRIDAY “Sneak Peek”….. deal of the century (well, not quite, but I’m excited!)









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