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Coloring and Hand Lettering with Chameleon Pens

On the Creative Scrapbooker magazine blog last week I shared a scrapbook layout using the Chameleon Pens and Coloring Cards as part of my design, which is based on the Creative Scrapbooker April Sketch.

@kellycreates @csmscrapbooker @chameleonpens #coloring #adultcoloring #scrapbooking #layout #handlettering

kellyklapstein-April-sketch2016-smallerIf you’re not familiar with Chameleon Pens, they are alcohol markers that have a special system with a toner chamber built into each pen where you can lighten the colour to achieve multiple tones with a single pen. Click HERE to learn more at the Chameleon Pen website.

@kellycreates @csmscrapbooker @chameleonpens #coloring #adultcoloring #scrapbooking #layout #handletteringBehind my photo are 2 Chameleon Coloring Cards that I cut in half and then adhered to a piece of White Core’dinations Cardstock.

@kellycreates @csmscrapbooker @chameleonpens #coloring #adultcoloring #scrapbooking #layout #handletteringThese Coloring Cards are from the Zen pack, and there are 3 other sets of Coloring Cards: Flowers, Nature and Tattoos.

The Chameleon Pen set comes with a Colorless Blender pen and a Detail black pen that has 2 ends with 2 sizes of nibs.  I used this black Detail pen to hand letter my title and write my journaling.

@kellycreates @csmscrapbooker @chameleonpens #coloring #adultcoloring #scrapbooking #layout #handlettering

You can watch a video where I demonstrate this hand lettering technique:

Here is a Flower Coloring Card that I made into a “Thank You” card:

@kellycreates @csmscrapbooker @chameleonpens #coloring #adultcoloring #scrapbooking #layout #handletteringThere are more photos with close ups of how I coloured these Chameleon Coloring cards on the Creative Scrapbooker blog.  Click HERE to visit their blog and see more! You can also click HERE to visit the Sketchy Gallery and be inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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3 responses to “Coloring and Hand Lettering with Chameleon Pens”

  1. Mirjana Avatar

    Hello Kelly! I love this post and I love your video! Have you tried these Chameleon Pens also for brush lettering? Or are they more for coloring? Sunny greetings!!

    1. Kelly Avatar

      Hello Mirjana! The Chameleon Pens don’t really have a suitable brush nib for brush lettering. But they are fun to use otherwise! Take care!

  2. Michelle Avatar

    You do such beautiful work…and it amazes me how much control you have over your pen !

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