I cannot actually believe I’m writing this, but my Instagram Followers have reached 100,000!  I am completely overwhelmed with feelings of …. well being overwhelmed! ha ha  And gratitude, and excitement, and a little fear.  Suddenly, I am thinking about the impact I could be having on social media through Instagram, and I am contemplating what it all means.

But while I’m contemplating, I’m celebrating with some Giveaways over the next week.  The first one is a wonderful “Loop” Giveaway, involving 4 other makers and artists whom I greatly admire.  Heck, I REALLY want to win their offerings myself!

This Giveaway is only up for 24 hours, so act today, and maybe this will be your lucky day!  Or maybe you will be inspired to follow one of these talented artists as well and support them by purchasing their products.

My own giveaway is an orginal watercolour floral painting with your name hand lettering on it and mailed to you.  It’s an international giveaway so ANYONE can win!

You can click HERE to visit my Instagram account.

Handmade ROCKS!

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