Well, I’m a little late posting this and definitely have to schedule more time for blogging.  I actually love blogging and writing so be prepared to see more of it soon. This summer I took a bit of a break and travelled, then August brought a couple of tragic events…but I will save that for another post.

Since it is suddenly October, I thought I had better post about the free practice sheet with the September issue of Kelly Letters….3 styles of ampersands:

@kellycreates #free #worksheet #guide #practice #calligraphy #ampersands #sheet #lettering I’ll be honest with you…these ampersands are a challenge!  I have to really concentrate and slow down for them. I designed them with a large brush pen, but because of the curves and turns, the thick strokes are thinner than usual. So you could use the small brush pens to practice these too.

Click HERE to read the September newsletter.  And remember, if you didn’t sign up for my monthly “Kelly Letters,” you can still access the previous freebies by clicking at the top of this newsletter on the tab that says “PAST ISSUES.”



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