Graphic 45….is Paradise

When I first saw the Graphic 45 collection Tropical Travelogue, it was love at first sight.  The rich lush colors and patterns, the gorgeous vibrant images…all spoke to me, and I knew I wanted to design with them.

Knowing we were going to Mexico after Christmas sealed the deal, so I created this double page layout as a class for The Urban Scrapbook, which I titled “Paradise.”

The photos are BabyOfTheFamily on the beach in Puerto Vallarta…paradise!

Here are a few details and close-ups…

I added some Stampendous Mica Flakes to the edges of the beach sign with Glossy Accents, and also covered the palm leaves above the sign with Glossy Accents.   I edged all the fussy cut white flowers with Glossy and added clear chunky glitter.
The waves are super simple to create…just tear and roll the edges of the paper.  I added Martha Stewart clear microbeads along the tops of the “white caps” with Glossy Accents.  (I went through LOTS of Glossy on this layout!)

The Urban Scrapbook has just brought in some amazing and beautiful German Glass Glitter…and the turquoise colour with flecks of red in it were perfect for these papers.  Of course, my husband would say that the Germans make the BEST of EVERYTHING 🙂

German Glass glitter adhered on the top curve of the umbrella with Glossy Accents….plus I covered her bathing suit and cap with Glossy to achieve that “wet” look.  (Why can’t I look that elegant in the water with a bathing cap????)
A glittered and Glossy fish.
These title cards are cut from “Seaside Holiday” and I glittered the top edges.

Is this enough glitter for you?  Nope…I also used Craft & Glitz microfine Glamour Glitter in “Sky Blue” to add sparkly borders to the background papers.

Here’s how….

Adhere 1″ wide SookWang double sided adhesive tape along one edge of the background.
Remove adhesive backing of tape and get your glitter ready.

It’s a good idea to work with this glitter on top of a scrap piece of paper….in your  neighbour’s back yard…because microfine glitter gets EVERYWHERE.  (Note:  Do not put your teenage son’s clean laundry away, including his basketball uniform, after you have been working with glitter.)

But who cares about the mess…when sparkle is your goal!

Who can resist this gorgeous stuff?!?!
Dump it (yes, that’s one of my scrapbooking terms) on top of the exposed Sookwang tape.
Be generous when it comes to glitter…you will get most of it back into your jar.

NOTE:  Avoid working with glitter late at night when you are so tired and need to rub your eyes….because eyeballs and microfine glitter do NOT mix well.

Rub the glitter into the tape in circular motions…this is called “Burnishing”.  This will create friction and heat the glitter so it will stick to the tape and NEVER come off.
I use a Martha Stewart glitter brush to wipe the excess glitter off the border. Then just DUMP it back into the jar.

Aside from the glitter mania, I wanted to share a tutorial on how I created the palm tree……so get ready, I went a little overboard with step-by-step photos!

First, the palm leaves….

I learned his technique of altering the Kraft Glassine paper from Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags in December…when he made some holly leaves for a tag.

I altered a piece of Kraft Glassine paper with alcohol inks:  Gold Mixative, Oregano and Meadow.
Here is a before and after of the Kraft Glassine….love the Gold shimmer.

TIP:  Heat set the inks into the paper with a heat gun after you apply them.

I freehand drew 5 palm leaves on scrap paper first and used them as tracers. (Yes, sometimes I’m a little bit of a perfectionist 🙂
After cutting out the leaves, I fringed them by snipping them with fine-tipped scissors.

Now for the trunk… need chipboard, Sticky Back canvas (Claudine Helmuth), Vintage Photo Distress ink, and a mini mister of water.

I drew a trunk template and then cut the trunk from chipboard.
Cut a 1/2 inch notches in the bottom of your canvas and rip 5 strips.
WARNING:  It gets pretty noisy when you are ripping I don’t recommend this technique for you scrappers who are crafting in the middle of the night!
Pull one or two strings off of one edge of each canvas strip to fray the edge.
Start wrapping your chipboard trunk with the strips, leaving about 2 inches extra (to attach leaves later)  Remember to wrap the strips with the FRAYED edge UP.
I have yet another photo….so why not include it??
Wrap tightly all the way down the trunk, with about 1/4 ” overlap of layers.


The trunk in these photos is for demo only…a “stunt” trunk…because I didn’t take photos while I made the REAL trunk 🙂

After the ENTIRE tree is wrapped, you will ink it with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.

We use Distress Ink on the canvas because the ink reacts when we mist it with water and the color bleeds beautifully through the canvas, giving you a beautiful brown color.

Love the Mini Mister!
After misting (pretend the ENTIRE trunk is wrapped please).
Here you can see the difference between the canvas that is misted (bottom trunk) and the color of the non-misted trunk in the middle.  (yes, “non-misted” is another technical term in the scrapbooking industry).

Let it dry completely, or if you are impatient like me, you can speed things up by gently heating with a heat gun. (I don’t like the term “gun”).

Now you will add your beautiful leaves at the top and wrap the extra bit of canvas around them.
You then will ink this white extra bit of canvas and mist it to blend in.
To keep the leaves in place, squeeze a little Glossy Accents (if you haven’t run out yet!) in behind the canvas at the top of the trunk  in front and behind the leaves.
A final close-up of the leaves on the layout…
And here is the whole enchilada….as the Mexicans would say 🙂

Thanks for sitting through this extraordinarily loooooong tutorial!  I hope you enjoy this wonderful Graphic 45 collection as much as I did 🙂



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  1. LISA Avatar

    Flippin fantastic LO!!!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Limor Webber Avatar

    Great page! Love the tutorial! Hugs!!!

  3. Sandra D Avatar

    Hi Kelly,
    Love the whole enchilada! Love your side comments even more! Thanks for sharing all your secrets to such a beautiful layout.

  4. Lisa Barrie Avatar

    Wow totally amazing, especially the palm tree! I don’t know how you come up with these fabulous ideas, but I love them!

  5. Michelle Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous Kelly! Thanks for all those “hints”…especially about the glitter LOL. Looooove the tree …that’s it…I’m gonna have to get my hands on some of that sticky back canvas…I love the things you’ve been making with it! Excellent informative tut my dear Glitter Queen!

  6. Lynn Avatar

    WOW..I just love your tutorials Kelly! Thank you for taking the time to guide us step by step, that’s alot of work. Your layout…FABULOUS!!!!


    Kelly, sweet lady…..I see you have been performing more of your magic! Love, love, LOVE this LO and thank you so much for the tutorial!!! Have never worked with the TH Glassine, but will be sure to try it SOON! KUDOS on this gorgeous LO!

  8. Cindy Gay Avatar

    Now that tree is just great. You also have very nice handwriting.

  9. Lisa Avatar

    Ok first time visiting your blog and it is wonderful….love your tut and love the description!!!! You are a hoot Kelly!!! This is just awesome and thanks for sharing!!

  10. Vicky Alberto Avatar

    divine lo – your palm tree is amazing

  11. Sandi Smith Avatar

    So beautiful Kelly…you always make the most beautiful 2-pagers and that palm tree is divine.!

  12. Renee Avatar

    This belongs on the cover of a magazine! AMAZING! Loved the glitter tutorial, and the tree – how very clever of you to fray the canvas and wrap it around! LOVE IT!!!!!!! Hope your son doesn’t get a glittery nickname!

  13. scrapbookertink Avatar

    Wow, wow, wow, this must be my favourite layout of yours so far, it is amazing, love all the ideas in the tutorial, it should be published. Have ordered that paper in anticipation of a great summer to come. Would love to make the palm tree in a future layout if that is okay with you. Take care, Doreen x

  14. Izzyb Avatar

    Wowza! Another crazy ridiculously fabulous creation. Beautifully wrought. I love this layout and the peek at your process. Those waves are dynamite. I feel a lift coming on.

    Also, I’m thinking that you might want to send the “stunt trunk” to one lucky commenter. Perhaps lucky number 14, for example…..:-)

  15. Charlotte Brochu Avatar

    This line is just perfect for your layout! Love that you showed all your great techniques! I bought a bunch of glitter and then came home wondering how I should get it on my projects! LOL! Now I know! Thanks for the idea. The tree is awesome and reminded me that I should also finish my frame. ( I still need to get a photo in it). Have a great day!

  16. ingrid Avatar

    just LOVE all your tutorials Kelly! Thanks for sharing and your double pager is just FABULOUS with awesome details!!!!!!!! xxx

  17. Sharon Avatar

    You a perfectionist???????? No??????? LOL! Just kidding! I absolutely LOVE this page, Kelly. Your techniques astound me! Now I don’t have to dream about attending your class because you have part of your class here on your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques with us! I love them! And your page!

  18. Nancy Avatar

    Absolutely enchanting Kelly! LOVE seeing your incredible details and that Palm Tree is outstanding!!!!! TFS!!!! I’ll be sure and leave some more love on this as I put it into my faves over at! 🙂

  19. Miae Avatar

    OK Kelly, you’ve outdone yourself! This is not only FANTASTIC, it comes with some many awesome tutorials! Wow, thank you so much! Love it 🙂

  20. misty Avatar

    OMG Kelly! I thought this was beautiful, but the detail and techniques are AMAZING! You are a rock star for sharing this with us!

  21. Lee-Anne Avatar

    Kelly, you are my hero! Thanks for sharing this amazing creation and tutorial!

  22. newfiecrafter(Marilyn) Avatar

    Kelly love this LO and thanks for all the great ideas . I was in Mexico at Puerto Vallarta and near to scrapbook some pages and your’s will give me the inspiration to get started .Thanks for the tutorial on how you did the tree and leaves

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