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Upcoming Workshops 2017

I’m so happy to announce that I will be presenting “The Art of Brush Lettering” at two Pinners Conferences in the Fall…Dallas (Arlington) Texas on Sept. 30 and Salt Lake City (Sandy) Utah on Nov. 3, 2017. These exclusive one-hour presentations are FREE and all supplies are provided.   Pinners Conference is a fantastic 2-day event […] Read more…

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Paper and Ink Arts

Have you heard of the Paper and Ink Arts store? It is a candy shop for calligraphers and lettering artists! It is located in Nashville, USA, but they have a fantastic online store as well. I know what it means to run a small business, so I believe it’s important to support family shops like this. […] Read more…

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I am Writing a Book!

Someone pinch me. I cannot believe that I am telling you this, but a lifelong dream of mine is coming true.  I have always wanted to be an author, and have started and stopped a number of novels over the years. And now I’m going to be published! It’s not a novel…it’s an instructional guide […] Read more…