I do love my brush pens, but I always love to pick up my Gelly Rolls and play. If you’re not familiar with them, they are gel pens made by Sakura that come in ALL kinds of flavours.  Seriously, they are called “ice cream smooth”  because their colours are so yummy!

@kellycreates @sakuraofamerica #sakura #gellyrolls #lettering #moonlight #writingThere are 5 different kinds of Gelly Rolls: Metallic, Classic, Moonlight, Stardust and Shadow.  To learn more about them all, you can visit the Sakura website by clicking HERE.

I love the effect of the Moonlight Gelly Rolls on black paper.  That colour just pops!

@kellycreates @sakuraofamerica #sakura #gellyrolls #lettering #moonlight #writingOn my Instagram is a Giveaway sponsored by Sakura because I’m celebrating reaching 200K followers.  Honestly, I don’t even know how that is happening! If you would like to check out my Instagram account, search for @kellycreates.

@kellycreates @sakuraofamerica #sakura #gellyrolls #lettering #moonlight #writing

If you are interested in shopping for the Gelly Roll pens, here are some affiliate links for you to check out. Just click on the photo of the pens you like!

With all the positive response to my ‘satisfying’ instagram videos, I have decided to make some videos for YouTube also.  I wrote this quote using a simple cursive script.

@kellycreates @sakuraofamerica #sakura #gellyrolls #lettering #moonlight #writingHere is a video of me writing this quote using a Moonlight Gelly Roll.  Enjoy!

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